Second Full Moon of Summer 2017

Artist Charles Vess

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings, we now enter our Second Full Moon of Summer, and work with our one release intention, something that does not serve our highest good. We are hitting the peak of summer with this full moon, what is actually the true Midsummer and she sits at 14 degrees Aquarius beginning on Monday, August 7, 2017, which also includes a Partial Eclipse. I want to thank those of you who do this work-study with us and have written me thanking me for the work presented. I appreciate it and I appreciate you sticking with the grandmother teachings of the ancient earth, because its a very slow practice for the emotional and soul body each moon cycle. Results are guaranteed but they are slow because it requires the development of emotional consciousness. 

The moon this month sits opposite a Sun, Mars conjunction, pushing us all towards a direction with our will power. Many people focus on love most of the time, but that is such a big word, it covers too many things and too many heartbreaks. Its like saying cheese for every happy moment in your life. Sometimes our life is not happy because we have to change. Fears rise like the tide or the sun, when change is present or going to happen. The medicine for change is grounding and open communication.

This is also the moon cycle that expresses our emotional inner child, both the lost one and the magical one. A lot of inner child issues arise when we don’t get our way, when we are abandoned, when we have control issues and consequences happen because of it. In my healing work this month, many are working hard at healing their past wounds while others are just beginning that journey as it unfolds. Either way, the inner child is one of the three major healings of the emotional and soul body, and it always involved at some level, a past wound.

The part of us that gets emotionally hurt, controlling or angry in a Leo moon cycle or if you have a Leo moon, is the place we learn to sit, sooth, nourish the self, hold our feelings to feel them like a master practice, and recognize its “not” the other person, its our inner child or our shadow who is upset. Most inner child aspects of the soul body are fragmented and not inside our body because of trauma. Healing inner child issues the successful therapies such as regression hypnotherapy, watsu, rebirthing, deep tissue massage, energy work, and a few others. This Leo moon governs over children and the inner child.

If you are sick in mind, body or emotional body, always make sure your healers are seasoned, reputable, sober and gentle. With that combination, the work ends up being much faster and the detoxing much smoother. A little at a time consistently goes a long way. Those in their 20s and 30s can prepare and do some work, but major healing work occurs in one’s 40s and 50s because we have had many life experiences, the power to handle such depth.

This Aquarian Full Moon means Truth or Chaos – and because we have another Mars/Moon connection this month and a partial eclipse before the big 100 year eclipse coming in the next moon cycle, the forces of nature are very strong. Life is asking us to really make emotional, mental or physical changes and is giving us the power to do so (and it doesn’t do that often). I rarely say this, but this moon and next moon are true Super Moon and the first supermoon I have seen in the last ten years. The decisions we make now in the next two moons set a tone and a path in its new direction, so if you are in the middle of making a decision, now is the time to do so. Make it wisely and exactly what you want (and willing to work for).

I decided to look up the Mayan 13-moon calendar to see what “gliff” was for our full moon this cycle. I hadn’t look up this information in the last two, 13 year cycles at all, so I was curious what it says on the day of the full moon…

“The Yellow Spectral Warrior is about the Conscious Self, who we are and who we are becoming or who we have become. Yellow Warrior is the mystical gatekeeper, embodying the mystic’s gift of both trust in direct with accurate guidance. This means that the signs you get now are very fated and most people do not live by fate. So open our heart to listen.

Through trust, we all journey to the place of our heart (that silent mind) and the (active) mind which both requires practice. This is the “web” of the Mayan grandmother’s mystic spider – who weaves the interconnection with consciousness to receive the ripples of knowing. For those who are elders, hold your staff tight.”

This energy of the Mystic Warrior and the Mars energy together for this full moon, is making a “clear” and accurate issue surface, for proper decision making, healing approaches and leading your path away from idealism. The real work is the hard work of emotional development in the ways of practicing sincerity, kindness, service and bowing to others as part of your spiritual work. For those with shadow, this is even more difficult and requires much more effort. We need mirrors (people) who reflect our negative shadow issues in order for us to truly grow and it happens anyway, so why not bow to the occasions rather than keep resisting in your suffering… but keep yourself safe when doing so, which means structure. No matter how small or how huge our changes may be within our growth path, you are given a gift now of deciding the next four years. 


I made a video on the last New Moon about the Ocean ) and an unexpected gift from an Elder Mountain patron Brandi, invited me to go with her to the ocean this week. I was given an enchantment gift from a Stingray, who came out of the ocean to visit, this gift has been truly auspicious and touched my heart deeply. It also gave me a healing of some issues I have had to deal with for the last three years from a hot springs that I went to

I held my hands over its beautiful body of the Stingray for a few minutes and closed my eyes, leaving myself open and also sending love for the kind visit. It was in a very calm and in a peaceful state. I then touched its body and then put my hands in the water and said ok mother earth, bring the ray back home. A wave came right in and Stingray was gone in an instant.

That was a collective soul gift for me and I felt extremely blessed, this particular Stingray lives between Africa, to India and to Australia and had traveled so far to come to that shore.  We were the only ones on the beach except for a Chinese fisherman who was catching lots of fish.

Eastern Yellow-bellied RacerBrandi (in the photo above) who had visited Elder Mountain a few times this summer, to do trade work with me and Juniper, is a lovely person, and a part time student (I call her)! She is an herbalist and I treated her with grace and kindness and it was a blessing to have her in my space. She had made her connections with Stingray as well, and since she is young in her spiritual practices, dedications and her spiritual life, nature had brought her a special gift as well… a live “Eastern Yellowbelly Racer” snake, which also lives in her own home state. We had talked about her serpent totem and serpent experiences quite a few times, and today she had received another one, delivered and unhurt by Racer (tiger), the kitty.

I would really like all of you to also reflect where you have been and review your last four years since 2013 and see where you are now, what are your blessings that have happened, has your health improved compared to where you were four years ago. Are you in a better place internally, have things settled down a bit and have you grounded yourself. Are you sober or healthier than you were four years ago? Can you communicate your feelings better and more in control or more freeing?

After 2012 many spiritual people felt a little lost and humanity felt a little more confused, and rightly so. It was the end of time and the patriarch and its showing up in soul peoples lives very strongly. Four years ago many did not know what would happen and now we sit here today with choices of these last four years. Where you sit today, is “what happen.”

