Elder Mountain Dreaming

Elder Mountain Dreaming is small, three fold sacred space for soul wisdom and in the processes of being created by Phoenix the Elder, Wisdom Teacher, Dreamer (shaman) and Folk Healer;  Jennifer Lee Reeves – Dreamer, Sacred Artist and Gardener; and Sarah Burnt Stone – Dreamer, Artist, and Dancer. A Dreamer’s collective, an Empaths Circle, and an Artists need for spiritual devoted to their practices. Seasonal Retreats, Healing Ceremony, Organic Gardens. Located in the Pacific Northwest near the Oregon/California borders.  Opening 2019 but open for personal sessions and wise counsel.

My beautiful home
Photo by Matt Witt of the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain Range in Ashland OR. 

Phoenix the Dreamer was fated this lifetime as a Dreamer from her family’s lineages of Szeptun (Szeptucha, Whisperer), Poland and Mol’farka (Hradivnykiv), Ukraine, the area were the two blended along with Slovakia called the Carpathian Mountains of the Rusyn (Lempko, Hutsul, Boyko etc.) Her elders were from Tyczyn, Poland, a Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszów and Lubaczów (borderlands once Ukraine and now Poland). (The Rusyn’s http://www.carpatho-rusyn.org/voj.htm).

Phoenix’s active initiations journey began as a small girl having intense dreaming and mystical experiences, which slowed down by the time she was 12 years old. At 17 in 1975, they started up again and she began to experience her first initiations rites (of the wasp medicines) starting with the shaman’s sicknesses (physical, mental, emotional and soul bodies, their sicknesses, deaths and rebirths). Those sicknesses and self-healings peaked 28 years old, as the mystical and visions opened and then peaked around 45. The last third of the life initiations as a shaman began after that for the purification of all karma, until all was complete (2017). She turns 60 and starts her work with the public.

Phoenix sepiaFolk Healer: Sacred root healing of any issue, intention work, circles of sacred art with ceremony, ceremonies for cleansing, purification and detoxes of a soul natures. Emotional body structures for healing; intuitive counsel, medical intuitive, energy healer. Astrologer, Astral Body (chakra purification). Seer, Moon Charming for healing waters, Moon Cycles practices for emotional structures and mind-body balance; Supporting crisis or any issue of emotional, physical and mental pain, imbalances and diseases. Purification rites (when karma brings forth pain); within illnesses, focusing on the root source, rather than the resulting manifestation of the diseases or emotional and mental diseases. Transformational healing work (transformation, death and rebirth).

Dreamer & Soul Guidance Advanced dreaming for dedicated students and apprentices since 1995. Teacher of mental & soul astral bodies. Dream medicines for healing, and protection from living people’s roaming shadows. Consciousness increasing in waking dream effects the waking states of night dreaming. Carrying the initiatory rites of an ancient Dreamer (shaman) (non drug non plant) shamanism, astral travel, lucid dreaming, out of bodies; remote viewing (mental astral body); and the soul-astral body remote viewing (within dreaming). Walker in-between the veils, weather rites, completed animism souls, dream walker (dreamtime) and shape-shifting were all initiated through the last third of the death gates. 

Exorcist, Bell Ringer, Wind-Whisperer Shadow dream huntress and binder of dark souls that roam; eradication of shadow roamers; Clearing shadow sicknesses from homes, community, land and trauma lands. Eradicator of Demon, Vampire, Werewolf, Skinwalkers astral shadow bodies etc. Curses, spells and hexes removed for individuals, family curses and from past life or ancient curses which are broken and dissolved.


SPIRITUAL SEEKER OR AWAKENED – Wise counsel sessions for those who enter the next level of their path, or for beginners who need assistance. Empowering the spiritual seeker or the expanding spiritual person who wishes to move forward to the next level in their journey. Discernment, obriety, healing path vs social or knowledge path. Differences between New Age work, Traditional, Knowledge, Metaphysical, Paranormal, Pagan, Drug (plant) Shamanism vs straight up real vision Shamanism. THE GATHERING OF DREAMERS  – Empowering the Dreamer in a Series of six personal dream work sessions (2 hours) each, with dedicated homework and practices in-between and emails with the option of continuing the studies afterward. This work-study is a lighter version of what Phoenix does with her students and apprentices. Phone or skype (especially for international). THE INTUITIVE & THE EMPATH – Video Series: Video 1 – Introduction to the Empath vs the Intuitive; Video 2 – The Empath, its Gifts, and Challenges; Video 3 – The Intuitive and the Gifts of the Knower. Series is a six-hours of teaching. SHAMAN’S SOUL GROUP RETRIEVALS & DREAM INCUBATION – Having lead group journeys and dream work for the past 23 years. ASTROLOGICAL COUNSEL Various astrological readings with over 40 years experience for family or relationship issues, events, career, health etc.

