Fehérlófia Son of the White Mare is a Hungarian animated movie made from 1979 to 1981, film of Marcell Jankovics, and Pannónia Filmmstúdió. Part 2/8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38nXtBwzM18 – Then just type in the remaining part of 8 on youtube.

Agatha’s Tender Heart

Elder Mountain’s Sarah Burnt Stone’s “Film Short” from her Artist Residency in Thailand. It was a story from a dream she had brought into a manifested form. Congratulations Sarah!

Mirror Mirror in my Soul

This is an ancient Etruscan Mirror with a Goddess Figure and engraved scene, bronze, 3rd century BCE. When I teach Symbolism, Dream Symbolism and Mirror work with those who seek me, I teach that our prehistory soul and emotional body must be integrated with personal work in our everyday life. Because when the two our separated, the mind and the soul (emotional body and animism soul) never progresses. That is why today, the knowledge path, without the personal healing path carries no power.


The art of vibratory energy by working with the mind or emotional shadow self, the karmic relationships given in this life and the suffering of real detoxes, creates an emptiness that is not only necessary, but also purifying. The emotional body and soul work is the last frontier on earth for old souls. I encourage people to do various healing traditions and make sure they take their path slowly so one can process the releases. One can study knowledge as much as they want, for it only is detrimental when the soul calls us to come find her in her entrapment far, far away in the underworld of our past lives.