The Golden Flower

Master Lu-tsu said there are many kinds of confirmation experiences and one must not content oneself with small demands, but must rise to the acceptance that all living creatures have to be redeemed. One must not be trivial and irresponsible in the heart, but must try to strive to make deeds prove your own words….

The Golden Ecliptic, Pluto conjuncts her own South Node

This article is written by my fellow west coast astrologer Cerena in Santa Barbara, CA, check out her website. I shared her article because its an extremely important event, along with the Royal Star Regulus. We also have the Pluto return of the US chart, right after Pluto conjuncts its south node. A Pluto Return takes…

Huntress seeking the Sphinx – Thief of the Golden Light

  I know that she has golden eyes now,  a new found glory, from the emptiness of millenniums of wandering. This has brought her into the target of my golden sight. She has stolen the golden from four billion newly unborn souls and the youngest children, who were never protected. All because her “ancient paradise” no longer existed….