For more information or to be on our free once a month Lunar Work-study and to stay connected to our small but intimate circle, please write to: ElderMountainRetreats@gmail

Photo: Elder Mountain is located just to the left of the lake on the left by Matt Witt.

3rd New Moon of Winter


Lunar Monthly Musings by Phoenix the Elder – We officially enter the 3rd New Moon of Winter (Aquarius) on January 27th, 2017 around 4:00 pm PST with a Lunar Eclipse on the Leo full moon in two weeks. Greetings artists, people of dreams and visions, healers, seers and empaths… we have completed our second moon cycle of Winter (Capricorn), which lasted till the very last moment! It hung onto its cycle with a fever – but on Jan 25th the energy shifted mid-afternoon and the water spilled releasing the Cancer full moon’s hold. It seems all Cancer and Capricorn people had a rough go of it and as they find their composure again, we start anew.

The electricity charge of this moon cycle will be much different than the last four weeks of accumulation. But we still have some strong ties to the Capricorn energy, making our goals and intention to focus more on freeing our self from chaos or things that weigh us down within  responsibility. Aquarian and Sagittarian energy are the two most rebellious of earth, even Trump, who is a Gemini with Uranus conjunct his Sun, will show the world how Uranian energy works in living color and world wide. For those not marked at birth with chaos fate, they certainly are overwhelmed by it. For those  born with the mark of chaos, its just another day.

I posted the first photo above to show you two main symbols of Uranus (Aquarian energy). The photo on the left is an expression of the 0-15 degrees of Aquarius and the influences of Capricorn: The individual, the rebel, the true energy of  chaos within the family, corporations, government or business. The photo on the right, 15-30 degrees of Aquarius, influenced by Pisces: The magical, the mystical and visionary or the self-sabotage sides of Aquarius/Uranus.

The New Moon sits at 8 degrees and those who work with the energy of 8 know that its about keeping the flow between light and dark in a constant movement. This moon is going to express our personal world, the more challenging Capricorn issues of Saturn and Uranus’ who dislike anything that says no, with a bit o’chaos.

In the family dynamic, this will be the responsible person verses the chaos person, in community it will be the rebel verses structure, the closed minded verses the visionary and in the collective it will be power (leadership) verses the common sense with positive detachment. In other words, this cycle is the tension that urges great change. So wherever you sit in the world this moon, try to understand the oppositions are the greatest tension of the year – this is because the new year (spring) hasn’t begun the new energy for the year yet, regardless what current Sun cults and their calendars proclaimed around the Winter Solstice that it was the new year. People get in trouble with both energetic reality and cycle flow when they believe the new year started mid-winter. That would be like harvesting your garden at mid-summer instead of late summer and early autumn.

1069420_488598261214698_683738790_nAll of you should have experienced some chaos already with the start of this moon cycle, if not, that train will arrive on time at the Leo Full Moon on Friday, Feb 10th with a Lunar Eclipse. The work I teach is to structure soul and emotional chaos into natural flow and nature’s moon cycles which teaches us how E.I. (emotional intelligence energy works and flow), be that within us or  nature.

It is not to be avoided, that only makes it worse, nor to fear it (this natural flow) or to deny it. Its about jumping into the “World River that flows down from the Sacred Mountain” and letting it lead, showing you something new about your personal fears, unconscious denials and avoidance of your own deep driving path. People like the World Tree symbolism, a solid spirituality with just a few winds in winter that tousle and untangle as quickly as it happens. Those who are dreamers must live with the World River and the Sacred Mountain Stream and that is why I love my Slavic ancestors and their dreamer’s mysticism. That is what, and where the mysterious magic is located for artists, dreamers, empaths etc.

So be very wise in your intention, your prayers, or if you do magical work, the process itself in chaos magic. Chaos should not be applied until spring comes when mother earth awaken for she does not like to be disturbed in her winter sleep. I wrote an article a few months back, here on this blog, of the Golden Baba, which are the sacred grandmothers of our past. It spoke about the white indigenous Slavic tribes of the north. The 13th century article called them the “sleeping people” and if disturbed, they would wake up angry and also die. They were an old dream (bear) culture, who fell asleep around the Autumn Equinox and did not awaken until Spring. Of course, they died out because the new world order after the 12th century which said there was no more room on earth for the old ones, just like everywhere else on earth.

vladislav-erkoFor those of you who are dreamers, its very important for you to give your self permission to dream in the three moons of winter and sleep more, especially if you have a water sun or moon (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio). Its necessary for you to maintain your natural emotional health, so try not to be swayed by the fire or earth clan people who don’t need the extra sleep and dreaming, and are on the go all the time.  Never compare yourself or your children to non-dreamer types, for they have an older relationship to the earth.

