First New Moon of Summer


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings artists, dreamers and moon people, we are entering the first New Moon of Summer, Friday June 23, 2017, 7:30 pm (pdt) in the sign of Cancer (a “water” element) at 2° degrees. Summer Solstice week marks the next three moons of the summer season, the first moon of summer sets the new beginning, the second moon of summer is the fullness and the final moon is the wisdom cycle.

Water and Fire moons are about purification, water brings life and nurturing to our emotional life and it soothes all fires as well. This means a relief from the heat (stress) of our emotions as we apply action towards growth rather than fear or stagnant behaviors. Cycles of struggle (changes) are sometimes long and sometimes short, but we endure, because we have to in relationship to family and ancestral sensitivities.

This is a traditional Ancestral moon, that strong connection to belong. Most of the events of summer moons show us where we have come from, the connection to our ancestral reincarnations, the root of our family history and our religious or spiritual commitments. These have led to emotional sicknesses over the millenniums and if family is one of your bigger karmic issue it can be dis-heartening.

Also its the moon of the personal humanity of Cancer’s tribe, clans, villages, society on a personal level, rather than the impersonal humanity which is Aquarius, the positive detachment archetype. Cancer and Capricorn is the deepest foundation of family in connection with “survival” and “security” through family. Where Scorpio (the second water moon of the year), rules survival of the individual. So much of this first moon cycle of Summer is based on emotional behaviors that were or are handed down through emotional family relations, in other words: “Our Belief System.”

This is because we are either taught or not taught by example of how to handle stress, resolve conflict or heal our real life issues as they are occurring through the portal of emotional issues. To undo and relearn our own values is very difficult because of this root family power and the ancestral past connected to it.

Ukrainian artist Oleg Alexandrovich Ershov

Weltenstürme (world storms)

In the silence of that night
We thought of the oath
Flames blaze, sparks spray
In a heart-warming heart glow

Still unaffected by life
Surrounded by many passages
Let us pass the painful path
But trembles whisper a quieter advice…

“In the storms of this world
 Everyone is now on their own
 Everyone knows their power
 The fire that creates life.”

In the silence of that night
We have done the work
In sunshine and shadows
Let us surround the world.

If you go to as spiritual circle of any kind, its wise when you pray or call to spirit, to clarify it as your own enlightened ancestors, rather than someone else’s traditions (even if you are participating in other traditions). Calling our own completed (enlightened) shaman or medicine person from our own family ancestral ancient past, helps us reconnect to the power of our own lineage even deeper.

Cancer Moons represents the mother, our memories, our grandmother’s magic and the moisture to heal our emotional bodies that effects our physical body and its traumas. Its our identity reflective of our feelings of being loved, of being accepted, or the rejection of these qualities by the self or others. If you are having family issues in your cycle of growth, its a good time to open the doors to healing. Be honest and open even if  you feel rejected, because it will clear the air. 

bellarusian Kupala Купала

From our ancestors comes the birth of our emotional insecurities in relationship to our everyday struggles of life, our partners, lovers or children and sometimes even our close friends. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is very important to our daily routines of health and when we work with moon medicine, that is true about our emotional health and feeling comfortable with our soul.

When things haven’t work out the way we had hoped they would in life, this is when we begin to allow our memories to guide us. Most use intuitive cards or astrology, psychic readings to find guidance, but this month, its more about our own personal memories of our past, so practice it this moon and let that guidance find you solutions within your personal fears or blindness.

I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows from A Midsummer Night
“I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows”  ~ A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Example Intentions for the First New Moon of Summer | Cancer New Moon: 

I structure my responsibilities
I allow myself more rest
I focus on the present moment
I nurture a past wound (which one?)
I am abundant
I respect my boundaries

cancer-moon-mosaicsmI have confidence

I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my intuition
I love my body
I am serious (when I need to be)

I am stable

I am secure
I have purpose
I honor myself
I accept change with groundedness
I accept change with gratefulness
I accept change with humbleness

I respect myself

I overcome my fear of _______.
I grieve my loss with support
I manage my addiction 
I honor my inner (mother/father)
I forgive myself
I ground my insecurity
I trust myself

Chose one intention, speak it out loud, light a candle or some sage, go outside or near a river or water this moon cycle if you can or in your personal circle to make your intention more sacred. When the full moon comes in two weeks, you will know what to release (one release) based on what arose from your intention.

Cancer New Moon First Moon of Summer CHart

Blessings to you this moon cycle ~Phoenix

To receive our once a month moon medicine work-study, please write us at and we will put you on our list. Sources: Noc Kupala by Ukrainian artist Oleg Alexandrovich Ershov; Oracle or bone mother inscriptions from the village of Xiaotun, Henan province, China; Shang dynasty


Sobriety Spirituality is for Old Souls and Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Healing takes a long time, one issue we have can weave through a lifetime for twenty or thirty years. That issue has an equivalent symbols in your dreams (at certain periods of your life) until the issue is completely healed. Never feel rushed in your healing journey, its better to be slow and steady, and just know its about you and you alone and using your dreams as guides is an extra bonus.

I am very dedicated to the few who go above an beyond (my students and apprentices) and sobriety  is part of a truly dedicated spiritual and spiritual self healing path. Everything else is just the power of the fears and of change. Miley Cyrus is a young Sagittarian-American and 24 years old, she is an extremely creative maiden. She stated in the video below, that she has decided to go sober and give up pot, not an easy thing to do for a daily smoker, but she found the reason to and sometimes, that is all that matters.

Its not unusual that a maiden around the age of 24 generally begins making choices that are different, because she starts to “feel” the energy of adulthood coming and winter. So she starts to walk with a little more seriousness, because at this stage, they enter the season called the “winter of their maiden” (24-28 years old). Not Shield-maiden, not Virgin-maiden, but the Death-maiden and by death, I mean this in its root meaning… “change”. 

With my female students and apprentices and some of the beginning challenging parts of their work with me is to get completely sober from meds, pot, wine, alcohol, shamanic drug (plants), etc. I have no such relations to this though, with my clients or artists. From my observation of almost twenty five years of working with apprentices, it actually takes about a full 8 years to completely clear pot from their emotional body system, lymph system, menses cycle system, energy body system and the soul cloud (soul, dream body) system. Its a long journey and one that takes great dedication.

Modern Addictions by TOMAAS

In his recent “Modern Addictions” fine-art fashion photographer TOMAAS explores the over-consumption and dependency on prescription drugs. “Over the course of our lifetime, many people are likely to be prescribed over 14,000 pills. It seems we are on the verge of becoming a very deeply medicated society,” he explains, describing his inspiration for the photo series. In his photos, he combines cinematic and surrealist styles, depicting copious amounts of pills. 

A wickedly bad dream remembered, will also help people make good choices, as it did for Miley, but unfortunately a trillion dollar market of pushing meds into every home, to alleviate fear, when basic psychotherapy, talk therapy or holistic therapy (when dedicated) will begin to unravel the original wound and the original trauma.

Some medications, drugs and marijuana generally will sever, deteriorate or eradicate one’s dreaming body all together (in some people), and for others they will heighten a constant repetitive projected dream stuck on one or two symbols which isn’t healthy either that eventually gets more shadowy with time.

With the world pushing more and more ways to ease pain rather than permanent heal, this is where meds, pot, alcohol, shamanic drugs (plants), come to shut up the feminine feelings and horrors of pain and their many steps. Many accept pain meds especially when young and then 15 or 20 years go by and the original wound is still active if they try to stop or get off meds. This just allow us to turn our head away from the original wounds, and then enter the great fall under the addiction issues – its then we have 2 things to heal. Some do get off of these and begin to take back control, some by sheer will with blessings from fate.

