2nd Full Moon of Spring

Art - Seung-Hwan Chung

The “Second Full Moon of Spring” arrives Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 20 degrees Scorpio. We are half way through our moon cycle, so chose your release intention wisely and base it on what surfaced from your new moon intention two weeks ago. All full moons are a three-fold process which then flows into the 3rd quarter moon (a tension) just like the 1st quarter tension. Full moon energy is the night before, the night of and the night after, where all of our emotions are flushed to the surface, through the moon’s magnetic pull, we then either hold it, or allow it (our emotions) to flow in order to then be released.

Last year’s second full moon of spring was at 2 degrees Scorpio on April 20, do you remember what your sacred intention of release was? If not, check your journal to see how your release issue has progressed since then, or you can start a dreaming-lunar journal with us to remember. The moon is all about our feelings, our memories, remembrance, mother (nourishment) and mirrors that are entrapped in our physical body, our mental body and come from the source: our emotional/soul body. Our inner mother that we all must eventually learn to develop a relationship with, is equaled to our inner child who we learn to protect. This is a deeper part of our emotional life.

A Scorpio Full Moon Elegy

The role of elegy is to put a death mask on tragedy
a drape over the mirror. To bow to the cultural debate
over the anesthetization of sorrow, of loss, of the
unbearable after image of the once material.

To look for an imagined consolidation of grief
so we can all be finished once and for all
and genuinely shut up the cabinet of
genuine particulars.

What is elegy but the attempt to re-breathe
life into what the gone one once was
before he grew to enormity.

“The Role of Elegy” by MJ Bang

The harvest moon rising behind Hawksbill Crag Upper Buffalo River Wilderness - Ozark National ForestThat Elegy poem is a perfect symbol for the memories of our emotional past and how we just wish to shut it up or as some say today, get rid of it. There is no getting rid of a cloud, it resurfaces the old energy when we suffer. What we do is begin to welcome it back home, returning the memories to give us insights on what we are struggling with now. The way healing works is the wounded damage has been done, all we do is reopen the court case from the vault of self sabotage or self rejection. On the full moons each month, we practice the sacred art of “letting go” and “release” so the big huge emotional, mental and physical crash or burn can be tempered. Like controlling a fire in order to balance the warmth verses the pain of fire. We do a little work each moon cycle because we are dealing with our emotional energy and its turbulence and power. In order to find or regain balance of our emotional life, we work with releases a little bit, because we are all a nuclear power within and the full moon helps us temper that.

We all receive our seasons of joy and our seasons of struggle and even our life initiations of great loss and this is exactly why we practice our spiritual disciplines because it helps nurture us and holds us through them all. We also live and thrive in a world today that relates to the kindness approach – which is fine when all things are going great, but this doesn’t really work when collapse and chaos cycles are occurring or return an old issue into our life.

If we do not enter the full to dark moon phase of our inner life, then we keep searching harder and deeper for the life we built on growth and praise or the praises of acquisitions, new beginnings, new marriages, adventures or accomplishments of the tactile physical life. These are all good, but for those of us who must learn to live cyclical with both sun and moon, its because we have complicated or empathic soul nature and others who do not, or hide away from, do not understand our processes. We must deal with our emotional life daily or weekly, otherwise it all goes to hell (chaos).

The world doesn’t seem to care too much about this invisible hell reality of ours, which we only develop stronger in our senses, seeing and intuitive nature, the world only cares what gifts this brings them and sometimes even then, its unwanted. So we must learn how to protect and care for our soul and its expression of emotion instead – regardless of what the world does. Our moon self, must trust and find our beliefs as valuable, even finding the gems in our soul’s dreaming, because these are all truly an ‘invisible’ reality expressed – one made of energy & motion (change) equaling e-motion. We must all eventually come to terms with this part of our self and learn to first be responsible with it, secondly to trust it and third turn the word crazy or chaos into visionary and experienced.

This moon cycle Mercury & Uranus grants us a wish, these are both conjunct this full moon, and contain subtle power, if you pay attention. The listening and communication of Mercury is our everyday mundane life who meets with the deeper Uranian listening and communication that is more worldly into the non-physical everyday life (metaphysical). This is when magical or chaosical things happen.