This new moon is also the Chinese New Year which brings fire and purification, of the bossy energy types! I will repeat again: Make sure the south direction of your home, house or property has some metal chimes hanging there until next February, 2018. Some bossy people are natural leaders, but some just need to cry and have a release and accept they are not warrior types, they are just angry and under that anger, is a lot of sadness or depression which requires a lot of tears. Most non-warrior archetypes generally get physically hurt trying to flex that archetype when its not theirs. Know the self.

western-ukraineI ask people in the third moon of winter: “Where is your Rebel? Where is he or she hiding from you that either sabotages you or stands up for you? Remember all fixed “energy” signs (not people),  must work together in the symbolic means of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In a fixed moon, these energies must learn to be friends in order to help us navigate a fixed moon cycle.

Taurus owns practicality, Leo owns Love, Scorpio owns seeing in the Dark and Aquarius see’s all of them plus its own Rebel vs Chaos vs Visionary archetype. Many feel people guilty for their rebel or their chaos and others make damn sure others do feel guilty for it. So in an Aquarian cycle, the natural rebel, be emotionally detached and put on your armor and when Pisces Moon comes next moon, take the fixed armor off, be emotional and throw that armor in the ocean for cleansing.

Shame or Shaming others which is used in an Aquarian cycle always backfires on the shamer or self shamer, so make sure you put that on the back burner, it is not a good attitude for this moon cycle, and its wise to remember that you are truly your own worst enemy and nobody else is. This last moon of winter says: Make a decision and stick to it (fixed sign), come hell or high water. Fixed energy is to push through difficulty, slay the self (ego, vindictiveness or jealousy) and to give yourself so much trouble that you reach a higher level of your personal struggle. So with that, set your new moon “one” intention for the entire cycle and pay attention how life, synchronicity and mirrors respond…

New Moon intentions for an Aquarian 3rd Moon of Winter Cycle:

I am independent
I accept my inner spiritual warrior (if your fearful)
I recognize my truth
I am aware
I practice silencing my thoughts
I nurture myself
I practice projection in a positive and creative way
I am in the present moment (for the worriers / anxiety ones)
I protect my intimacy (those who fear speaking their needs)
I am capable & grounded in confrontation
I recognize my toxic behavior
I express anger with self-control
I express my feelings (if your shy)
I recognize my false expectation
I bring my idealism into action
I am beautiful
I am making appropriate judgement
I am intelligent

I breath to relax
I am observing more (for big talkers)
My needs are real
I trust my process

babd5e0d7a97745ed9dabe5d492061d6Last Note: Valentines Day is Feb 14 and the Full Moon in Leo is Feb 10th! So if something arises for you it might be around a release issue of Chaos within Love or Marriage Relationships.

Also in the Chart below the Sun/Moon (new moon), are not really influenced by much here, but everywhere around them is a big fat T-Square (red triangle) which is tension. Since Leo is about relations on the full moon, note the mars, venus, chiron conjunction. If a love spat or love triangle arises, just know that your personal woundedness will arise, so use it to your advantage to learn about where you are wounded in love in order to focus your healing there for the remainder of the month. Be Nice to yourself. Also practice being still, meditate, and focus on your groundedness and let the Chaos fly all around you. Try really hard NOT TO GET INVOLVE IN OTHER PEOPLES CHAOS this moon cycle.

Work on your own chaos, just practice a bit more silence and observe more of what is happening. Whatever you do, keep your mouth shut. That is my BEST wisdom for the month. If you do have to go chaos on a situation, make sure its worth the battle.


Blessings on the New Moon, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day, be safe and focus on your spiritual path to heal and to increase awareness (consciousness) through clarity and observation.




Blue Door Folklore

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The color Blue is associated with dreams, peace and clarity, both the day and the night sky. Both green and blue have an intrinsic effect on our human emotions and causes a calming chemical reaction to occur in our brain. Earth green is soothing, while blue is vibrant yet calming and when you combine both green and blue you get the ultra calm yet vibrant turquoise.

If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.”– Paul Gauguin


Water is the greatest calming energy and vibration on our planet and it effects our mind, body and especially our emotions and soul, as the clear liquid reflects its environment bringing a triple relaxation to our psyche. The folklore of a blue door is said that those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace and value truth. They are well grounded and true to themselves.