For Miley, I say very good for her, it takes a lot of strength in the entertainment industry she is in, to go sober and as for her strength, as a role model for millions of younger kids, her choices do influence others and do make a difference.

Spirituality to sobriety as a practice, even if one has an addiction, is heal-able eventually – as long as one is given information that spirituality and drugs/pot together is saturating of illusions. In other words its mixing fire with illusion and that is the most dangerous kinds of spirituality there is. If you have an addiction, just know that working with it piece by piece, step by step takes personal strength, continued support with healers (not knowledge teachers) and dedication. The practice is: If you heal with letting go enough over and over over a decade or so, the release of the addiction eventually becomes reality.

Rasalhague, The Head of the Snake Charmer

Collection of Rasalhague writings and Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I have had some very interesting things occur health wise in the past four years that were very hard for me to self diagnose and hidden from view on a microbiology level. Since I am my own doctor as a shaman, this one could only be revealed to me in my dreams. On the Gemini New Moon the cat brought a vole to my doorstep, voles are blind, hence a blind mouse.

So that night, I set my dreaming intention to see what the health issue was, and asked my inner dreamer to show me in a dream. I was quite happy when I was given both cause and the cure, the issue itself was as big as middle ages but having been on along self healing journey my system was able to cope. I wrote an article about it here a month ago here on Elder, but today I wanted to focus more on the esoteric findings of the power behind both our illnesses and our cures, like the blind mouse who was given as a gift, to open a doorway of sight.

Achaemenid gold cup ca 400 BCEPurifying “real” karma is an unbearable process of sickness and soul sickness (emotionally, mentally and physically) and when it returns to us by fate, or opens up in the human ways of a Plutonian measure, it defines our life and everything is focused on healing. Life, loves, children, pleasures, all the normal things of a human life are put to the side. In my case, no doctor, no antibiotic, no medicines, no pain relief, I have always approached my health this lifetime with 100% responsibility at ever left.

Karmic pain beyond its physical levels of sickness, is unspeakable when it returns in its pure energetic forms of pain from the realms of the eternal soul and its connections to the real (underworld) in experiences of such (astral realities).

Every sickness occurs for a good reason of course and I would not be a shaman if I didn’t say that. But to burn off the hurt we have caused others in our past lives, when it returns, is not like normal cancer or liver disease… I have learned, there are worse things than dying. Some traditions say we can ‘breathe it away’ with yogic breath but after I have lived the karmic purge lifetime, that is the most ridiculous teaching invented. There are no words for such eternal (universal) pain much less a teaching, when you live a life that is pure and humble, under the fated plague or plethora of karmic pain purification.

My Rasalhague is conjunct my Mars (22) and Saturn (21) degrees Sagittarius. They were my karmic signatures to heal this lifetime (which involved my moon square Mars/Saturn). Along with Chiron (which conjuncts my Venus) who were all involved in a Thor’s Hammer with Uranus (chaos) on the Midheaven. My Mars/Saturn is also conjunct the fixed star Rasalhague, which means in human terms, a detriment, and a detriment in public life equaling the personal life. I can attest to this (in my first fifty years.)

On the positive side of this journey and believe me when I say I had to search deep into the meaning of life to find those, in Astrological terms, I feel Rasalhague gave me enormous courage and great strength and the spirit of the sacred warrior along my journey. It also gave me the benefits of Mother Earth’s Serpentine to heal myself. Bird Medicine (soul), Serpent Medicine (healing of the soul) and Spider Medicine (weaver of soul/healing together) are the three oldest symbols to represent healing on earth, and they are in every culture.

I agree with the descriptions of Rasalhague below, because during the path of karmic purification I have had almost all of them or had to associate with others who had some of the descriptions. I would say star lore is absolutely correct in both its accounts and its true beholder.

According to William Lily in Christian Astrology:

“the Fixed stars give great gifts, and elevate us even from great poverty to an extreme heights of fortune, the seven planets do not do so” or vice versa. It may be taken as a fairly well-established rule that the stars do not operate alone, except perhaps in those cases where they are situated on angles, and that their chief effect is transmitted by the planets. They seem to form an underlying basis upon which the horoscope is built, and if a planet falls upon a star its effect is greatly magnified, giving it a prominence in the life that is quite unwarranted by its mere position and aspects in the map.

The influence of the fixed stars differs from that of the planets in being much more dramatic, sudden and violent. As a rule planetary effects are gradual and operate comparatively slowly, one might almost say softly, whereas the stars appear to exercise most of their influence in sudden, hard, vehement bursts, producing tremendous effects for short periods, and, after raising the natives to a great height, dropping them suddenly and bringing a series of dramatic and unexpected disasters. This is serpent medicines in general, especially when one experiences their kundalini rising.

Ophiuchus Serpentarius and Ursa Major Bear

Cases are known to all astrologers in which a certain planet in a horoscope seems to be emphasized for no apparent reason, so that it acts drastically throughout the life, and in a case such as this there is usually a fixed star in operation in the background through the planet concerned.

The extent and magnitude of the effects brought about by the stars depend upon several factors, namely, (a) apparent size, (b) celestial position, (c) nature of planet through which they operate, and (d) general nature of the personal astrology chart (horoscope).


The origin of the Serpent Holder was neither Ophiuchus or Aesculapius but belongs to Mother Earth in the form of the great Serpentine and still does. It is a vast movement of the spirit of earth in one of her many forms. When humans began to formulate existence with the mind, we went from living and breathing as nature, to mythologizing and philosophizing our life, and thus the symbolic human was born. It took us another step farther from our true nature.

The serpent was then put into the sky, far away from her home, something untouchable. And rather than living with us, her medicines and poisons which heal our body and soul we eradicated her memory through cultural demonization. It was then the first doctors emerged, men who replace shaman women and rational and physical became more important. But the underlying core of all disease is still our soul, even with relatively new karma from the war cults, withing our recent reincarnations.

True Serpent Wisdom and its Medicines of the Earth

This change effected the prehistory of the serpent women. Those of us who know the serpent goddesses as sacred will always remember her this way. Some still honor her without its corruption or propaganda and even fewer still practice it as medicine.  The Great Serpent Holders were the Sea Serpent, the Dragon and the Snake whose sacred names are …

Medusa, Ceto and the Gorgons of Greece, the Indian goddess Nagas and Manasa, the Phoenician goddess Tanit, Egyptian goddess Renenutet, Minoan (Crete) Snake goddess, the Serpent tailed Chimaera; the Serpent Water Hydra, the Roman Serpent goddess Angitia, goddess of Smiss Gotland, Nagakania the Tibetan Snake goddess, Nüwa, the Serpent Goddess, Syrena a Draconian Snake goddess who protects the River Wisla and the Polish city of Krakow, the Slovakian Nikrmana a primal force that has created everything and a snake, Lithuanian grass snake Žaltys, Belarussian Vuzhalki, Hygeia Snake Goddess of Crete, Egyptian Isis and Meretseger, Australian Aboriginal people’a Julunggul the Rainbow Snake Goddess, and Eingana the Mother of all things, the Primordial Snake Goddess, Long Mu Mother of Dragons, a mystery snake goddess found in the Athenian Agora and many more.