I want to share a bit of Ariel Guttman’s Venus Start Point article for this month, which speaks about the shifting roles we are going through, all of us! Some of you are very Venus ruled, as most women are and the female sides of men. I had karma with Venus my whole life, so I will be joining you now in your Venus path because my debt and karma is repaid to her. Venus is the issues of love, right relationship of all my relations, comfort and the artistic aesthetics of life, and your money. Ariel writes only about the Venus Star Point in her work…

Piero Di Cosimo, Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci (detail), c. 1480

“Wonder Woman accompanying weapons became as important to the film as some of the supporting cast. First, there is the luminescent lasso of Hestia (Vesta in Roman), a truth-revealer, sparkling with Hestia’s sacred fire. We all possess one of these, representing our own sacred truth. Then, there are Diana’s metallic armbands which she acquired at the moment Wonder Woman was birthed. (When my movie companion whispered, “I want those”, I responded by saying “I Wonder if you can order them from Amazon?”) And here is how the returning 8-year Venus cycle occurs. Wonder Woman was created in 1941 as a comic-book heroine. The film premiered on June 2, 2017 just as Venus was passing through the final degrees of Aries. Gal Gadot, the actress who portrays Wonder Woman is an Aries. 

Born a Taurus Sun (April 30, 1985, Petah Tikva, Israel) Gadot possesses a substantial cache of Aries planets, including the Venus Star Point, natal Venus, Pallas Athena, Eris, and Mercury. Loaded with Aries, a sign that is governed by both Mars and Athena, she leads with the Solar force of Taurus, governed by Venus. Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, is a picture of Venusian beauty. Several scenes portray her love for all people, animals and nature. Accompanying those Venusian qualities are the Aries innocence, fiery will, action-oriented, fighting spirit that a super heroine needs to get the job done.

What is the job that this Aries Star energy is calling for? To save Earth and earthlings, who are under the evil spell of Ares (that’s Ares/Mars warrior god, not Aries the zodiac sign, although the two are connected) dealing with the constant threat of war. “Most Amazons tend to be Athenes, but most Athenes are not Amazons.” This was vibrantly evident in the land of the Amazons. Not all were to be trained to be warriors, only those who had the right stuff. The others used their penetratingly sharp Athena-like minds to tend to other areas of life. But Diana fought hard to claim her place as the warrior, even going against her mother, Queen Hippolyta. This demonstrates her Athena-like quality where the goddess dismisses her mother.

She and her Amazonian tribe fight for justice. Where does Justice come in? In an interesting reference to the island of Themiscryra, the home of the Amazons, we find the root “Themis”. Themis was the Titan goddess of divine law and order, of justice. She was variously associated with Zeus in a number of ways, but most notably in birthing the Morai, or three fates, whose laws even Zeus could not alter. When Themis was ignored, Nemesis (the goddess from whom we derive the attribute) was invoked.

Gadot as Wonder Woman has both Athena and Venus in Aries, amplifying her Aries VSP and possessing many of the traits of the modern woman: one who fights for justice and one who fights for love.

Now to Mars (Ares) who is the adversary in Wonder Woman’s world and for that matter, the adversary of Earth. Diana believes humans have been put under the spell of this Ares, submitted to him and lost their ability to stop the constant wars. From the Greek stories it is eminently clear that Ares was born to fight. But this Ares is different. This Ares has gained awareness. He is enlightened to the reality that Earth is so beautiful that frankly, humans don’t deserve it because they continue to destroy it. So he is fighting for a cause—the cause to extinguish humanity by fueling and funding their repetitive series of endless wars against one another. 

Mars (Ares) could be tamed or disarmed by no other god or goddess with the exception of Venus. She took the fight right out of him, even if only temporarily. The myth in no way indicated that Mars and Venus were going to stay love-locked forever. There was work to be done. Another battle to fight. Another act of love to engage in.

It is clear that Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, has sworn loyalty to the principles of her Amazonian people, but who, through working with the masculine earthling pilot, Captain Steve Trevor, also finds another reason to defend human-kind. In one scene, Captain Trevor says to Wonder Woman: “You saved them”. She replies, in very Venusian Feminine Fashion – “We saved them.”


My new 13 year cycle begins because I am ruled by the Jupiter cycle (12 years), not in astrology fact of the highest planet of my chart, but because I live by the moon and its rhythms, energy and culture. And because Juniper conjuncts my moon’s “north node” (fated destiny). I am writing below here, a very short “Reflection Full Moon” for a review of the last four years. I don’t usually do this, but I feel its necessary with whats occurring celestially and with mars so involved.

Fire & Lightning

My arrival to Oregon began four years ago with a welcome from Fire & Lightning. I had finished my work as an adult with apprentices and left my home, family and children as I entered my elder stage (2nd Saturn Return). Arriving in Oregon was already fated by a Native Canadian Elder Grandfather, who I visited a few times at night in dream walking, in his dream lodge. He remembered my phone number and had his grandson (who spoke english), call me to speak my own prophecy that I told him in the dream, to move to the Northwest and begin my work, that was 16 years ago.

Having finally arrived then, the first week in Oregon was Oregon’s worst wildfire year and fire-smoke year in its history, which happened from the 6 – 12 of August, 2013. I held my first new moon circle (in this state) on August 6th, a New Moon in Leo (at 14 degrees). Those storms, although deadly, was a wonderful sign for me as a weather shaman, as it had shown me its great kindness and also its very dangerous powers. Even my apprentice who lived in Oregon since she was younger, the one who invited me to live on her land, by the 9th of August, 2013, when the firestorms peaked, she said we might have to evacuate off of her land from the reports of the fire district.

I said I am staying in the yurt, I am fated to be here in the Pacific Northwest and to leave after I just arrived is not going to happen for me. I told her, you and your family leave if its ordered and be safe, I am staying, the fire and lightning won’t touch me, its like a bigger vision quest that involves a million acre fire and lightning – and I am up for that. The look on her face was precious at that moment.


August 6, 2013, the beginning of purification… 

Mother Jones report: This example of “extreme fire behavior” (to use the forestry department’s words) went down in the Douglas Complex wildfire, one of several conflagrations turning conifers to cinders in southern Oregon. The intensity of fires in this sector of the country, which is locked in a ten year stubborn drought, is strong enough that nearby towns and cities are getting covered with big, lung-painting plumes of ashy air. On Monday, NASA’s Aqua satellite flew over to observe the supreme smokiness of the fires, sparked by lightning activities. After noting that the fire-friendly weather is expected to worsen this month, the space agency laid out the dismal situation so far: Big Windy fires as of August 6, 2013. Collectively, the two fires had burned nearly 50,000 acres (20,200 hectares). The Red Cross distributed 20,000 respiration masks in southern Oregon. 

August 9, 2013, the Peak of purification… 

Portland Newspaper: The lightning storms hit dead center on top of Government Camp and Mt. Hood – snapping trees along Highway 26 with sudden gusts to at least 45 mph, piling up hail 2″ deep near the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 26 and the pouring rain and lightning. This storm was in and around Mt. Hood for more like 90 minutes and created about 2,000 lightning strikes. Oregon Department of Forestry officials took to the legislative committee and said that the costs of the wildfire seasons, broke the books. This happens every year, but this time the numbers were historic. “This was the most costly season in history,” said Dan Postrel, ODF spokesman. Thunderstorms and Lightning created the worst fires in the states history, total Lightning Strikes for the total state of Oregon on August 9, 2013 was 12,000 lightning hits. The Portland metro area and the Willamette River were also hit by the lightning, hail and rain storms.