The darker and midnight blue of the night has the same effect on some people as blue does in the day, they feel connected to the earth and a part of nature and value their dreams at night when the sky is dark blue. But unfortunately for those who are sun seekers, daytime lovers, or those who need a lot of sunshine and vitamin D, the night blue has an opposite effect. In modern times, people can sometimes not see that city lifestyles, drinking at night over long periods of time, can greatly upset our natural rhythms of our dreams, our sleep and rem patterns.


The night blue has an effect of sadness or even for some, depression or feelings of being alone, disconnected. This can also for some who need the sunshine, warm colors such orange and red or party a bit too much with alcohol. The energy of the moon in the dark blue sky, effects the flux and chaos of the emotional body of those who do not deal well with too much emotional truth or expressions of emotions. These can all have effects of having the “blues”.

We have the most positive effects for everyone from nature’s blue wild flowers such as blue cornflower, blue iris, blue hyacinth and rocket blue larkspur. The blue spruce and some bluer pine and blue-green foliage also has a powerful calming and peaceful effects on us as human beings. The other auspicious colors are the bluish junipers and bluish palms, blue fescue, rue and hostas foliage. Those who plant blue in their garden tend to have a resting or calm garden along with their wind chimes and statuary that promotes peace.

Teresa Misopoulou’s article, The Color Blue for Repelling Evil, she explains some world traditions of blue and blue-turquoise…

In the Cyclades, next to white color, the prevailing color is blue color. The preference comes from an old belief that the sky-blue shade had the power to keep evil away.  The radiation of the color composed an invisible shield, which prevented the approach of bad spirits. Blue church cupolas, windows, doors, walls, staircases and fences, but also blue “belts” (samaria) around the buildings, will provide protection.  Blue stones on jewelry, belts will safeguard people and animals and even plants (chaimalia) against evil. Blue “eyes” and blue stones mounted on gold and silver are presented to babies and small children as a talisman for protection.

On the murals of Santorini island (about 1700 bce) bracelets for the wrist, the arm and ankle, and necklaces, are made of precious or semiprecious stones, while the shaved part of the head of young people (male and female) is painted blue.  It is amazing, that on traditional Chinese New Year’s cards, one can see the same fashion copied since thousands of years ago.

Small children also have their hair partly shaved in similar arrangement (two or three locks of hair) with the shaved part also painted blue.  The artist used the color believing that it would provide protection for his heroes. Also, on special occasions like birthdays, initiation of adolescence, the shaved parts of their heads were smeared with blue paint, their face with white and their lips and cheeks with red (like actors used to do).


The ancient Egyptians were furnished with the turquoise-blue stone (cyanus, lapis lazuli) from the Sinai peninsula since the 4th millennium bce. The precious material is found in abundance in Tourkestan where its name originates.  It was also known in Cyprus but according to ancient writers, the best quality was the Scythian blue-turquoise, whose origin was most probably Chinese.

Today, it is mined in North America (California, Arizona) in Central America (Mexico), in Australia, in North Africa and in Siberia. In North America the artifacts of the Indians decorated with the precious blue stone are well known.  In Europe the stone is imported mainly from Iran (province of Isfahan), where the best variation of the stone is found.  Its shape is opaque and very hard, but porous, and changes color (it turns to green) and “dies”, when it comes in contact with perfumes and cosmetics.

In Athens, at Omonia square, on Dorou street No. 1 and on Stadiou street No. 58, blue friezes surround restored neoclassical buildings. Similar friezes are found in the Ionian islands, in the Cyclades, in the islands of the Argosaronic gulf and in Macedonia, in the villages of Mt. Paghaion.

kefalonia-assos-village-03Above: Village of Assos in Kefalonia, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea

The custom is of worldwide dimension, because even today in provinces of Spain (like in the Mancha of Don Quixote) buildings are decorated with blue bands and designs. Also, houses in Egypt, in the Arab villages of Israel, and entire villages in Morocco, have blue walls. The same color decorates the houses of Mexican Indians and strongly speaks of common universal civilization features.

blue-door-key1Traditional American South Blue: Haint Blue is a traditional paint color with a Haunted History  –  Painting porch ceilings blue is a practice originally adopted in the old South, inspired by several myths and superstitions.  The Southern tradition made its way north and has had a revival with new generations of homeowners.  There are a few interesting and compelling reasons you might choose to carry on this American ritual and paint your porch ceiling and other parts of your home haint blue or some other shade resembling a clear blue sky.
The color haint blue got its name from the belief that it could ward off evil spirits.  The term “haint” was originally a variation of the word “haunt.”  Haints are lost souls or the dead’s restless spirits.  According to the Southern belief, blue paint applied to the porch ceiling as well as door and window trim can keep haints away.