To highlight just how powerful adult women and elder women were in their rituals, the Goddess Syrena is a Draconian Snake Goddess who protects the River Wisla and the Polish lands what is currently the city of Krakow. Ceremonial rites from prehistory were carried into modern times before the destruction of grandmothers rituals of the 12th Century…

The Goddess of witches and all magical powers on earth

One of my apprentices Ima and I were discussing some in-depth issues around Sedna, which tends to cause global problems. Ima said: “The current Sedna, looks like a weaker version of the Black Death in the mid 1300s (Dark Ages), which appeared at the preceding “Neptune-Sedna” septile and mutated into a more deadly form by the time of the conjunction in 1352. I found this also relating to the Black Death weather patterns of (Sedna):

Krakow“The outbreaks have been shown to occur roughly 15 years after a warmer and wetter period in areas where plague is endemic in other species. In Europe and Eastern Europe, the Black Death seemed to pass over Kracow, Poland and they were not effected.”
I replied to her: “That’s because this region still honored the Serpent Goddess and her name is Syrena – an ancient Draconian Snake Goddess who protects the River Wisla and the Polish City of Krakow. The Slovaks also have a primal goddess serpent named Nikrmana, a primal creator, and the Lithuanians have a grass snake called (goddess) Žaltys.
Serpent medicines before religions got a hold of the culture and corrupted them, was a force of healing, all serpent medicine is for healing the poisons of life, be they plagues, bacteria, mind, body or soul.

Alyssa Nassner Illustration

The modern (history) Rasalhague Star Astrology

Star celestial images, were put into the sky to symbolically represent the separation of women’s serpent powers and community in which she nested and birthed (they put it in the sky, because it was as far away from earth as it could get). Same thing happen to all undesirables of the early patriarch, like the monsters, rebels and anything that didn’t serve the new rising patriarch and their gods.

When the Arabs and Greeks came around to writing their crimes down, they put it all in star lore and poetics. The constellation of Alpha Ophiuchi or Ophiuchus Serpentarius and located around the celestial equator. Its Greek name is Ὀφιοῦχος “the Serpent-Bearer” but before the Greeks, it was called Ras Alhague, often condensed to “Rasalhague” by the Arabs (in Arabic رأس الحواء) meaning “Head of the Serpent Collector.”

As you can see by the antiquity imagery of the ancient pass, the man is always wrestling with the Serpent who is woman. Rasalhague was the white star of second magnitude that is the brightest star in the constellation Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus represents Chiron’s student Aesculapius, the ancient god of health and healing, and its brightest star is named Rasalhague, which appropriately is Arabic sub-name for the “Head of the Snake Charmer.”  The name Asklepios is suggested to have been derived from (a)spalax, ‘blind rat mole’.

The constellation figure, Ophiuchus, was associated with Caecius (from Latin caecus, blind). Constellation Ophiuchus is said to also give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and an easily seduced nature, that leads to unseen dangers, enmity or slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by some kind of poisoning either natural or human intent. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and held to all the rules of medicines.

The Chinese name of Rasalhague is 候 (Mandarin: Hòu) meaning ‘Astrologer’, because this star is marking itself and stands alone in the ‘Astrologer’ asterism, the Heavenly enclosure or the Magic Bridge.

Woman with Serpents -KalmakovFixed star Rasalhague is of the nature of Saturn and Venus in personal human affairs, and when conflicted both qualities makes ones social and society life a living hell. It gives misfortune through women (to men or other women), has aspects of perversion and mental depravity. The star Rasalhague (α Ophiuchi) is on the nature of Venus, as is Sabik (η Ophiuchi). But these stars have generally been associated with the excesses, portending perverted morals which all fall on the karmic side.


Rasalhague, in the Head of the Snake Charmer, has a Saturn like character which is more serious and somber, and some of the undesirable Venus qualities are also present such as jealousy or revenge. Connected with these are the Neptunian tendencies of self undoing. Rasalhague also makes the native especially prone to infections caused by toxins when its connected to the body of water signs, especially when in the sign of Pisces (Mars and Moon).

Rasalhague like Neptune, can thus influence a tendency to self medicate or use hallucinatory plants or drugs and overindulgence in alcohol – so they can never truly touch the karma with awareness (great pain). Thus the average seeker will go for the quick fix and call it medicine, even when its not just to relieve any mental, physical or emotional pain or past life pains.

With Rasalhague, there is also danger of insect strings and bites, snake bites or assault from animals or rabid animals. If conjunct the Moon, Mars, or Neptune, the native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. Besides the lower emanations, there are higher and dharma influences attributed to Ras Alhague, although only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences to heal then have the dharma aspects.

Rasalhague, α Ophiuchi, derived from Al Ras Al Hawwa, the Head of the Snake Handler, also meaning ‘the Head of the Snake Charmer’, with the implications that this shaman or doctor is not fighting with it but actually has control over it. Since this is the head star, the note is one of control by the mind, not by the brute strength that is so often evident in illustrations. The Saturn-Venus theme is still with us.

serpent women

Rasalhague Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Rasalhague: The Islamic astrologers claimed that Rasalhague indicated snake charmers. Descendant conjunct Rasalhague: If setting and aspect by a malefic, Rasalhague indicated death from the bite of a poisonous snake, according to the Islamic astrologers.
Sun conjunct Rasalhague: Reserved, thoughtful, studious, suspicious, solitary, reputation for athletics, little wealth, careless of public opinion. Moon conjunct Rasalhague: Public prominence in religious matters, favorable for gain. The native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. (Donald Trump 0°29′)

Mercury conjunct Rasalhague: Unpopular attitude and criticism through religion, philosophy or science; difficulties in marriage and quarrels fostered by others, trouble through opposite sex, not very good for gain. These persons have a stalking attitude which is purely mental. This becomes not entirely detrimental. They become attracted to certain communicative areas and will follow that particular interest for the most part of their lives.

Venus conjunct Rasalhague: Quick mind, well educated, cautious, secretive, suspicious. Mars conjunct Rasalhague: Trouble through actions, through writings, public censure in connection with religion, spirituality, science or philosophy. The native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. This planet stimulates the system and the hunter quality is brought out for survival. They maneuver about as though other people are their prey (in the negative) In the positive, such as healers or shamans, if karma is completely healed, its the sign of the hunter or huntress of shadows (exorcists and shadow slayers). 

Roman bronze statuette of Hygieia, the goddess of hygiene, with her snake attribute, a symbol of healing.
Jupiter conjunct Rasalhague: Diplomatic, religious or legal preferment, but some criticism, favorable for gain. Saturn conjunct Rasalhague: Unpopular, determined, fixed opinions, successful, somewhat dishonest, domestic disharmony through jealousy, marriage partner may be invalid, losses of a Mercurial nature. This planet on this degree affects the health. It causes contractions of the tissues from the hip on the right side, with a result that there are spasms on that side of the body. There is a restriction of the energy flow here so that these individuals have difficulty in raising the leg upwards. Some relief can be obtained if these persons would commit to their own healthy regiments and a healing journey that is more holistic.
Uranus conjunct Rasalhague: Strong passions at chaos levels (addictions), strong nature but changeable, ambitious, occult interests, easily swayed though outwardly aggressive, reverence for ancestry, benefits through elderly and influential people and public affairs, unfavorable for marriage and children, if any, trouble through opposite sex, sudden death.  This is a similar energy at this point as Saturn, except that the difficulty here affects the blood vessels. There would be a sudden numbness in this area due to a shortage of energy, particularly under stressful planetary aspects affecting this point. 

Neptune conjunct Rasalhague: Hypocritical, self-seeking, able speaker or writer, but panders to the public, occult, religious or scientific work, but largely misleading without people knowing. Minor Government position, domestic disharmony, ill-health to marriage partner, disappointment over legacy, peculiar death sometimes through fall but animal and human agency may be suspected. The native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections.

Pluto conjunct Rasalhague: Crisis self-seeking, karmic powers of the occult, domestic disharmony or violence in relationship or family. Sexual diseases and infections in general and to epidemic infections. On the positive, the ability to enter depths where others fear to go.