Example: I was washing my clothes today and on the last spin cycle while I was writing this article, I heard someone drumming outside and thought they were pretty good, enough for me to get up and check. I stopped for a second and wondered if this drumming rhythm was coming from the washing machine making such precise drumming beats during its rapid spinning wobble?

Artist Michael Vincent Manalo Photography Edition 1 of 10

I opened the door and no one was drumming outside and as I turned around, standing in front of the washing machine, sure enough, the rhythms of a master drummer was all coming forth in the chaos of the wobble. I don’t use my Mercury (mind) to question mundane reality merging with the mystical (energetic), I have too much experience for that. Instead, I go straight into the silence of the Uranian energy and listen even deeper. Mercury is about “choice” of whether I want a latte or iced tea, Uranian mystical energy is about accepting that life has some magic in store for me!

For those struggling this month, let chaos or loss be your teacher, teaching you to just feel, or to let go or even to stop swimming ‘up stream’ once you realize. Chaos if handled well, contains suffering yes, but its not fully your destroyer, because if you truly listen to your signs and mirrors, you will evolve with a practice of healing, into the unity of self-empowerment, authentic humbleness, a truth-saying grounded bitch and a silent warrior of spiritual strength (eventually) with enough decades of practice.

Sabian Oracle of Scorpio at 20°
A woman draws away two dark curtains
closing the entrance to a sacred pathway.

The “Woman Within” — faith that is rooted in the deepest intuitions of the soul is seen here as the hierophant unveiling the realities which we alone cannot perceive. The path to the mystic’s “unitive life” is opened up once the shadows of fear, egocentricity and dualistic morality is abandoned and then slowly removed. –This is the last symbol of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence. It reveals what a positive reliance upon faith and intuition can bring about. Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness and the courage to venture beyond the familiar into the unknown is called facing one’s fear from light or the extreme.”

ieva-un-austras-koks_3293047076This full moon expect some shadow roamers to be seen around (like they always are) if you are the type to see and feel shadow. Since our Soul (is the ocean) it is a part of our smaller emotional body (the river), and by the processes of emotional healing, sobriety and a continual healing of your progressions of personal fears and struggles to learn letting go (after you have enough pain or enough information), we enter the “healing” approach to step into some smaller aspects of our fears that arise, rather than run from them. This also includes those who must see, sense or feel shadows (demon astral bodies that roam of various living human beings) be it around our home or in our personal space. Just make sure you know who is entering your home and what illusion addictions they have as part of their monthly life (pot, wine, alcohol, drugs, peyote, strong medications and even some dental medications, shamanic plants etc.) before you keep inviting them (and their shadow) in.

Set your one full moon emotional release on what does not serve your highest good this moon cycle without any rewards except for release (leading to groundedness), inner peace and self healing where we suffer this month. This is how karma is paid small or huge, just one moon cycle at a time, and especially on a Scorpio Full Moon.

Blessings Phoenix!
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Sources: Photograph of the moon rising behind Hawksbill Crag, Upper Buffalo River Wilderness – Ozark National Forest. Art of Seung-Hwan Chung; Artist Michael Vincent Manalo Photography, Premonition, Edition 1 of 10.

scorpio full moon second moon of spring

Karelian Magic


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Various folk shamanic tradition practices are called Folk Healing, like the Grandmothers in this video (in other traditions its called medicine woman). The Slavs, Balkans and North regions like the Karelians pretty much have the same basic rituals for healing. The feet are important because they are both where the greatest amount of our detoxing of sickness releases and our root on the earth and grounds our body to the earth.  The folk singing (chanting, spells its called in some traditions) are the direction in which the healing “intent” of the energy is given as a direction.

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Finnish, 1865-1931) - Karelian Mother
Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) – Karelian Mother

Song, movement, specific parts of the body, water and fire rituals, all work together as the root foundation, be that medicine chanted or spoken into sacred clothing through  embroidery, or the folk healer (who whisperers) a directional energy, or our relationship to the spirit (benevolent energies) of earth to work with the healer (in shamanic way), which is closest to our body and soul of the sick.