It’s reported that haint blue paint was first used by African slaves in the South.  According to Gullah culture, the color haint blue is representative of water; and evil spirits aren’t able to pass over water.  (Gullah culture is from a group of people in the coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and northern Florida who were of African ancestry.)

blue-door-keyHaint blue is also believed to have the good purpose of deterring spiders, wasps, and other insects from setting up house on porch ceilings.  The myth is that the insects are fooled into thinking that the blue ceiling is an extension of the big, blue sky; and they move on instead of settling in.

There was a time when this belief was more than just a myth.  In early days when the blue paint was made with milk paint formulas, an ingredient that was used actually did repel insects.  The formula for milk paint lacked durability and has long been replaced with other paint formulas which don’t have any inherent qualities for repelling insects.  But the belief lives on that you’ll have fewer insects on your porch with haint blue paint.

Sources: Houses above: Traditional Folk Painting and the Blue Door in Zalipie, Poland; Wiki, https://www.franklinpainting.com, Greek Travel Pages, Slavic Folk Museums

blue door




Folk Art Nettle Fiber

Nettle, Hemp, Flex and Willow Fibers

NettleIn spring some stalks of grasses and nettle are broken by the wind or too dry in summer, some places have to exfoliate the top layers of the cortex, which contains the fiber. Their flexibility and strength is long appreciated by the birds for example, the crossbill or wren are always looking for it, for their winter nests. Sparrow fill the cracks in their previous nest that hangs over the water on a the branches of willow. The natural grass fibers are so strong that it is not destroyed for several years. I am sure these birds crafted and advised humans in ancient times to use the stronger elastic fibers like flax, hemp and nettle – the oldest fiber plants, which we have learned to handle.

nettleFrom long and strong fibers produced yarn for fabric on tailoring, sails and sacks. From it are woven carpets, ropes and woven fishing nets. On the western shore of Lake Ladoga was found by archaeologists ancient fishing nets, woven from the threads of nettle in the Stone Age. Many will recall Andersen’s fairy tale about how a girl rescued from the evil spell who turned into wild swans. On the advice of her fairy grandmother she took nettle, mashed its stems and strands, and then produced from them her clothing. In the fairy tale it reflected the old people’s pagan faith in the miraculous properties of the fabric of nettle fibers that can protect people from evil spells and the evil eye, and to heal various diseases. Wonders of nettle yarn to knit socks that are worn for rheumatic pain, belt, used for sciatica and migraines.

Gradually capricious stinging nettles pushed to the more compliant flax and hemp. However, the memory of nettle as a fiber plant is still preserved somewhere in the depths of our oldest villages and the consciousness, sometimes appearing in children’s games. In an ethnographic collection of the 19th century, it was reported:

“In the villages of the province of Ryazan, Russia, girls spun fibers from nettles to produce thread, which was made for the dresses of their dolls, the mother threads were not allowed to be used.” Perhaps, from a pedagogical point of view of the mother acted very wisely, not only because it reminded of the need to save, but because inadvertently teaching children to do needlework, crafting as an important ancient craft of women and way of life that contributes greatly to the community. How the girls became known to spin properties of nettle fibers, which adults had long forgotten is unknown… Iti s fair to say that nettle fibers were much more ancient but not forgotten by all adults. Even today, they are used for spinning yarn by the indigenous people of Kamchatka and the Amur regions.

Nettles should be only harvested in the autumn season and dried, then soaked for many months and again dried, to obtain finally the most trust (the so-called-dried and peeled stalks of fibrous plant), from which it is extracted for spinning fibers. And if you collect nettles and wait until winter and in the first half of spring, you’ll have nature’s rain, dew, frost, fog and winter thaw do the hard worked for you.

Nettle stalks should be well dried, spread out on the stove or next to a radiator or a fire. Then, remove the twigs and dried leaves. To check the quality of the resulting trusts, knead it with your fingers and breaking in several places and it should break apart in your hands with a slight crush of the fiber – separated from the woody parts of the stalk.