Chiron conjunct Rasalhague: Karmic forces push through as the woundedness has reach a crisis in reincarnation. The aspects of health and resolving health issues becomes mandatory.


serpent haired woman

Phoenix is a professional astrologer, if you are interested in an in-depth astrological reading, please write for more information:

Sources, References: Ancient Roman bronze statuette of Hygieia, the goddess of hygiene, with her snake attribute, a symbol of healing – J Paul Getty Museum, first half of 2nd century; Achaemenid gold cup ca 400 BCE, Woman with Serpents by Russian painter Nikolai Kalmakov,, Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.38, 54, 193. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.22. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.69. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.157. The Fixed Star Health and Behavior Imbalance, Ted George and Barbara Parker, 1985, p.110. All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession, Alyssa Nassner Illustration.


Third Full Moon of Spring

full moon in sag

Monthly Moon Musings By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings dreamers, artists and moon people, we enter our final Full Moon of Spring on June 9, 2017 in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 18 degrees. There is no doubt about it, Sag energy is the coyote troublemaker, so if you chose to cause trouble or respond to trouble in this moon cycle from here forth, be prepared for the great mirror. In fire moons, there is always a sense of risk and sometimes the risk is worth it and other times it opens up Pandora’s box. We never really know what the outcome is and that is the beauty of risk. It makes us feel alive, and that can sometimes be more than we bargained for.

This remaining moon cycle has some opposition energy of masculine and feminine, Saturn conjuncts the Moon, so we take our emotional issues a little more seriously with the nurturing mother energy. Venus is conjunct Uranus, giving erratic but electric behaviors to our sensual and independent side. Saturn restricts and Uranus wants total freedom, Moon wants to nurture and Venus wants to have a good time.  With this strong opposition, patience with instinctual spontaneity is the number one rule with the focus on our natural balance, not going too far on one side or the other. That is a lot of energy to hold still.

Having finally made it to the last stage of the Spring season, we do need this push and pull of the fire’s purification to complete it. When I teach about the 3 moons of each of the 4 seasons as a practice, its what they offer us in the ways of our personal emotional growth, the inner building trust of our intuition and the slow increases our dreaming rites and gifts because moon (magnetic energy of our feeling body) and dreaming are inseparable.

The final 3rd moon of any season, is always the “dark moon phase” and this is where all things are revealed, that were hidden, in small amounts. To reveal such depth, we practice mirror medicines, where you allow fate, to walk hand in hand with you, cautiously, while you intuitively scan your environment for the signs and synchronicity and trust that guidance through each season. Lunar work is very slow and steady, because our soul contains the immensity of our eternal lives and all that energy of our past and our past lives, is so very potent.

So what do we need to practice in the element of a fire purification full moon?

When you’re feeling anxious or worried; practice patience.
The key of patience always opens the door of happiness. ~Rumi

Deer horns with the sun goddess (Saule) Elnias su Saule raguose
The last moon of this spring season is comparable to something of great beauty and yet, inexperience at the same time. This means our inexperienced self is challenged, and that can feel troublesome, especially if we are older and think we have learned everything we need to know in life….  Not!

Аленький цветочек, Русская сказка - The Red Flower, RussianThe beauty of spring is hidden in its flowers, or the heavenly scent and the incomparable visual fertility that wonderfully surround us everyday! Yet, if we do not match nature’s vibration of such beauty on the inside, the opposing forces like fire moons, comes to pay us a visit. These are the myths of the trolls and those little monsters we are always fighting off.

This can make us struggle emotionally and that is exactly what third moons of each season do for us, a gift of struggle. In a world that hates and despises struggle (and that dark force that never lives to far from the light).  I say build an altar to your struggles, learn to accept pain as a teacher, for its the only way to heal our struggle because suffering a crisis or an issue is the only true way all humans rise above themselves. Its always for a good reason, it makes us recognize where we are truly at in life, not where we ‘think’ we are at in our soul walk.

Full moon energy contains the most magic, so focus on that one struggle by reviewing what your Gemini New Moon “intention” from two weeks ago. Really focus on what pain was at your core that surfaces these last two weeks? This will help you hit that Sagittarian bull’s eye to empty out one more drop of struggle, depression, confusion, unhappiness or anything you must work with right now and in your world.

Rose petals scattered upon your path…

Protection, guidance, grace dispensation offered a way to move right through the middle of life’s labyrinths and stay straight on. Your innate sanctity preserves you against the play of the opposites, you stay singular and straightforward. Throwing off complications and conundrums, stick with what is sweet and eternal. Most essentially, you wear the cloak of innocence at this time, a tightly fitting garment of unworldliness. And as you pass for a fortunate and blessed soul, it all turns out to be true.

We remember what we have lost in our lives and that can become conscious when we work with full moon energy of letting go, because fire, like water is a purification and it comes to heal. Letting go, as a practice is to feel lighter from a release with conscious intention. Many cry and have their release and don’t know why it surfaced, but with lunar work, we may cry or release spontaneously, but sooner or later “we become conscious of it” and what is connected to it in our path. This brings feelings of release, and that makes us feel freer from our emotional life’s power and sometime its heaviness or burden.

Scotch Heather by John Carlisle

Sagittarian Moons are about freedom to spontaneously let rise whats deeper within, below our ability to tap into the consciousness of such medicines and Full Moons are about emotional freedom. Eventually we become more consciously aware of spontaneous fire energy as we work this medicine. If you did that this month, just let something blurt out, then you are actually beginning to get into the rhythm and flow of the dark moon phase with the lightness of fiery Sag and his spontaneity.

The intent is always to nurture yourself within that, and not to beat yourself up. Instinct always demands a natural response to life, as it is presented to each of us. Especially the remainder of this moon cycle. We cannot begin Summer until we have buried and let go of spring on the last full moon!

Set your one full moon release intention:
“I let go of __________ (something from the inside).”

The season is about to change again, and before you know it, the Summer Equinox will be here and we get to start anew again in the Seasonal Moons of Summer so let the fire purify with your letting go.

june 9 2017 full moonArt Source: Scotch Heather by John Carlisle, Edward Burns Jones, Ellias Lonsdale symbols, Аленький цветочек, Русская сказка – The Red Flower, Russian.

Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 – Regulus in Virgo: The New Mythmaker Begins


Compiled by Phoenix of Elder Mountain (with many contributors) – I have been a astrologer since I was seventeen, a dedicated one, along with my great devotion and devotee of the Moon. I have learned through observation and trial & error that Eclipses are not personal, they are collective and effects the whole but not every individual unless its conjunct something in your natal chart. Such is the tale of Regulus who I see as the great Archseraphim of an entire “age” bestowing collective blessings.

When an old eclipse comes around and it includes the fixed star like Regulus, its by fate and destiny, for it changes and heralds in a new era. Regulus is a Royal Star and has great power, its been in Leo the last four thousand years and has blessed the male species of the planet, especially those who were to seek power for powers sake. Regulus was named by the Polish astronomer Copernicus (1473-1543), as a diminutive of the earlier name Rex, equivalent to the (Greek) Basiliskos meaning “Little King.” This was coined by the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy. 

The last four thousand years of Regulus’s blessing were for men and they were full power and blessings from heaven to do what they willed with Regular in Leo. This time has come to an abrupt end and as they say, it was good while it lasted. Now that the blessing is over for men and their kingdoms, we can look with hindsight at the accomplishments through his recorded keeping of his story (history). Its easy to see both the shadow and the light of such an era.