August 12, 2013, the winding down and end of the fire-lightning storms…

The Oregonian: The Northwest was thrashed again by more than 42,000 lightning strikes over the weekend, igniting dozens of new fires. Officials have reopened the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River, but with restrictions. Two fires burned on the coast between Arch Cape and Manzanita, seven fires are burning in the area of Santiam State Forest east of Salem, another fire is burning north of Shady Cove in southwest Oregon and three fires are burning around Coos Bay. A temporary flight restriction is in place in some areas. The Bone Mountain fire, which has seared 300 areas, is six miles south of Remote. The Camas Creek fire, covering about 40 acres, is seven miles northeast of Remote. The Shingle Mill fire, which has scorched 30 acres, is three miles east of U.S. 101, between Arch Cape and Manzanita. The nearby Falcon fire, which has spread over 50 acres, is almost out. The 1, 2, 3 complex of fires covering 200 acres, is burning 15 miles east of Silverton. The Green Mountain fire burned seven miles west of Gates. 125-acres Alder Creek Fire burned 16 miles north of Shady Cove.

Happy Full Moon and may the rest of your two weeks be courageous, brave, lightening of the heart and lightning purification, one more step, in your souls journey. ~Phoenix

astro_2gw_160_aa_full_moonSources: Artist Charles Vess; Piero Di Cosimo, Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci (detail), c. 1480; Astrologer Ariel Guttman (; the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar at; 

Sobriety Spirituality is for Old Souls and Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Healing takes a long time, one issue we have can weave through a lifetime for twenty or thirty years. That issue has an equivalent symbols in your dreams (at certain periods of your life) until the issue is completely healed. Never feel rushed in your healing journey, its better to be slow and steady, and just know its about you and you alone and using your dreams as guides is an extra bonus.

I am very dedicated to the few who go above an beyond (my students and apprentices) and sobriety  is part of a truly dedicated spiritual and spiritual self healing path. Everything else is just the power of the fears and of change. Miley Cyrus is a young Sagittarian-American and 24 years old, she is an extremely creative maiden. She stated in the video below, that she has decided to go sober and give up pot, not an easy thing to do for a daily smoker, but she found the reason to and sometimes, that is all that matters.

Its not unusual that a maiden around the age of 24 generally begins making choices that are different, because she starts to “feel” the energy of adulthood coming and winter. So she starts to walk with a little more seriousness, because at this stage, they enter the season called the “winter of their maiden” (24-28 years old). Not Shield-maiden, not Virgin-maiden, but the Death-maiden and by death, I mean this in its root meaning… “change”. 

With my female students and apprentices and some of the beginning challenging parts of their work with me is to get completely sober from meds, pot, wine, alcohol, shamanic drug (plants), etc. I have no such relations to this though, with my clients or artists. From my observation of almost twenty five years of working with apprentices, it actually takes about a full 8 years to completely clear pot from their emotional body system, lymph system, menses cycle system, energy body system and the soul cloud (soul, dream body) system. Its a long journey and one that takes great dedication.

Modern Addictions by TOMAAS

In his recent “Modern Addictions” fine-art fashion photographer TOMAAS explores the over-consumption and dependency on prescription drugs. “Over the course of our lifetime, many people are likely to be prescribed over 14,000 pills. It seems we are on the verge of becoming a very deeply medicated society,” he explains, describing his inspiration for the photo series. In his photos, he combines cinematic and surrealist styles, depicting copious amounts of pills. 

A wickedly bad dream remembered, will also help people make good choices, as it did for Miley, but unfortunately a trillion dollar market of pushing meds into every home, to alleviate fear, when basic psychotherapy, talk therapy or holistic therapy (when dedicated) will begin to unravel the original wound and the original trauma.

Some medications, drugs and marijuana generally will sever, deteriorate or eradicate one’s dreaming body all together (in some people), and for others they will heighten a constant repetitive projected dream stuck on one or two symbols which isn’t healthy either that eventually gets more shadowy with time.

With the world pushing more and more ways to ease pain rather than permanent heal, this is where meds, pot, alcohol, shamanic drugs (plants), come to shut up the feminine feelings and horrors of pain and their many steps. Many accept pain meds especially when young and then 15 or 20 years go by and the original wound is still active if they try to stop or get off meds. This just allow us to turn our head away from the original wounds, and then enter the great fall under the addiction issues – its then we have 2 things to heal. Some do get off of these and begin to take back control, some by sheer will with blessings from fate.

For Miley, I say very good for her, it takes a lot of strength in the entertainment industry she is in, to go sober and as for her strength, as a role model for millions of younger kids, her choices do influence others and do make a difference.

Spirituality to sobriety as a practice, even if one has an addiction, is heal-able eventually – as long as one is given information that spirituality and drugs/pot together is saturating of illusions. In other words its mixing fire with illusion and that is the most dangerous kinds of spirituality there is. If you have an addiction, just know that working with it piece by piece, step by step takes personal strength, continued support with healers (not knowledge teachers) and dedication. The practice is: If you heal with letting go enough over and over over a decade or so, the release of the addiction eventually becomes reality.

Third Full Moon of Spring

full moon in sag

Monthly Moon Musings By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings dreamers, artists and moon people, we enter our final Full Moon of Spring on June 9, 2017 in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 18 degrees. There is no doubt about it, Sag energy is the coyote troublemaker, so if you chose to cause trouble or respond to trouble in this moon cycle from here forth, be prepared for the great mirror. In fire moons, there is always a sense of risk and sometimes the risk is worth it and other times it opens up Pandora’s box. We never really know what the outcome is and that is the beauty of risk. It makes us feel alive, and that can sometimes be more than we bargained for.

This remaining moon cycle has some opposition energy of masculine and feminine, Saturn conjuncts the Moon, so we take our emotional issues a little more seriously with the nurturing mother energy. Venus is conjunct Uranus, giving erratic but electric behaviors to our sensual and independent side. Saturn restricts and Uranus wants total freedom, Moon wants to nurture and Venus wants to have a good time.  With this strong opposition, patience with instinctual spontaneity is the number one rule with the focus on our natural balance, not going too far on one side or the other. That is a lot of energy to hold still.

Having finally made it to the last stage of the Spring season, we do need this push and pull of the fire’s purification to complete it. When I teach about the 3 moons of each of the 4 seasons as a practice, its what they offer us in the ways of our personal emotional growth, the inner building trust of our intuition and the slow increases our dreaming rites and gifts because moon (magnetic energy of our feeling body) and dreaming are inseparable.

The final 3rd moon of any season, is always the “dark moon phase” and this is where all things are revealed, that were hidden, in small amounts. To reveal such depth, we practice mirror medicines, where you allow fate, to walk hand in hand with you, cautiously, while you intuitively scan your environment for the signs and synchronicity and trust that guidance through each season. Lunar work is very slow and steady, because our soul contains the immensity of our eternal lives and all that energy of our past and our past lives, is so very potent.