Not domnesh Mälk: (do not take the spinning wheel) warned the peasant proverb. Myalitsa or Mälk can be made for the treatment of a small number of trusts in the home and it consists of four parts. By the wooden base 20 mm thick attached screws E two boards with a saddle notch. From inside the cut out in each field plates mowed at 45 degrees. Lever or beater, slightly tapered bottom and fastened to Myalitsa with the bolt. In turn, strengthen the foundation of the Myalitsa screwing on the bench or any other stable support. For a time in the Myalitsa can knead just one handful of trusts, that is as much as can fit in the hand. Begin to trust press down with one of the ends, put her in the saddle-shaped cut-out with a raised arm. Each time you press and the subsequent lifting of this trust lightly rotate and advance forward slightly. So do as long as a handful of trusts will not be fully obmyata. Fig. 68


Obminanie trusts is more disputed if instead Myalitsa use homemade three-shaft or twin-shaft Mälk (Fig. 68 b). Although the work for them and one can, together still more convenient and faster. One lays the trust between the shafts and the other turns the handle and takes wiped stems.

To remove from trusts boon – the wooden part of the stem is broken down into small pieces – it swinging has the shape of a large wooden knife or mower. Trepalki (Fig. 69 a) are cut from solid oak, maple and birch. When applying frequent sharp blows, how to knock cleaner jammed in the fibers boon. Then put on a stump and carefully puncture. (Fig. 69 b). Usually after such treatment the remaining particles easily flake off. They just have to shake out, striking with a round wooden stick (Fig. 69) or the edge of the bench.


To understand the essence of this method, you need to pick up a small bunch and fray the nettle and tightly clenched fingers, rub against each other (Fig. 70 a). Usually they immediately begin to separate and fall down the smallest fines. Freed from these fibers they become clean and silky. If you have to handle a considerable amount, bundles are comfortable to hold without hands, and tongs (Fig. 70 b).


Forceps consist of two birch slats connected by a strip of sheet steel. Oshmygivanii At one end of the beam can be clamped in povesma Myalitsa lever-Bill. However, much more convenient to use for this purpose a special clamp to the roller-cam (Fig. 70). Especially because this clip you will need in the next stage of processing fibers – carding. Fixed fiber grab tongs near the clamp. Obshmygivaya section by section, moving gradually from one end to the other. In the next step the fiber bundle is inverted and secured to the other end of the clamp. Now there is only the end of the forceps handle released from the clamp and move on to the carding fibers.


Prepared by carding fibers called sliver. Nettle and hemp sliver composed of long, medium and short fibers. The longer the fiber, the thinner and longer the yarn. To separate the long fibers of the medium and short in the old days we used the large maple ridges on a pedestal. But it is especially long and clean the fibers obtained after the re-carding so- called mykalkami – small combs and brushes made of pig bristles. The process of combing and smoothing or lobes, called closure. It demanded a lot of patience, perseverance; and I had carefully combed and smooth out every single strand of fiber. Hence the famous expression “roam”, “Woe to knock about. Nettle fibers set out in the clip, you can comb the conventional metal and plastic combs, commercially available.

The fabric obtained from filaments went into dresses, shirts, tablecloths, towels, bedding and other products. From finished yarn that runs on a rough canvas to sewing quilts, bags, all kinds of capes for the carts. Out of the same fibers were spun and then woven fabric with a rare weaver spindle used for household needs. Fig. 71

Of coarse fibers that were not treated and scratched or combed, can be used for the ropes and cables, used as a tow to reach between the crowns of log house, as well as caulking grooves between the logs. Canvas, woven from yarns bleached in the dew and snow, and digested in the wood ash. Ropes, twine, burlap, and other similar products sometimes soaked day in  oak bark to increase the strength and resistance to spoilage microbes. Sometimes soaked in oak would stain it in black. To this end, the rope and burlap dipped in water or a rusty iron sulfate solution. These ancient methods of bleaching and coloring can be successfully used now, along with the modern.


Willow The willow contains salicylic acid, the precursor to the aspirin. In 1897, Felix Hoffmann created a new drug from the willow, named formally Acetylsalicylic… But before this,  Willow was often called “wild hemp” and in the ancient days of the Willow, herb fibers were called Willow Ropes and the matting  produced horse harness, some burlap and more. This emphasized the similarity of its fibers and hemp fibers, cultivated in Russia and Belarus in the ninth century.

Quite often used and other fibrous plant growing on vacant lots and burned areas – Cyprus uzkolisty, popularly called Willow-Tea. With stalks of harvesting willow – tea, carefully remove the peel, divide it into fiber, dried and removed for storage. Part of the harvested material are stained broth collected in the swamp moss rusty containing iron oxide black. To make fibers gloss, staining solution added to fish oil. Alternating in a certain order light and dark fiber, masters decorate the surface of articles in geometric patterns.