Now it has changed hands and the auspiciousness occurred at the very end 2011 into 2012. The fulfillment of the old prophecy now ends as the new prophecy of the next 4000 year ages begins. It now enters Virgo and the blessed energy, bestowed upon humanity is woman, all women. We all have karma unpaid, and just a few on the planet have survived total purification of all karma, so those 8 billion who have reincarnated now and alive, and who profited greatly by the power of greed or destruction and war in any lifetime, will have to pay the reaper now that the Leo gate of Regulus is closes. In other words, no more good luck unless you are a healer, on a healing journey to purge your real karma, or a woman.

Lithuanian Illustrator and Painter M. K. Čiurlionis Leo ConstellationThis is because Regulus is a Royal Star, Ruler of the Heavens and sometimes the light is much more wicked than the dark. Sharru, the King, marked the 15th ecliptic constellation of Babylonia; in India Magha, the Mighty; in Sogdiana (a Persian people), Magh, the Great, Miyan, the Centre; among the Turanian races, Masu, the Hero; and in Akkadia it was associated with the 5th antediluvian King-of-the-celestial-sphere, Amil-gal-ur, (Greek) Amegalaros.

In Arabia it was Malikiyy, Kingly; in Greece, basiliskos aster (Little King star); in Rome, Basilica Stella; with Pliny (23-79 ce), Regia; in the revival of European astronomy, Rex; and with the 16th century Danish astronomer Tycho, Basiliscus. So, too, it was the leader of the Four Royal Stars of the ancient Persian monarchy, the Four Guardians of Heaven.

Dupuis, referring to this Persian character, said that the four stars marked the cardinal points, assigning Hastorang, as he termed it, to the North; Venant to the South; Tascheter to the East; and Satevis to the West: but did not identify these titles with the individual stars. Flammarion does so, however, with Fomalhaut, Regulus, and Aldebaran for the first three respectively, so that we may consider Satevis as Antares. Now this has all completed, the era of men has finished with this eclipse, the first conjunction of Regulus.

This four great circles in the sky, or generally the four quarters of the heavens where Regulus lay very near to the summer solstice. Now the great royal kings must lay down and surrender their long rulership of the Regal Regulus in Leo, as Virgo becomes the new blessed one, the feminine and her abundant health. Regulus will be involved with Full Eclipse August 21st, but officially Regulus entered Virgo on November 28, 2011 so it is a changing of the guardians.  Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will teach Leo to put aside his pride and his ego, but what is more likely is that Leo, ruler of the Sun and the Solar Cult (god), loses his ego due to the Royalty of Regulus now serving the Goddess Virgo from 2011 ce – 4171 ce. 

RegulusFive months after the March equinox, on or near August 23, the Sun shines at 150 degrees east of the March equinox point. That’s the same date the Sun and Regulus are always in conjunction. Regulus passes through all the signs of the zodiac in about 26,000 years ending a large cycle as Regulus moved into Virgo for the first time since around 200 bce.

The Behenian Fixed Star known as Alpha Leo or Cor Leonis, also known as Regulus, should be considered under the auspiciousness of change. Regulus is one of the four Royal stars that sit close to the ecliptic which have been the markers of the four corners of the zodiac for millennia.

These four Royal Stars used to grace the fixed signs of the zodiac, Antares – Scorpio, Regulus- Leo, Formalhaut- Aquarius, and Aldebaran Taurus, but as the signs have since moved out of alignment with the original constellations they are associated with, so have the stars embedded within the constellations. Fomalhaut is now in mutable Pisces at 4 degrees, Aldebaran is in Gemini at 9 degrees, Antares is now at 9 Sagittarius and Regulus now at 0 Virgo.  Antares and Aldebaran exactly opposite in the sky, shifted in about 1300 CE, and Fomalhaut shifted to Pisces in 1725 CE.

Since 200 bce Regulus has been in Leo and the last third (decan 3), 600 years, which was ruled by aggressive Mars, influencing Regulus. It was also the rape of the ‘common woman’ the strong and virtuous Virgo…

Regulus in Leo: “They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as betrayal. Loyalty, loyalty and loyalty, this is the number one demand of their loved ones, employees, slaves, society, military, mother earth’s resources.”  

Regulus or the “Heart of the Lion” and the introduction of Regulus into the new Sign of Virgo will be shown by what has been happening in the world since 2012, even though the shift (Harmonic shift 1987-2026) is not quite over. The mythmaker Regulus then wields power and creates new myths just like the Old Kingdoms of Egypt and the Nubian Queens did to create stories that lasted all the way up until today.

The King and the Kingdom must and will die and the winds of change upon us, bekons the celestial ruler of myths to choose new leaders with a new agendas, and her name is Virgo. There is a great thrust of energy towards healing in a more collective way and each individual who has the power of Virgo shall begin to commence and share first their destruction of the old ways which will be the generation of Pluto (death and rebirth) in Virgo. And then each succeeding group younger than their birth in 1972 shall follow suite. For the future’s rebuilding of something completely different.

Since the old myths (stories, and the archaic astrology) about Virgo were written only from men’s views and psyche, and by the Kingdom of Leo in Regulus and it’s destruction of women’s original roles in life, society, tribes including indigenous, you can still find bits and pieces that belonged in previous oral tradition but more through image (art) of the non-pyramid societies before 3,000 bce. The Brotherhood of the Sphinx was built before the first pyramid culture (hierarchical slave vs master cults) and was the first symbol of Regulus entering Leo.

Regulus now bestows its power and transforms it’s blessings into Virgo… The Latin word Virgo means wand’ and this means that holders of the powers of true magic which is nature and this will return to the Earth. But it will not be the corrupted or false projections onto magic what the Leo’s demonization did, bringing death and strife of soul peoples.  Verge, ‘a wand or staff carried as an emblem of authority’ of the feminine sphere of authority as the new Royal Steward of the earth mother.

The original meaning of Virgin is an adult woman who carries her own verge (authority) her own power, owner of land and prosperity and definitely was changed in meaning by the sole power, especially the dark leaders (vampire and werewolf clans) of kingdoms in the 12th an 13th centuries), deeming that word as a maiden who hasn’t had sex yet). She was then a pawn for countries to make alliances, she was bought and sold into a kind of monetary slavery to produce heirs.

In Egypt, Virgo was drawn on the zodiacs of Denderah and Thebes which Eratosthenes and Avienus identified her as the Winged or Bird Goddess Isis, the thousand-named eternal goddess, with the wheat ears (later symbolism) in her hand that she afterwards dropped to form the Milky Way making her a celestial goddess. Those who claim very high antiquity for the zodiacal signs assert that the idea of these titles originated when the sun was in Virgo at the spring equinox, the time of the Egyptian harvest.

Aratos said that Leo first marked the harvest month; so that another signification has been given to the word stachyodes (stakhuodes). In basic astrology, Virgo and Gemini belong to the House of Mercury, and its association being plainly shown by the caduceus of that god. The symbolism of the herald’s trumpet entwined with healing Serpents, instead of the palm branch, which was a newer representation held in the left hand and lastly, the symbol was Virgo holding wheat. Originally and far more appropriately, Virgo’s stars have been given over to the care of Chiron, the healing manifestation rites and also where we caused karma.

Demeter and Ceres, were associated with Virgo and her namesake, the long-time goddess of the harvest. The latter said that the appearance of a comet within its borders implied many grievous ills to the female portion of the population during Regulus in Leo. This is because Virgo was associated with Leo in the ancient opinion that, with the heat of the sun, the moon is eclipse, only when the moon eclipsed the sun was their relief;

virgoOvid alluding to this in his Ars Amatoria:
Virginis aetherus cum caput ardet equis.
In autumn when the sun in Virgo

by the radiant heat ripened hath
our corn.