The Karelians are a nation that belongs to Baltic-Finnic ethnic group that are currently living in Finland and Russia. In Russia Karelians mostly settle in the Republic of Karelia and in other north-western parts of the Russian Federation. There are also significant Karelian enclaves in the Tver and Novgorod regions of Russia, as some Karelians migrated after 1656 because of war.

In Finland they traditionally settle in the regions of Savonia and Northern and Southern Karelia. The historic homeland of the Karelians has been the Karelian Isthmus, Ladoga Karelia, Olonets Karelia in Russia and the provinces of Northern and Southern Karelia and Savonia in Finland. Many became refuges from German Occupation (of ww2) and their numbers are very small today.

Photograph of Marppa Martiskainen embroidering a ritual towel, käspaikka, in Ilomantsi, Karelia which is very similar to Russian or Slavic Embroidery of the Goddess Makosh.

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Finnish, 1865-1931) – Karelian Mother

Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue by Phoenix of Elder Mountain: The up and coming adults in their mid life transformation is a specific issues for the generation of Pluto in Libra which is a group born between 1971 and 1982 (45 years old down to the age 34). This wide group generation of people have to content with Libra issues in their archetype regardless of their sign. In the bigger picture of their adulthood, they are also entering in their early to mid-forties which is a time of leaving youth and in the fullness of the summer of their adult season.

The younger Libra generation is reaching full adulthood (37-45) now, and at the Midlife Crisis and Transformation part of their life and life is asking them to make “important decisions based on right relationship to find balance” more than other generations. The group older than the Libra group are the Pluto in Virgo generation (1957 – 1970) who at their midlife had to contend and deal with Virgo’s archetype of Health & Communications and getting things in order and structured.

Libra, Leo and Scorpio are the three “social, love, and partnership relationship signs” (sun or moon), verses the family relationship signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus and the Libra generation actually needs its mirrors of friends, partnerships and social partnerships in order to see the self more clearly. This of course can increase the amount of decisions, especially if married with children or raising children within a divorced home. But to work out peer issues is the best way for Libra energy to get down to the root reflections within conflict that other signs do not have to deal with as much.

I found many of the Decision Fatigue articles out on the web and newspapers like Huffington and NY Time are written by men and have a more battle and hero dialogue and examples and that didn’t seem to cover the more emotional issues of women’s issues of interpersonal relationship scenario which are so dominant in women’s lives. I thought I would share the emotionally draining fatigue that women (and some men) must deal with in this particular age group (generation).

The Pluto in Libra (45-34) group are here to learn:

1. Finding Balance;
2. Right Relationship with Peers;
3. Making Decisions with Scrutiny.

la-balance-4Although most indecision comes with the Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo), the Libra generation must contend with relationship itself and work out triangle issues. In decision making, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long duration of decision making and has reached exhaustion in responsibility or doubled responsibility if divorced. This is now understood as one of the major causes of irrational trade-offs in decision making.

For instance, judges in court have been shown to make less favorable decisions later in the day than early in the day by a study of Psychologists. Decision fatigue may also lead us to make poor choices with emotional issues at home and become enablers not only of one’s own behavioral issues, which are draining but also passing it onto their children in their emotional relationships. It seems when we need the most clarity in life at the midlife crisis is when we have the least.

There is a paradox in that “people who lack choices seem to want them and often will fight for them,” yet at the same time, “people find that making many choices can be psychologically and emotionally aversive.” Decision Fatigue” can lead people to avoid decisions entirely, a phenomenon called “Decision Avoidance” or projecting it onto a spouse to make all the decisions and then becoming angry it wasn’t done the way the other spouse wished it to be done. “Passive Aggressive Indecision Fatigue” is another by product syndrome on top of the many issues that come at this age.

The Virgo in Pluto group had to deal with the first wave of this, with the on set of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” and in the 90s and 00s the holistic healers had a really good success rate with energy work and cranial-sacral work with clients. But many Libra in Pluto people tend to be healthy physically when they apply a routine such as yoga class or meditation and don’t show the same physical signs of stress as the previous generation had with the up and coming fatigue issue. The Libra generation is showing signs that this is less physical exhaustion of the emotional kind and more exhaustion of the mental sign of distress, mixed with the emotional relationship issues.