Hemp & Flax

Nowadays Hemp its used and manufactured by the Military, of marine rope, canvas, tarpaulin, fire hoses and all the uses of the government. But because of the narcotic substances contained in the plant we suppose the government chose to push that aspect so they could use the plant for themselves, telling us peasants and textile people that hemp was a narcotic disgrace. There is a return to nettle and the uses of hemp back into the cultural life again in greater numbers, but for now, following the example of our ancestors is always the first and second steps.

Strong and durable threads go on weaving bags, baskets and a variety of boxes. In the manufacture of traditional products they used willow twigs, wild rye stalks (tuveyki) and elm along with nettle threads to bind them together.

Application of Burlap – “Sacking (ryadnina) this “rough rustic canvas”, is a sparse manner and with the lightest surf (reeds)”. The production of burlap is made from the natural plant fiber called jute, the southern fibrous plants of hemp and flax. Generally, cloth bags presently woven jute having coarse fibers. From hemp and flax fibers are made into a thinner fabric (ryadnina) used in clothing, furniture and other industries. Decorative burlap attracted the attention of artists who began to use it in their ancient or original applications. Expressiveness of these applications are determined by the beautiful natural color of plant fibers from greenish-gray to brownish-yellow – and grainy texture, due to the structure of the tissue.

For folk art applications, old burlap bags must first be washed with soap or detergent, ironed, and then cut the healthy parts of burlap. Scraps burlap are stacked pyramid. It is more convenient to look for the appropriate size of the flap. The remaining cloth trim on the need to dissolve the thread and pull up into a ball. They will be useful to perform a wide variety of parts.

Work requires scissors, cutter, wire brush or brush, screw terminal, bristle brushes, glue, tweezers and knitting needle (Fig. 72/73). Use scissors to perform cutting burlap and cutter undercut thread in limited areas blanks. A wire brush or brush comb strands of burlap, severing them at the finest fibers. A wire brush made of thin steel wire having good elasticity. Identical stretches of wire folded in half and tie a strong thin thread. From the tin from the tin roll so-called cap and connecting the edges overlapped, soldered at the joints. The capsule should be tightly crimped wire beam. Then put the capsule with a beam inserted therein wire on a metal plate and a hammer attached to it a flattened shape.


Pour in a little capsule of epoxy resin and put on pre-harvested wooden handle nailed to handle with small shoe nails. Brushes can be used in about a day, when the resin is completely cured. When combing vegetable brush blank burlap fibers clamped in a simple wooden clamp (Fig. 72/73 a). Screw clamp made of two wooden slats of beech, oak, birch, in which holes are drilled and connected with two screws with wing nuts. Bristle brushes are used to apply glue on the blank of the burlap and the substrate. The prepared adhesive is conveniently while working to keep in a tin in which the sides have to do special cuts. They provide a comfortable support for the hands at the same time using them with a brush to easily remove the excess glue.

Forceps are required in those cases when it is necessary to pull out the yarn from the burlap only in a limited area, and the yarns during bonding to a substrate. Spokes with rounded con Chick during adhesion laid yarns according to the conceived pattern. Use can be ordinary knitting needle. But it will become more versatile tool, if one end of the lay flat and bent at a slight angle. Flattened part of the spokes when pressed gluing individual sections of the thread to the background. You can do otherwise: to spread a thin needle on a wooden stalk, cut it to end at a slight angle. Assigning the same slice as the flattened end of the spokes.

The basis on which the paste application elements can be made of various materials, for example, made of boards, plywood and cardboard. To plywood and cardboard does not warp, they are glued under pressure or under the weight of the slats on stretchers. You can also nail plywood or cardboard to the sub-frame with nails. Nails nail as close to the edges in such a way that their hats were subsequently closed with bias frame. Form the foundations of applications can be very diverse – rectangular, square, round, oval, etc.

Elements application of burlap more clearly stand out against a dark background – black, dark brown, dark cherry red and dark green. When painting is necessary to consider the background burlap color shades. Sacking may have a natural coloring with cold gray-green or brownish-yellow warm shades. For example, cold colors can be at the sacking of flax fibers, and warm – from hemp and jute. Color burlap also largely depends on the conditions in which it is stored, how it was used. During the operation it could burn in the sun and become faded or, on the contrary, darken from moisture and so on.

If you have a sacking with a cold color, the background to do the warm dark cherry, dark red, and warm – cold: black, dark blue, dark green. For coloring the background you need to take a paint that would penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood or cardboard. The black base can be painted with ink. The other colors are painted wood and cardboard and stained with aniline textile dyes, usually used for dyeing. The desired color and color tone are obtained by mixing several dyes or colors superimposed one on another. For example, the first base dye black ink, and then, after its complete drying, the paint is applied cherry. As a result, the background will be dark cherry, almost black color.