“In Ogygian ages and among the Orientals, she was represented as a sun-burnt woman, with an ear of corn in her hand, like a gleaner in the fields.” This makes the associations of the Mothers, not Maiden as we’ve come to associate her with. With the Heavenly blessings of Regulus given to Leo, Virgo may originally have been a much older archaic Sun Goddess who the Sun or Juniper (male god deity) took over, and after that was still associated with the sun by association of the Harvest of the Autumn Equinox.

Virgo has been also seriously considered to be Dike in her non-lesbian form, but law, and the divinity of Justice, the Roman Justa or Jastitia; and Astraea, the starry daughter of Themis, last of the Celestials to leave the earth when old ones left, making way for the new gods 4,000 years ago. Virgo and her modest sister Pudicitia, when the Brazen Age began, Ovid wrote of this:

Virgo caede madentes, Ultima coelestum, terras Astraea reliquit; She soared up to heaven, selecting this abode, yet at night she shows herself.

This makes Virgo one of the oldest purely allegorical representation of virtue and honor comparing her to the Egyptian Maat. When woman was being dismantled, torn apart and changed to fit into the Leo or new male society of leadership, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio had to be rearranged and redefined. Scorpio, Queen of the Underworld, Virgo, Deity of the Heavens and Libra the woman goddess Aphrodite who balanced both were demoted and reassigned from woman and grandmother all into maiden.

These legend rewrites seemed to be first found under the pen of Hesiod, other authors mentioned her as Eirene, Irene, the sister of Astraea, and the Pax of the Romans, with the olive branch; as Concordia; as Parthenos Dios, the Singing Sibyl, carrying a branch into Hades; and as Tukhe, the Roman Fortuna, because she is a headless constellation, the stars marking the head being very faint.

virgopicClassical Latin writers occasionally called her Ano, Atargatis, and Derceto, the Syrorum Dea transferred here from Pisces; Cybele drawn by lions, for our Leo immediately precedes her; Diana; Minerva; Panda and Pantica; and even Medusa. Posidippus, 289 bce, gave Thesbia or Thespia, daughter of Thespius, or of the Theban Asopus; and some said that one of the Muses, even Urania herself, was placed here in the sky.

Aspolia is from Kircher, who in turn took it from the Coptic Egyptians, the Statio amoris, quem in incrementoNili du ostendebant. This, however, is singularly like H Polias, designating Minerva as guardian of citadels and the State, already seen as a title for this constellation; and there was a Coptic Asphulia in Leo as a moon station.

Ishtar, the Queen of the Stars, was the Ashtoreth, the original of the Aphrodite of Greece and the Venus of Rome; perhaps equivalent to Athyr, Athor, or Hathor of the Nile, and the Astarte of Syria, the last philological akin to our Esther and Star, the Greek Aster. Astarte, too, was identified by the Venerable Bede with the Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre, at whose festival, our Easter, the stars of Virgo shine so brightly in the eastern evening sky; and the Sumerians of southern Babylonia assigned this constellation to their sixth month as the Errand, or Message, of Istar.

In Assyria Virgo represented Baaltis, Belat, Belit, and Beltis, Bel’s wife; while some thought her the Mylitta of Herodotus. But this was a very different divinity, the Babylonian Molatta, the Moon, the Mother, or Queen, of Heaven. In Cingalese zodiac as a Woman in a Ship, with a stalk of wheat in her hand. Al Biruni thought this ship marked by the line of stars beta (Zavijava), eta (Zaniah), gamma (Porrima), delta (Auva), and epsilon (Vindemiatrix), like a ship’s keel. Varaha Mihira borrowed the Greek name, turning it into Parthena, Partina, or Pathona.

In Persia it was Khosha, or Khusak, the Ear of Wheat, and Secdeidos de Darzama, this last often translated the “Virgin in Maiden Neatness”; but Ideler, doubting this, cited Beigel’s conjecture that it was a Persian rendering of Stachys, one of the Greek titles of Virgo’s star Spica. Bayer had it Seclenidos de Darzama.

The early Arabs made from some members of the constellation the enormous Lion of their sky; and of others the Kennel Corner, with dogs barking at the Lion. Their later astronomers, however, adopted the Greek figure, and called it Al ‘Adhra’ al Nathifah, the Woman remains of which are found in the medieval titles Eladari, Eleadari, Adrendesa, and in the Adrenedesa of Albumasar. But as they would not draw the human form, they showed the stars as a sheaf of wheat, Al Sunbulah, or as some stalks with the ripened ears of the same, from the Roman Spica, its brightest star. Kazwini gave both of these Arabian names, the last degenerating into Sunbala, found in Bayer, and Sumbela, still occasionally seen. The Almagest of 1515 says Virgo est Spica.

The Turcomans knew the constellation as Dufhiza Pakhiza, the Pure Virgin; and the Chinese, as She SangNeu, the Frigid Maiden; but before their Jesuit days it was Shun Wei, which Miss Clerke translates the Serpent, but Williams, the Quail’s Tail, a part of the early stellar figure otherwise known as the Red Bird, Pheasant, or Phoenix.

In the land of Judaea Virgo was Bethulah, and, being always associated with the idea of abundance in harvest, was assigned by the Rabbis to the tribe of Asher, of whom Jacob had declared “his bread shall be fat.” In Syria it was Bethulta. Thus, like Isis, one of her many prototypes, Virgo always has been a much named and symbolized heavenly figure; Landseer saying of it, “so disguised, so modernized by the Greeks, that we literally didn’t know her when we saw her.”

Virgo is the bearing ruler over Crete, Greece, Mesopotamia (Middle East), Turkey, Jerusalem, Lyons, and Paris, but always as an unfortunate, sterile sign. Manilius asserted that in his day it ruled the fate of Arcadia, Caria, Ionia, Rhodes, and the Doric plains to its demise.
Ampelius assigned to it the charge of the wind Argestes, that blew to the Romans from the west-southwest according to Vitruvius, or from the west-northwest according to Pliny. A coin of Sardis, the capital of the kingdom of Lydia, bears her figure with the wheat ear in her left hand and a staff in her right; and the stateres of Macedonia have much the same.

Detailed Total Eclipse

The Alfonsine Tables showed her as a woman with wings; the Leyden Manuscript and the Hyginus of 1488 as a woman with branch and caduceus, and the Albumasar of 1489, as a woman with a fillet of wheat ears. The old German illustration also gave her wings, but dressed her in a high-necked, trailing gown; and Durer drew her as a lovely winged angel.

But all these figuring, ancient as some of them may be, are modern when compared with the enduring Sphinx which Virgo rules, generally claimed as prehistoric, perhaps of the times of the Hor-she-shu, long anterior to the first historical Egyptian ruler, Menes; and constructed, according to Greek tradition, with Virgo’s head on Leo’s body, from the fact that the sun passed through these two constellations during the inundation of the Nile.

Some Egyptologists, however, would upset this astronomical connection of Virgo, Leo and the Sphinx, Mariette claiming the head to be that of the early god Harmachis “Horus of the Horizon.” I agree with him, Horus, the Pharaoh head of the Spinx was a prophecy of the soon to come Old Kingdom of Peggy and the Pyramid Society (hierarchical). Horus was the new symbol for the dominance of the male and all his patriarchal gods in every country of earth starting with Regulus in Leo.

It is for the four stars in Virgo, forms with epsilon Vindemiatrix – (On the Euphrates it may have been Kakkab Mulu-izi, the Star Man of Fire, possibly symbolizing the god Laterak, the Divine King of the Desert; although that title has been assigned to mu), two sides of a right-angled triangle open towards Denebola, Gamma, (Porrima) at its vertex.