So what do we need to practice in the element of a fire purification full moon?

When you’re feeling anxious or worried; practice patience.
The key of patience always opens the door of happiness. ~Rumi

Deer horns with the sun goddess (Saule) Elnias su Saule raguose
The last moon of this spring season is comparable to something of great beauty and yet, inexperience at the same time. This means our inexperienced self is challenged, and that can feel troublesome, especially if we are older and think we have learned everything we need to know in life….  Not!

Аленький цветочек, Русская сказка - The Red Flower, RussianThe beauty of spring is hidden in its flowers, or the heavenly scent and the incomparable visual fertility that wonderfully surround us everyday! Yet, if we do not match nature’s vibration of such beauty on the inside, the opposing forces like fire moons, comes to pay us a visit. These are the myths of the trolls and those little monsters we are always fighting off.

This can make us struggle emotionally and that is exactly what third moons of each season do for us, a gift of struggle. In a world that hates and despises struggle (and that dark force that never lives to far from the light).  I say build an altar to your struggles, learn to accept pain as a teacher, for its the only way to heal our struggle because suffering a crisis or an issue is the only true way all humans rise above themselves. Its always for a good reason, it makes us recognize where we are truly at in life, not where we ‘think’ we are at in our soul walk.

Full moon energy contains the most magic, so focus on that one struggle by reviewing what your Gemini New Moon “intention” from two weeks ago. Really focus on what pain was at your core that surfaces these last two weeks? This will help you hit that Sagittarian bull’s eye to empty out one more drop of struggle, depression, confusion, unhappiness or anything you must work with right now and in your world.

Rose petals scattered upon your path…

Protection, guidance, grace dispensation offered a way to move right through the middle of life’s labyrinths and stay straight on. Your innate sanctity preserves you against the play of the opposites, you stay singular and straightforward. Throwing off complications and conundrums, stick with what is sweet and eternal. Most essentially, you wear the cloak of innocence at this time, a tightly fitting garment of unworldliness. And as you pass for a fortunate and blessed soul, it all turns out to be true.

We remember what we have lost in our lives and that can become conscious when we work with full moon energy of letting go, because fire, like water is a purification and it comes to heal. Letting go, as a practice is to feel lighter from a release with conscious intention. Many cry and have their release and don’t know why it surfaced, but with lunar work, we may cry or release spontaneously, but sooner or later “we become conscious of it” and what is connected to it in our path. This brings feelings of release, and that makes us feel freer from our emotional life’s power and sometime its heaviness or burden.

Scotch Heather by John Carlisle

Sagittarian Moons are about freedom to spontaneously let rise whats deeper within, below our ability to tap into the consciousness of such medicines and Full Moons are about emotional freedom. Eventually we become more consciously aware of spontaneous fire energy as we work this medicine. If you did that this month, just let something blurt out, then you are actually beginning to get into the rhythm and flow of the dark moon phase with the lightness of fiery Sag and his spontaneity.

The intent is always to nurture yourself within that, and not to beat yourself up. Instinct always demands a natural response to life, as it is presented to each of us. Especially the remainder of this moon cycle. We cannot begin Summer until we have buried and let go of spring on the last full moon!

Set your one full moon release intention:
“I let go of __________ (something from the inside).”

The season is about to change again, and before you know it, the Summer Equinox will be here and we get to start anew again in the Seasonal Moons of Summer so let the fire purify with your letting go.

june 9 2017 full moonArt Source: Scotch Heather by John Carlisle, Edward Burns Jones, Ellias Lonsdale symbols, Аленький цветочек, Русская сказка – The Red Flower, Russian.

Crabby little Sea Scorpion

Polish artist Marcin Nagraba in his interpretation of ‘The Moon_ Tarot card. Costume designed by Agnieszka Osipa.

By Phoenix the Elder – My apprentice Burnt Stone and I were talking again about the Cancer symbol of the Lobster looking Scorpion. In antiquity, the symbol was not the Crab for the sign of Cancer, it was the “Sea Scorpion” and this is why some of the old Zodiac and Esoteric work features the Lobster looking Scorpion, associated with the Moon (Cancer rules the Moon).

This symbol reveals the connection of Cancer to all water signs, the next water sign of Scorpio (Scorpion symbol), and since the moon rules the tides of the ocean, it connects to the third water sign of Pisces (fish), which rules the oceans.

Burnt Stone shared: Akrabh or acrab (a-crab), is the Hebrew word for Scorpion. That scorpions were “engendered” from crabs (a belief in classical times): Ovid (Metamorphoses, 1st century CE, 15, 369-371) wrote:

Christian DIor 2009“If you remove the hollow claws of land-crabs, and put the rest under the soil, a scorpion, with its curved and threatening tail, will emerge from the parts interred”

The first Scorpions are believed to have evolved from the Eurypteridae or Water Scorpions 425 to 450 million years ago in the Silurian Period. Sea Scorpions might have been the first animals to move onto land making scorpions one of the pioneers of terrestrial life.

They would have needed to be able to withstand the strong ultraviolet rays before the ozone layer buildup, scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light.


Art: Polish artist Marcin Nagraba and his Tarot card: The Moon, costume designed by Agnieszka Osipa;

The 3rd Full Moon of Winter

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Dear Dreamers, Healers, Artists, Empaths and Moon Children… We are coming near the close of our “Three Winter Moons” which ends both the year and the last season of Mother Earth’s year, preparing us to move into Spring’s rebirth. But before it ends – we truly do have a triple lunar adventure: A full moon with a lunar eclipse and a comet all in one night! This remaining moon cycle is also, all fire and air which means not much grounding, so you will have to manage that by your own will.


Comets are collective visitors and herald a change for the entire year, not just the month, so be prepared on the Springs rebirth (equinox) to see the tone being set for the entire year! The most famous Comet was Caesar’s Comet of 44 bce, as the Comet became a powerful symbol in the political propaganda that launched the career of Caesar’s great-nephew Augustus. During the time, they tried to use it to start a new temple under Caesar as the “Temple of the Comet Star” but it ended up being the beginning of the actual downfall of Rome instead. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (1599), Caesar’s wife remarks on the fateful morning of her husband’s murder: “When beggars die there are no comets seen. The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” Maybe this comet appearing on a full moon and an eclipse, has something to do with the Caesar Trump?

While others do moon work focusing on the big, the celestial, the wow, the super moons… I work year after year with the slow and steady, the quiet and gentle daily moon work. But for the first time in a very long time, I can actually say…  its an actual real super moon this moon cycle!