It is necessary to ensure that paint particles do not remain on the surface of wood or cardboard. Therefore, after the applied paint is absorbed into the coloring material, the substrate surface should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth to remove the remaining dye particles on it. If lying on the surface of the paint particles are not removed, then the gluing burlap they can be mixed with glue or paste, and contaminants applications. When the paint dries, it is desirable to base a little glue, inflicting on its surface a wide bristle brush a thin layer of paste.

Begin to sketch the development is possible only if you carefully examine the possibility of the material – as they say, feel it. After material application, in this case, burlap, to a large extent dictates the plastic solution or ornamental scene composition. Hessian is a rare weave, so they kept it very poorly. This feature, on the one hand, makes it possible, pulling in a specific order the individual filaments receive details applications with a simple open-work pattern, such as square or rectangular cells, alternating rhythm strips, etc… On the other hand, when cutting parts applique artist forced to find their contours such that the line would be possible were in the same direction as the intersecting threads of the fabric. It is necessary that in some areas the short strands do not crumble. However, such a forced limitation gives applications of burlap with nothing incomparable originality and special decorative convention.

Gather scraps of burlap with scissors in hand, follow the simplest elements of applications. Suppose you need to cut a tree leaf (Fig. 73 b). When cutting a sheet of loop Make sure that one thread burlap were located along the sheet, and others – across. Then, with the longitudinal edges of the thread delete leaving only the middle three or four threads. If necessary, you can fluff burlap thread. This method is appropriate to use, for example, when the application ode Vanchikov. The flap of burlap clamped in wooden tisochkah and combed yarns wire brush or broom. In its request the artist can give free strands of burlap conceived direction, creating a pattern of wavy lines, curls and spirals. This technique is applied directly adhered application components on a substrate.

In the development of the sketch should always keep in mind all of the features of burlap. First, perform a small sketch of no more than exercise book, drawing which is then transferred to a sheet of paper having a life-size. Then from the sheet along the contours of the figure cut out all the parts of the image. They will serve as a sort of pattern. Patterns are applied to burlap and encircled colored chalk. Cut elements applications need to be expanded on the basis developed according to the sketch. However, before the details of burlap are pasted to a substrate, they must be further processed, that is, pull, where necessary, the extra yarn.

The most convenient for sticking latex adhesive application elements or PVA. They do not leave stains on the bonded materials, relatively dry quickly and form a strong bond. It can be used as various pastes. The paste is particularly indispensable for gluing all kinds of curls, spirals and other contour elements of burlap fibers. To prepare the paste is necessary to take a glass of water 2 teaspoons of flour or potato starch. Flour or starch to dissolve in a small amount of cold water and pour a thin stream of boiling water to cool, stirring constantly. Once the paste is brewed, it is allowed to cool, it must be remembered that the paste can be in working order, without losing the adhesive power, for about 10 hours. Then it becomes watery, or vice versa, thickens. Therefore it is necessary to brew just right on this day the amount of glue.

The plot background in place of overlay scraps of burlap grease with a thin layer of glue or paste. Then, from the back side, seal cutting from burlap and place it on the base. Smooth and press it with his hands, and the little details to push through his fingers. Then, apply a top load. If you have a fast drying glue, the load can be removed after about 5-10 minutes, and if a paste – an hour. Until the end of glue or paste should dry without load for a few hours. Burlap yarns that are intended to make the wavy wound into rings or spirals and stick last (Fig. 73). Threads liberally smeared with paste, and then, holding his left hand, with the help of needles give them a desired pattern. Dry them freely without oppression. If after drying glue a thread portion lag behind the background, it gently pasted fast-drying glue.

Images: Russian Source: Part 1 & 2from http://www.traditions.ru/books/suhtravy/5-1.htm

Mirror Mirror in my Soul

This is an ancient Etruscan Mirror with a Goddess Figure and engraved scene, bronze, 3rd century BCE. When I teach Symbolism, Dream Symbolism and Mirror work with those who seek me, I teach that our prehistory soul and emotional body must be integrated with personal work in our everyday life. Because when the two our separated, the mind and the soul (emotional body and animism soul) never progresses. That is why today, the knowledge path, without the personal healing path carries no power.


The art of vibratory energy by working with the mind or emotional shadow self, the karmic relationships given in this life and the suffering of real detoxes, creates an emptiness that is not only necessary, but also purifying. The emotional body and soul work is the last frontier on earth for old souls. I encourage people to do various healing traditions and make sure they take their path slowly so one can process the releases. One can study knowledge as much as they want, for it only is detrimental when the soul calls us to come find her in her entrapment far, far away in the underworld of our past lives.


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