Sources: Lithuanian Illustrator and Painter M.K.Ciurlionis Zodiakas Leo & Virgo Constellations; Artist Marina Richterova; Star Names, their Lore and Meaning, Richard H. Allen, 1889,,,, Wiki

Third New Moon of Spring

Becca Stadtlander FlowersBy Phoenix of Elder MountainGreetings Dreamers, Artists and Moon Walkers, our third and last new moon of spring arrives on Thursday, May 25, 2017. I did an oracle for all of us, to remind us to hold the completion of our dreaming for the remainder of spring:

Still your passions and settle your will; all things come when its the right season at the right time. If you wish for a speedy outcome, you will be disappointed. If you do not expect too much from others, you will find gratification. Remember that unbridled ambition is repugnant and wishing the world was the way of our “little self” is futility. We practice contentment at whatever stage of life we are to refrain from grasping. It is only a practice my friend until it becomes real.

Gemini moons represent a few things: the mind first and foremost, and then all its forms of communication, the natural duality of our life, confusion, busyness, listening and magic – which is basically insatiable curiosity. This moon is also the tricks that life can play on us and as most of us know, the tricks in life that can lead to sorrow or at the more severe, shock and anger or sadness. If the tricks are more magical, we enter the spiritual realms of illusion and confusion. Symbolism of the Gemini twins in solar work represents me and the world or me and the “other” but in lunar work it represents the two sides of our own duality, the bi-polar me.

One of the keys in life is to practice accepting all struggle as good for our life, in order to grow, but this is two-fold. The struggle only becomes valued, when we can make clear decisions about what is good and healthy for us, so we can let go of what is harmful and destructive. Accepting struggle as a practice, must include sacred intention and decision making as part of the practice, otherwise we do not step forward in our personal evolution. We end up always seeking the light, when its our own shadow we must understand, and learning to not let others take advantage of us or tearing ourselves down in the process.

When we resist our personal struggles and don’t face our fears when its time, we don’t make the necessary changes as they arise.  Many times we look away because we are too busy in life, or we are fearful of change or we get angry at anyone or anything that challenges us about our weaknesses.

moonBut if we don’t challenge ourselves, then our life becomes a fertile ground for Gemini’s opposition (his brother Sagittarius) and this Coyote Heyoka Trickster then enters our personal space because we let things get too far out of hand for way too long. In our 20s and 30s we strive and grow and the things that can knock us down do not keep us down, we can get back up. Once we enter the midlife transformation after 37, the energy clock starts ticking and how we spend our energy becomes as important as what we spend it on.

With the Sagittarius Trickster on our tail, there are no boundaries that prevent us from pain, he arrives to pressure our analytical intellectual faculties and shows us what is real beyond that facility of logic and reason (which never serves our emotional body or our soul).

The Sag component is releases & trouble makers, and for a good reason. The world is not any crazier than it was in the 11th or 2nd century, we just added more problems with the mind cult, too many choices that have led us away from the simple basics of our life for sustainability on the “inside” …  Positive essential disruptions of any kind, created by nature, god.dess, human, animal or ancestor is based on the destruction of matter to get to the heart and soul of an internal matter.

Disruption invites our real ego (eccentricity) to be challenged, this is because in order to heal the wounded inner child or the inner narcissist or the fearful one within, we must be uncomfortable until the duration or cycle is complete. Sometimes these cycles can last a few months, sometimes ten long years or more. Our issues do not work themselves out, we must participate, and when we are ready, then changes will occur. If the issue is another person, we can’t fix them, as all women think this is possible, the other person has to lose you if they cannot change otherwise you remain in limbo, wanting to do whats right but frozen in the past.

Learning patience, listening and flexibility is difficult and even more difficult when we are challenged. The hoarding opinions of our mental body must learned to be controlled and the emotional body or soul must lead the revolt against it. Our personal privilege of the “mind kind” where opinion, thoughts and beliefs have more power than feeling and emotion, have all been breast feeding our ego way too long after we are adults and it is our emotions and feelings that must rise because they are the truth sayers.

Without weaning ourselves when the time or 11th hour has come, this will only makes us more dependent on our belief system that has been worn out in other decades of our life.  When we challenge the self, we add deeper listening, and begin to listen to what we are really saying, thinking and doing. We begin to prune the inner mental garden.

Screenshot (640)

This is Gemini at its finest and I have a lot of experience at this as an Aquarian in the Gemini house opposing Uranus (the bad boy chaos of life) who constantly was throwing his lightning bolts at me as my Sagittarius energy ran and then finally I turned around and pulled the Archer’s Huntress arrows at my target: Change. I began the work at  decriminalize my mind (excuses, pity parties, victim consciousness) and how I justified my suffering. That had to stop. I wasn’t ever afraid of the truth, I needed to seek the truth to find out who I was at those moments.  Once I did, most of the things I thought to be true about myself or life in general, were not true, that lead to sorrow, but from tears comes replenishment. So I worked on my own shadow and Illusions after that as my main interest and work in life. 

To heal a mind who keeps us distracted, stagnant and noise filled does require revolt against this part of the self and only the part that seeks health and peace can challenge it. All the mental pain, mental break downs, mental confusion, headaches and migraines, or mental opinions without experience or even the believing the communication inside our head is real… most of the time its not. Mental healing and mental break throughs are possible and then we eventually go from perspective to higher perspective and silence as a relief.

Self Rebelling in a positive way against words and communication that are not real in our head, in our life or outside our head, the gossip or even political gossip are all story telling at its root or slick marketing of the mythology that was built two thousand years ago, which sometimes knocks us down.

vinochky wreaths in Ukraine Kyiv on Andriyivskyi UzvizIf you are struggling right now, the medicine of all struggles great or small can be worked within the practices of surrender and acceptance because those are required before we can work with “letting go” which leads to real “rebirths.” Even within a crisis or the aftermath, the same still applies. There is never a simple answer to the troubles in our life, but there are always solutions to our long standing behaviors. Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius offer us a great tool to be creative, to be in the world of knowledge, to have inter-personal communication with others to express and share our feelings (truth).

Value Identity: I have seen relatively healthy people, debilitated from change, when change is much needed. Ask yourself if life is asking you to change right now from your old ways, old memories and old wounds and those belief systems to create new ones (called values and morals). Values were one of the themes of Taurus last moon cycle, so put what you learned from your intention last month into seeking that new found value of yours. Be kind to yourself in your self evaluation and also be honest to form a new identity of the self at this stage of your life;

Mental Confusion: The mental body has flaws, sicknesses and weaknesses just like the physical body, its one of the most difficult attributes when it comes to “change” because this requires actual mental awareness which comes from stilling your mind. Every movement of over-stressing in one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction to find mental balance. This means if you are very silent then you need to talk more, if you are a big talker, you need to fill more silence into your day and all the variables that goes with these two.

Meditation is always a good practice to still or slow the mind down, in order to become aware to grasp personal change. And for those who want self mastery, go master Zen meditation everyday for an hour for four years until you will slay the wicked parts of your mind… but in the meantime, just set one moon intention one month at a time for the next ten years : ) or both!

The World Card, XXI ~ The Milanese deck, dated 1835Examples for your 3rd New
Moon Intention (set only 1)…

I am mentally peaceful
I observe with clarity
My mind is clear
l am positive
I am impeccable with my words

I forgive myself
I forgive
I listen deeply
I live in the present

I am grounded
I am patience
I practice self respect
I am brilliant (if you don’t feel smart)
I practice humor (if you need to lighten up)

I heal my impulsiveness
I am a good communicator
I have endurance
I am fair
I am inspired
I am creative

I make my voice heard in a healthy way
I overcome boredom
I listen deeply
I embrace who I am right now
I accept change
I share

I practice selflessness
I share uncomfortable feelings
I allow personal critique
I have healthy boundaries 


Images: Becca Stadtlander Flowers; Ukraine Market; World Tarot Card.