For those here who have worked with me with this moon work for more than three years every month, you can skip the first intro for the newbies and seasoned newbies and go to the part that starts with the Dream poem…

Coffee Moon Mug.pngA little bit about my New, Full and Dark Moon Intent Practices:

For those who are new here to my moon medicine (emotional body and the astral soul practice) that I have worked with and tested and walked through as it was developing and then worked with my apprentices to see if it worked with others (since 1998), this was “one” of my medicines brought back from my forty year initiations as a dreamer (shaman). The combination of woman’s menses cycle, the cycle of the moon and self awareness of our emotional cycles, and our nightly dream cycle, are all in-separable. Those who work with this medicine digging deeper and deeper into the self, eventually experience where their real separations exist within their mind, body and soul (karma). We all prefer to think everyone else is the problem, the destructive one, the oppressor, but when we focus on our own karma, we can actually begin to heal it and stop the shadow wheel of projection and blame and move into forgiveness and empowerment.

owl_003I have been working with lunar intention in my moon circles and goddess circles about ten years before any books came out on intention work, but those were very different than what I was doing and still is. Once I got two thirds completed, I began sharing it in my circles as a fully experiential healing and supportive path for maidens, mothers and wise women. Even men who participate in the last few years of this grandmother medicine, are finding its value.

My structured lunar path means to help one become “emotionally aware” and I used to say, if Buddhism is the complete teaching for the mind, this is the complete teachings for the soul & emotional body. A  living path of how to structure “emotional chaos” with personal karma and holistic healing. I was pretty well completed by 2008, but had to still walk the dark moon phases and its completion for 8 years, which none of my apprentices thus far, has made it this far because one must be a spiritual warrior and vulnerable the deeper shamanic shadows.

Since I chose never to write books and stay with the older oral traditions as a shaman, I kept going further into the rabbit moon hole to see how deep it went, it went all the way into the darkness of the bottom floor of the great ocean. I brought this out into a living circle in person with women, working with a woman’s moon, her menses moon cycle, my goddess and dream circles in my home in a small and intimate setting. Its a much slower process to understanding and live the integration through its practices, but the depth of this work can be practices for two decades to the core of the soul, its karma and how to remain grounded in that chaos along with holistic healing.

Newbies, Near Newbies and Seasoned Newbies:  We only set “one internal intention only about you” on the new moon… the I AM’s of the your inner world and this includes what you wish to be, desire to be or fake it till you make it be. You then observe all your personal interactions and feelings for two week of what surfaces in relation to that  “one” intention. Then we have “a release” for the full moon of your emotional life. The sacred trinity of the moon is one moon cycle: The new (beginnings), full (fullness and release) and dark (contemplation) of our emotional life’s rhythms (ebb, stillness and then flow). Goals are your relationship to your outer life and intention is your relationship to your inner life.


Because my first moon circle started in 1995 and lasted until 2014, I write monthly now until Elder Mountain begins and we return the in person work along with the expression of art added. Since I am writing about the full moon in this article, we focus on mastering the new moon in relationship to the full moon’s release.  The first four to five years or so is to master the new moon each month and that is not easy because this is very slow work. For example, only twice a year do you get the specific synchronicity and practice of a moon cycle (new and full) in the energy of an Aquarius moon cycle with a Leo full moon. In six months you get the final manifestation of it, in the Leo new moon cycle with the Aquarius full moon. That is “one” cycle completed and only 2 times in one year do you see what the actual “moon energies” for this one moon cycle carries.

I have been doing my lunar work since 1995 and I have only practiced the New Moon in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo, 32 times. If you practice this moon work for 8 years, you get 8 New Moon synchronicity and awareness’s for the New Moon in Aquarius and 8 releases on the Leo full moon etc.  This work is for those who are truly dedicated to relearn the slow steps to actually live by the ancient moon and live within its energy in a shamanic reality (which is the origin of time keeping, which are “cycles” of nature). All of this work is required and a real moon practice is difficult based on self awareness because those things are either very subtle or hidden from our view about our self. This also includes  synchronicity, karma, relationship aspects and natures involvement.

Solar work (all teachings of earth for the last 3,000 years) and Astrology people try to fit lunar and moon work into the Sun and Solar Knowledge box and make it fit and applicable, but that does not increase, nor bring your soul and emotional body’s awareness forth as a practice (which karma is included). We cannot heal or really be aware of anything about our life or our relationships until we become “aware” of them and that is what this practice does, and that is what life’s crisis does (if one accepts the need for great change). Life is much more harsh than self awareness working with pain on a month to month basis.

This practice slowly increases emotional (intuition) of the subtle self (bodies, senses and instincts) and the self bondage awareness required to change. We often need to know why we need to change, otherwise we see no reason for it. Consciousness and shadow healing work are the two greatest feminine teachings on the planet, and as a practice, this is a spiral medicine and you can walk as long as you wish with each single step each moon cycle.

So we are here, in the present at the third full moon of winter:

In Dream
by Anna Akhmatova
Black and enduring separation, I share equally with you. Why weep? Give me your hand, promise me you will come again. You and I are like high Mountains and we can’t move closer. Just send me word at midnight and sometime through the stars.

Leo Full Moon (22° degrees)
Friday, February 10, 2017
4:30 pm Pacific Dreamtime

How did you do with your “one new moon intention” that you set? Did you recognize a mirror manifesting in the last two weeks in your emotional situations in order to set today’s release based upon that? Those who are more seasoned in our circle lunar work, and those who have been working with me for more than six years, should be aware now, what your new moon intention brought forth “specifically” to you. Intention always brings the opposite, for example if you set your intention as: I am peaceful (when you feel like chaos), then life will throw on your path for two weeks, one or two chaos situations so you can truly experience what level your “real state of peace is in” and what is within you that is not stable.

This Full Moon starts with the Lunar Eclipse and because it is in Leo it reveals Leo’s shadow sides so they can be addressed. This is the first pair of eclipses followed by the Solar Eclipse at our next New Moon. This full moon is pretty direct this month because we have no conjunctions or oppositions of planets touching it besides the eclipse. Eclipses in their basic root form of emotional work, reflects our “pre-natal gestation” period and in pre-natal, we are not born yet, but it reflects the change of our season and we push through into the unknown, something new. Eclipses are indicators of the next natural change that we go through in the natural Season’s rebirth. Eclipses are not really personal unless you were born on the day or night of an eclipse, they are shift changes and many astrologers and moonologists try to squeeze the personal, into a collective celestial format.

The moon represents other aspects of our psyche (emotions and soul body through real  relationships), and also our fated aspects of the moons nodes, which is the human’s collective aspect. The full moon aspect is much more important personally and its energetic effects in comparison. There are two rebirths in one seasonal year, first is Spring/Summer and the second is  Autumn/Winter and the 2 pairs of eclipses (two solar and two lunar) representing the two seasonal changes. Any calendar year has a minimum of four eclipses and depending on the Sun Calendar year, it’s possible to have up to six eclipses because the lunar cycle and the Sun Solar Calendar do not fit precisely together!

Helen Musselwhite - U.K. Artist The oracle for this moon is: A Bareback Rider displays Dangerous Skills – The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence.

The aspect of the horse has always been the symbol of the vital energies. In a wild state the horse represents the magnificent, impetuous energy in all its forms. When tamed, this energy is put into service by the Rider. There are those who have dominated their natural energies well and they can perform dangerous feats and remain safe. These achievements are seen within the context of a function that is either hidden (the mystery) or socially which expresses a flair for the dramatic like the charismatic or art performance. At a third stage, the ego is in control; the great performer, serves a purpose. The performance stirs the imagination of the young consciousness to rise above the commonplace… VIRTUOSITY.

So what do you need to rise above in your life right now? What burden from the past are you tired of carrying on your shoulders in the ways of emotional burden? If your young, are their any fears or blocks to take the next steps to intimacy or feelings of needing to withdrawal from something toxic?  Generally our doors close slowly, years in fact. Its like when you experience a marriage divorce, you are actually attracted to the same type of partner until you begin to realize that its not good for you and that takes time.

This is the moon of idealism, changes, danger, risk and frustrations and the most important… endings because of the season. If we look deep into our heart and see what pattern or behavior we keep repeating which shows no change, then we focus there in a release. Many times in life people say reward good behavior with something or if you let go of something, replace it with something else better. This work doesn’t follow that reward path, it follows the disciplined path of choosing to let go of something small that is really much bigger without replacing it with something else.

This is why change is so difficult either within yourself or something you have invested in, such as a person, a problem, a confusion, an indecision. We lay the ground each full moon to let go of one small emotional issue that has arisen since the new moon, with your one release intention, with your full permission. Many times in life we fear if we take full responsibility for our feelings about something, as if we didn’t have that right to do such a thing. Well we do, we can make very difficult choices and tell ourselves we are responsible for the outcome regardless of whether its easy or difficult, whether we get flack from others or not for choosing our real emotional truth about our life.

Emotional flexibility within our senses and sensual life is equal to yoga flexibility of our physical life, one is intimate with the self and others and the other is not intimate, its an action. The more we become flexible with our emotions and stop resisting feeling the waves of uncomfortably, the more we work with our interruptions that knock us off balance. This is why we contemplate what we need to let go of one small inch at a time, each moon cycle, so it clears the way for the next new moon intention!

Letting go is emotional medicine,
we can practice it with less resistance if we remind our selves that its the other half of all teachings. Eventually when we practice it each full moon, a whole year has gone by and we get better at it, yes it may hurt, yes its not the popular love and light teaching, but it actually helps us “heal.” There are no perfect ways to work with our emotional issues, but wisdom does comes from experience that has successes. The more we are willing to be flexible with pain (new experiences to change our patterns of behavior, for the better), the more we become flexible, which means we find more peace and approach life more slowly and grounded and actually learn to listen “deeply” and that is a shock when we first learn to listen very deeply from meditation (silent meditation) practices.

I only give examples of New Moon Intentions, the Full Moon release is based on the your new moon’s intent, so you have to figure out the difficult work of the release. Remember, nature and life are listening energetically, which I call the mystery and magic (non-human magic, the only kind that is powerful) and direct, and when it listen to our intention and releases, it responds like the wind or the water in the ocean, its powerful and knocks us over sometimes! So be very careful with your release intention, because only your lack of awareness is present when it comes. Otherwise you would have seen all the subtle synchronicity that led to your release and all of them in the two weeks after the full moon. Developing awareness and soul work is an emotional practice and there are no results without hard work within awareness.

Blessings and Good Dreams on your Full Moon and set that intention for your dreams since the triple moon is here today and Happy Valentines Day!


Art: full moon watercolor: Full Moon CastleRigg Stone Circle by PA Jackson; Moon coffee cup by Mudstuffing on Etsy; U.K. Artist Helen Musselwhite – and a Transylvania Vintage linen cushion  velvet red Heart with tulips embroidery.






Auspicious Clouds: 3rd Full Moon of Summer

Happy Full Moon Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Magicians, Moon Children, Witches, Druids, Fairy Clans! The Full Moon & Eclipse, 25 degrees Aquarius, begins Thursday, August 18, 2016 and lasts for the remaining two week duration of the Leo Moon cycle. It is a time of ‘letting go’ (sacrifice something) of our shadow nature in order to become free one more moon cycle before Autumn begins. Set your one “letting go” intention based on what your New Moon intention was two weeks ago.

Eclipsing Heaven and Earth! We are entering 3 eclipses in a row, starting with this Full Moon, a (partial) Lunar eclipse; then in two weeks on the next New Moon of Virgo on Sept.1, 2016 is the Solar eclipse, and the third and final will be the Pisces Full Moon Lunar eclipse, Sept. 16, 2016. Every late July, early August and late January, early February we get our Eclipse Baths which prepare us for the Autumn Equinox and Spring Equinox. This offers us a month of “internal” adjustment to prepare for both Equinox shifts.


The Howling and the Healing of the Moon: Approaching our personal healing journey in our life is a constant process of “detoxing” that which harms our soul, our mind, our body and our emotional sensitivities. Sometimes this comes from the self and sometimes from life situations, and it is not an easy task to approach and stay committed to this “internal” journey, unless we get a taste of it’s eternal well-spring and then we commit.

Transformations when they appear in our life, is generally a major cycle or an accumulation of issues that have become a great burden. It is required to find both strength and the steps to approach the fears of change, which surround real issues of sickness, abandonment, conflict, disrespect, miscommunications, sabotage, being cheated on etc. These require us to pull the Goddess Pandora out of her box and take a good look at our life. The mind will never wish to do this, it is always our heart that must.

If we do not open her box for many years because changes would have only added more suffering to what has already faltered, then it becomes mandatory by life itself and life blows some heavy storms towards us. People always call out for spirit messengers and totems to help us and then they come, the wind blows and hits us, people are like… what? I always learned to slay my self through my long disciplined journey, so life would not have to – because life can be both dangerous and deadly. I structured dangerous and deadly one moon cycle at a time in my long path.

In ordinary life, struggle helps us rise above our own conflict and when harvest time comes, we begin the painful pruning of the Autumn and Winter Seasons of our Soul. If you truly walk with nature , or are a pagan or druid, or even an environmentalist, then nature gives us her best examples of how to live, because she brings a death to her life in Autumn and Winter, and so should we. At harvesting and winter’s time, we call this healing and calling forth our grief, sorrow, suffering and blindness to acknowledge they are real. The third and final moon of summer prepares us for such times when the 1st new moon of Autumn arrives. This is when the great descent into the underworld is required, in order to help reclaim what sits there in its state of loss, stolen, begged or borrowed. As long as we suffer, our soul is lost in the abyss. As a shaman I have done many soul retrievals over the years for people and one soul retrieval does not do it, just as one vision quest does not make us touch those fears within. Just as one peak at our struggle does not heal it. It is an investment.