2nd Full Moon of Spring

Art - Seung-Hwan Chung

The “Second Full Moon of Spring” arrives Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 20 degrees Scorpio. We are half way through our moon cycle, so chose your release intention wisely and base it on what surfaced from your new moon intention two weeks ago. All full moons are a three-fold process which then flows into the 3rd quarter moon (a tension) just like the 1st quarter tension. Full moon energy is the night before, the night of and the night after, where all of our emotions are flushed to the surface, through the moon’s magnetic pull, we then either hold it, or allow it (our emotions) to flow in order to then be released.

Last year’s second full moon of spring was at 2 degrees Scorpio on April 20, do you remember what your sacred intention of release was? If not, check your journal to see how your release issue has progressed since then, or you can start a dreaming-lunar journal with us to remember. The moon is all about our feelings, our memories, remembrance, mother (nourishment) and mirrors that are entrapped in our physical body, our mental body and come from the source: our emotional/soul body. Our inner mother that we all must eventually learn to develop a relationship with, is equaled to our inner child who we learn to protect. This is a deeper part of our emotional life.

A Scorpio Full Moon Elegy

The role of elegy is to put a death mask on tragedy
a drape over the mirror. To bow to the cultural debate
over the anesthetization of sorrow, of loss, of the
unbearable after image of the once material.

To look for an imagined consolidation of grief
so we can all be finished once and for all
and genuinely shut up the cabinet of
genuine particulars.

What is elegy but the attempt to re-breathe
life into what the gone one once was
before he grew to enormity.

“The Role of Elegy” by MJ Bang

The harvest moon rising behind Hawksbill Crag Upper Buffalo River Wilderness - Ozark National ForestThat Elegy poem is a perfect symbol for the memories of our emotional past and how we just wish to shut it up or as some say today, get rid of it. There is no getting rid of a cloud, it resurfaces the old energy when we suffer. What we do is begin to welcome it back home, returning the memories to give us insights on what we are struggling with now. The way healing works is the wounded damage has been done, all we do is reopen the court case from the vault of self sabotage or self rejection. On the full moons each month, we practice the sacred art of “letting go” and “release” so the big huge emotional, mental and physical crash or burn can be tempered. Like controlling a fire in order to balance the warmth verses the pain of fire. We do a little work each moon cycle because we are dealing with our emotional energy and its turbulence and power. In order to find or regain balance of our emotional life, we work with releases a little bit, because we are all a nuclear power within and the full moon helps us temper that.

We all receive our seasons of joy and our seasons of struggle and even our life initiations of great loss and this is exactly why we practice our spiritual disciplines because it helps nurture us and holds us through them all. We also live and thrive in a world today that relates to the kindness approach – which is fine when all things are going great, but this doesn’t really work when collapse and chaos cycles are occurring or return an old issue into our life.

If we do not enter the full to dark moon phase of our inner life, then we keep searching harder and deeper for the life we built on growth and praise or the praises of acquisitions, new beginnings, new marriages, adventures or accomplishments of the tactile physical life. These are all good, but for those of us who must learn to live cyclical with both sun and moon, its because we have complicated or empathic soul nature and others who do not, or hide away from, do not understand our processes. We must deal with our emotional life daily or weekly, otherwise it all goes to hell (chaos).

The world doesn’t seem to care too much about this invisible hell reality of ours, which we only develop stronger in our senses, seeing and intuitive nature, the world only cares what gifts this brings them and sometimes even then, its unwanted. So we must learn how to protect and care for our soul and its expression of emotion instead – regardless of what the world does. Our moon self, must trust and find our beliefs as valuable, even finding the gems in our soul’s dreaming, because these are all truly an ‘invisible’ reality expressed – one made of energy & motion (change) equaling e-motion. We must all eventually come to terms with this part of our self and learn to first be responsible with it, secondly to trust it and third turn the word crazy or chaos into visionary and experienced.

This moon cycle Mercury & Uranus grants us a wish, these are both conjunct this full moon, and contain subtle power, if you pay attention. The listening and communication of Mercury is our everyday mundane life who meets with the deeper Uranian listening and communication that is more worldly into the non-physical everyday life (metaphysical). This is when magical or chaosical things happen.

Example: I was washing my clothes today and on the last spin cycle while I was writing this article, I heard someone drumming outside and thought they were pretty good, enough for me to get up and check. I stopped for a second and wondered if this drumming rhythm was coming from the washing machine making such precise drumming beats during its rapid spinning wobble?

Artist Michael Vincent Manalo Photography Edition 1 of 10

I opened the door and no one was drumming outside and as I turned around, standing in front of the washing machine, sure enough, the rhythms of a master drummer was all coming forth in the chaos of the wobble. I don’t use my Mercury (mind) to question mundane reality merging with the mystical (energetic), I have too much experience for that. Instead, I go straight into the silence of the Uranian energy and listen even deeper. Mercury is about “choice” of whether I want a latte or iced tea, Uranian mystical energy is about accepting that life has some magic in store for me!

For those struggling this month, let chaos or loss be your teacher, teaching you to just feel, or to let go or even to stop swimming ‘up stream’ once you realize. Chaos if handled well, contains suffering yes, but its not fully your destroyer, because if you truly listen to your signs and mirrors, you will evolve with a practice of healing, into the unity of self-empowerment, authentic humbleness, a truth-saying grounded bitch and a silent warrior of spiritual strength (eventually) with enough decades of practice.

Sabian Oracle of Scorpio at 20°
A woman draws away two dark curtains
closing the entrance to a sacred pathway.

The “Woman Within” — faith that is rooted in the deepest intuitions of the soul is seen here as the hierophant unveiling the realities which we alone cannot perceive. The path to the mystic’s “unitive life” is opened up once the shadows of fear, egocentricity and dualistic morality is abandoned and then slowly removed. –This is the last symbol of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence. It reveals what a positive reliance upon faith and intuition can bring about. Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness and the courage to venture beyond the familiar into the unknown is called facing one’s fear from light or the extreme.”

ieva-un-austras-koks_3293047076This full moon expect some shadow roamers to be seen around (like they always are) if you are the type to see and feel shadow. Since our Soul (is the ocean) it is a part of our smaller emotional body (the river), and by the processes of emotional healing, sobriety and a continual healing of your progressions of personal fears and struggles to learn letting go (after you have enough pain or enough information), we enter the “healing” approach to step into some smaller aspects of our fears that arise, rather than run from them. This also includes those who must see, sense or feel shadows (demon astral bodies that roam of various living human beings) be it around our home or in our personal space. Just make sure you know who is entering your home and what illusion addictions they have as part of their monthly life (pot, wine, alcohol, drugs, peyote, strong medications and even some dental medications, shamanic plants etc.) before you keep inviting them (and their shadow) in.

Set your one full moon emotional release on what does not serve your highest good this moon cycle without any rewards except for release (leading to groundedness), inner peace and self healing where we suffer this month. This is how karma is paid small or huge, just one moon cycle at a time, and especially on a Scorpio Full Moon.

Blessings Phoenix!
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Sources: Photograph of the moon rising behind Hawksbill Crag, Upper Buffalo River Wilderness – Ozark National Forest. Art of Seung-Hwan Chung; Artist Michael Vincent Manalo Photography, Premonition, Edition 1 of 10.

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