“Dissolve” is a process of holding our emotional conflict within (our pain) without any diversion, substitution, denial, pot, alcohol etc. for a short period of time – in order to burn some of our karma. Karma requires us to suffer regardless of what Philosophies were created in the the first century bce, or in the middle ages. Karma is real and it filters into some more than others. Karma is also not forever, it appears in large and small cycles and allows us opportunities to change and these mystical gates are not opened forever.

Because the gates are not opened forever, we must enter the mystical processes of… “Resolve” the process of sharing and communication of our true feelings, within our existing conflict. We share what we feel comfortable and uncomfortable with both those who support us and those who do not.


“Spiritual Practices” allow us a needed grounding when emotional chaos rises, which pushes us forth in life to change. Practices help because we become more conscious of our own issue, or how we sabotage, or enter denial without reason. Without any self monitoring of our mental body, we lose touch with what is happening in the bigger picture of self. “Healing” emotional pain, grief, sorrow or frustration increases consciousness after our emotional releases and detoxes to reclaim what we have lost through suffering.

Both dissolve & resolve helps us seek relief from emotional pain because it allows “changes” to occur  – for we must change in order to flow. Most people want only the flow or focus on flow, but in reality, we must ask ourselves where we must change first before any flowing can occur. Change is the most difficult practice to embrace of all practices because it involves our person issue, our self worth, our feelings of imperfection and the unknown source of our karmic pain. Without the addition of adding humbleness, embracing change only becomes more difficult.
full moon

The Chinese have their Poison Charms (amulets) called the “five poisons” (wudu 五毒) which actually refers to the five poisonous animals. In contrast to what one might expect, the purpose of the five poisons depicted on the ancient amulets are to counteract pernicious influences.  This is because the Chinese believe in combating poison with poison.

There is legendary evidence to support this belief of combating poison with poison.  Shennong (神农), also known as the Yan Emperor (yandi 炎帝) who is consider the father of Chinese Medicine because he discovered and personally tested upon himself hundreds of both medicinal and poisonous herbs.  He was able to test these herbs and poisons to  observe their effects.  He never suffered very long-term effects, however, because the poisons apparently canceled each other out. The same is true with  the emotional medicines of “Opposition.”

Opposition medicines are for the etheric emotional and astral emotional soul bodies and their remembrances and memory systems – which can haunt people and feel as if resolve cannot be a permanent to overcome an issue. In fairy tales and our lives there is always an ending, a completion, a closing of a door. But in karma there is not, there is only a ‘letting go’ – for the resolve is and was timeless in the great circle, we just learn to let go without satisfaction.

In our ordinary mundane life (not karma), we can apply opposition medicines then… For example, if we are too talkative, we seek the opposite of self disciplined practices of silence or silent retreats. Nothing is separated in grandmother spider’s web except for our fear. Doing a little work emotionally each moon cycle to get stronger by stepping into that fire (our own fears) eventually we walk through it and that my friend is the only way we truly heal, is by walking through it. This medicine exists for our poisons.

Ancient Greek Tutt'Art@

Some historical sources refer to the five poisons as consisting of “Snake, Scorpion, Tiger, Toad and Spider.” Each one of these are protective charms (amulets) and we must also ingest our own toxic emotions, mental beliefs, physical actions not of the highest good and soul karma to heal these things within us. Focusing on saving another or saving the world, takes us so far away from our own poisons which when worked with lead to our own personal protection of our soul. She is lost and lonely out in the abyss and rarely does the mind hear their own soul, it focuses on every spirit out there but their own.

Those of us who are wise enough, accept that we can only change the self and that changes first our personal world, then the world around us adding our own light to situations, not by the smiling and happy mask, but working with real issues an problems. This is how true balance is made and earned, not given and it applies to everything in our life as a living practices. We can seek the help of others and should if one is dealing with abuse, crisis, addiction, emotional abuses etc. to help show us the path with one who carries the lighted lantern, those who have done the work before you and resolved in permanent healing, for they assist us in our healing journey with power. It is our soul we are saving, fighting for and working with in a moon/lunar path and our commitment (oath) to it. It is a walk of conflict & resolve, of release and cycles of toxic release from the self, for the self to reclaim what we have lost, given away or was stolen. Everyone on the outside is just our mirror  of our “living story” so the rule is, do not throw “stones at the mirror” for its your own illusions you will see.

A healed emotional body and its astral energy makes us feel great – and it heals our body because we deal with our fears (blocks) and undo them, that is Grandmother Spider medicine as a real practice, not an excuse or a diversion to not touch our powerful sorrow, or grief or anger. These great disciplines to master the self, is always done with the mental body first, without that – the rest cannot fall into its proper dissolve and resolve.

So tell your negative thoughts about yourself to shut the fuck up first. Then listen, not only to yourself, but all your difficult teachers, all your difficult situations and begin to say I can do this, its scary as hell but I can do this.

That is why real “emotional body” work is so slow and so difficult.

Blessings, Phoenix of Elder Mountain

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Art images: Minoan relief of Goddess or Priestess Archaeological museum of Herakleion, Crete; Crystal Bowl Water Charmer (Reader) by Wagner; Wind Goddess by unknown artist.













Second Full Moon of Summer


We cannot prevent the Birds of Sorrow
from flying over our head, but we can
prevent them from building a Nest
in our Hair.  ~ Chinese Proverb

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain… Hello Dreamers, Artists, Magicians, Witches, Gypsies and Creatives, we now enter our Second Full Moon of Summer and continue on our “six moon” journey from Spring to Autumn Equinox. Yesterday my apprentice and I went to the ocean beaches near Crescent City, California and three symbols for the full moon surfaced. I write my monthly musings as a teaching of how I work with natures signs & symbols and how to work with the lunar cycles as a healing guide with practice.  First I found a water worn stick from a pine tree with one pine cone still attached, it was like a magic wand just laying there and I was pleasantly surprised. Secondly, I found and brought home 13 large empty crab shells to paint on and make an ocean dream catcher wind chime (Cancer Moon cycles are ruled by the Crab). A few days earlier, I stumbled upon two 15th century antiquity images of an astrological chart which showed Cancer’s symbol as a  “Lobster” not a Crab. This sheds new light on an old symbol of the fertility of the ocean and its relations to the moon. The third sign was a hunter who had a huge stag in the back of his truck, and all the men gathered around and just stood there for a long time.

Capricorn full moons are very earthy, as the second full moons of summer are sometimes to the point of stagnation or a slight depression, and since we seem to always exist in the two-fold reality of both protection & nourishment, sacrifice of boundaries & truth, and light & dark, the two halves of a whole in a world which solidifies the symbolism of personal security and love can be complicated for all of us. Since duality is a real thing, the solutions to our emotional issues are always found in this same duality, but duality always gives our security or love a good challenge – if we chose to use it as medicine. I call that magical medicine in a healing form, sort of like the poison that rubs up against you, its remedy grows right next to it and heals you. Then the alchemy happens making you change and eventually turn you into gold (wisdom), the highest color of spirituality, even higher than the white light.

Some philosophical, spiritual metaphysical teachings try to convince people that duality isn’t real… oh its real, very real, for the sun does set and the moon does rise because nature is real, even in her mystical forms. Our emotional nature is also real, even though its not validated very easily in the world, because it must also swim in stormy waters of illusion, delusion, denial, shock and many other forms of its entire expression. The complicated nature of our soul and emotional systems makes it hard for us to open our Pandora’s box for the sake of change in our personal life.

moon phasesThe term duality when seeking unity is where our mind and its beliefs must actually learn to bend, be silenced or sacrifice something of the self in order to feed our soul and nourish our emotion so we believe our feelings are real and worth supporting. Just like the hunter who had to actually experience  a feeling of death with the stag in order to feed his family in the way he chooses. In other words, its not easy to be authentic in what we believe in or what we express in our personal intimacy, it leaves us vulnerable. Giving our emotional life more acknowledgement is the hunt, trusting we are the great Huntress of the Moon – for within us, is the eternal emotional and soul’s reality and the millions of years of our emological development of our souls. Certainly within this, we can help bring validation to the seemingly impossible ocean of our soul’s depth, and the frightening part each time we find courage to support our sensitivities, we never know how far down we must swim to resolve a personal issue and this is how we learn to build self trust.

Not many like to touch the soul in spiritual work, much less making it a valid spiritual teaching because it gets sticky, its painful, messy and requires real core honesty. Yes you won’t find it in any druid circle, temple or juicy circles. Why? Because only we can validate our feelings, only we can validate our mysticism and our ‘seeing’ as real and when we are ready to accept them as valid and stand up for them, then we are ready to travel the winding paths of our soul for our souls sake. Rejecting the realism of duality is nothing more than the mind saying that the soul is not valid in its untouchable yet felt existence and these statements shall come from those who closed the door to feelings and mysticism and magic long ago, and many even lifetimes ago.

The definition of Illusion: Something that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses; a deceptive or misunderstood appearance or impression; a false idea or belief. Illusions are both real & not real at the same time, they fall into the in-between reality of mystery and the magical parts of us, and in our mundane life for example, it can also play out very powerfully when our innocence becomes shattered. This is why the fairy clan has some very dark sides to it, this is why putting all your eggs (fertility, love and moon magic) in another’s basket can and sometimes does result in the deepest feelings of loss. This is human feeling and we also have the keys to heal it rather than turn to our shadow for power.


All of these are paths of karma and through its pain, hurt and disappointments, is what emotionally frees us if we chose to do the second half of the duality work, which is the nourishment (healing) aspects of our hurt. The magical part is that all of this pain, eventually frees our real soul (astral body) if we spend half the time healing it with real healing work like therapy, or energy healing or yoga etc. Our soul holds so much personal power, but she is always the last to be freed. Having been a healer a long time, when I did a lot of readings weekly as a Seer I would hear: “I thought he loved and respected me, but I was just a fool to think it was real love.” I would counsel duality and share that it was real love, or real love while it was alive and growing, and at the same time, endings comes through fate even though we are not ready, we are never ready. These experiences can crush our innocence, for it changes what is out of balance.

In our domestic nature with its dualistic shadow and light, this silent, blurry and non-verbal brain has more power to work with difficulty.  The best time to accept what is happening as ‘real’ is when we come to terms with how many times we have tried to convince our self things are not real or others telling us things are not real. To reconcile our problems with “real” we must seek the opposite of what has been done from habit. We have our feelings and we have our mundane life and these two clash all the time and are too restrained in the modern world.

Nature teaches us that duality does exist and that we can see it right before our eyes, if we are willing to look. Anything that we says doesn’t exist, means we have not looked at it closely enough or long enough to experience it. That comes in handy if your hiking and there is a bear nearby, but not in personal relationships or in mystical realities. The rule in metaphysics is, anything you focus on long enough with patience, will expand and become real and seen: wanted or unwanted. The one I feared the most, after my second of three awakening stages was: Anything you believe is truth, you will eventually have to walk through. I had reflected on the things I said I believed in up to that point and dreaded what I might have to experience… and I did.

The greatest lessons in life are the choices we make and while some of us work at uniting our personal separations, trying to separate parts of ourselves, only creates fragmented duality. Embracing “change” in real ways is like a fairytale or mythology, this fear is called the monster. In folktale and shamanic (non-plant) healing work, we realize we have at some point been the monster or the situation we are in is the monster, but with humility and groundedness, we can face the monster’s very real and deep seated fear within us.

Rubrum Lepus - Creature 2

I had a dream about three years ago and in the dream I told myself that I had made only one mistake. Back then I had thought, what could that one mistake have been?  Because in reality I had made so many mistakes in my spiritual journey, there were so many difficult choices to make. I could not imagine which one it was from all the tests I have been given. I review that dream again because the memory of that dream returned to me today, but its not about “which monster” it was anymore, its how many monsters I overcame, accomplished, healed and made peace with to dissolve one the monster at a time. That is what is most important for all of us when we asses our struggles.

 Because this moon cycle is about our “root” it is wise to let the little monsters flush up and be seen and dealt with it one at a time. For some of you, issues came right away on the new moon, for the other half, it begins on the full moon. For those of you who are having a pleasant moon this month, do the work anyway, because it helps us feel strong and capable when those three struggling moons of challenge comes forth. Its better to work with all the moon cycles because we make it a practice of flowing emotionally and when difficult moons can seem so crippling. Adding energy work to this helps greatly, especially if you are in a longer phase of crisis, divorce, recuperation from an accident or a loss of a family member. This is a Capricorn Full Moon at its essence. Let go~

For those of you who are new here, each month on the new moon we set “one intention” for our “internal nature” (the external world is a goal). When this internal “intention” comes to its fullness on the full moon, we then set one release intention and slowly we begin to structure a relationship to our inner world. The rewards are feeling better and working without our emotions and their stresses.

Full Moon release intention examples:

I let go of my personal victim
I release my inner bully
I release my need to be right vs happy
I let go of my toxic behavior (which one?)
I release unhealthy scattered thoughts
I let go of emotional suffering
I release projecting my pain
I let go of sadness
I release blocks to my self-nurturing
I let go of harmful intimate behaviors
I release avoiding confrontation
I let go of toxic thoughts
I release my depression
I let go of harmful attitudes
I let go of my false expectation (of what?_____)
I let go of rigidity
I release feelings of insecurity
I let go of guilt
I release my fear (which one?_____)
I let go of grief
in a grounded way
I let go of my busy mind
I release stagnation
I let go of being angry

Blessings and see you at the third new moon of Summer!
Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Image sources: Photo of Magpie bird, photographer unknown; Russian artist Rubrum Lepus – Creature.