Decisions are a mental body process in general, but true “right relationship” in our life, our family, friends and our world are instinctual relationships based on our “known values” and instinct comes forth from our emotional body. If we do not know what our values are, this can be troublesome because the mental body is linear, it cannot see or perceive personal decision making outside of a linear box. The medicine then becomes indecision with the separate issues of emotional psychological issues. One must be addressed first before both can be healed and in any holistic healing, the mental body must always be addressed with disciplines to quiet the mind first. This is where the trouble begins for this particular generation in this particular stressful issue.

This can lead to Decision Fatigue, not only personally but adding to a complex and overwhelming modern technological age of too much information, which at midlife, its a third layer on top of an already busy life in the ‘fullness of life’ of a three stages of a persons life. This can lead to bad decisions when one is exhausted or no decisions of meaning at the most important time of life. Learning to free up some decision making space and learning to say “no” in huge amounts is important. This is because the Pluto in Libra generation has much more relationship issues than they recognize. A lot more to the many, many relationship and life decisions that are knocking them off balance day by day, once the thirties are over.

Impulse Purchasing: Decision fatigue can influence irrational impulse purchases as well. During a trip to the supermarket, trade-off decisions regarding prices and promotions can produce decision fatigue, hence by the time the shopper reaches the cash register, less willpower remains to resist impulse purchases of snacks. Social psychologist also found that it is directly tied to low glucose levels, and that replenishing them restores the ability to make effective decisions.

indexSo if you are having overwhelming decision fatigue making you too tired from the chaos within, i heard a great interview on the radio with the two women who wrote this book on the left. I am not a reader but I know a lot of people find value and these two women who I thought had great ideas, and great value and ideas proven to work, and how to work with decision fatigue.

Please do pass along this helpful information if you know someone suffering from indecision who are stressed out or sleeping a lot because they are overwhelmed.

It can add one more puzzle peace to your healing!


3rd New Moon of Autumn

claudialalaElder Mountain’s Moon Magic by Phoenix – The New Moon beings Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 7 degrees Scorpio, with Hygeia and Mercury, the Goddess of Health and the God of Communications as our guiding lights. Greetings everyone, how was your 2nd Moon of Autumn, that Libra relationship moon was very enlightening and very strong for many in mind, body and soul. We now enter our final lunar cycle of Autumn in its depth of Scorpio, which flows with the river of light and shadow.

This is the time when the veil is thinnest between the physical world and the energy world, what we call the Ancestral Moon or Leaves Falling Moon. At the end of Autumn, the night becomes  stronger than the day, and twilight and dawn rule the realms of the Night Goddess. This is the time of year which includes the deeper undercurrents of healing our spiritual lives.

Traditionally it is the Day of the Dead, the Old Souls Day, where our personal ancestral lineage can be honored. Be brave this moon cycle, take the bull by the Taurus horns and find your inner Scorpio strength. Remember that in Lunar or Moon work, our stuff either starts to rise on the New Moon or rises on the Full moon, so be ready to flex your unconscious.

There is saying that when your having issues and need to find discernment with your struggles, you must clearly see each issue in a context of what is yours and what is not yours by asking yourself: Is this my issue? Is it their issue? Or is it life’s issue? If you can answer those three questions each times something arises in a conflict or struggle, you will navigate any situation much better. For example, if someone is struggling with cancer or a tree fell on their house, that is a life issue. If your in conflict with someone and they just won’t let their anger go that is their issue (and you can still listen and be engaged) and three, if its you who is struggling in a personal relationship or a business issue, that is your issue. By finding clear boundaries in complicated inter-personal relationships, this can help.


Its important to remember not to let things crash into each other near the end of Autumn, but to remain grounded and focused the best you can. Do your rituals or yoga or meditations to keep focused on keeping “you” grounded. I go way back traditionally in my shamanic work, back to the cave grandmothers of prehistory in my ceremonies this season, because I fight fire with fire and water with water.  Its a pleasure for me to work with powerful energies, because Scorpio energy has always offered me transformational pain that always comes with a healing.

Now, with what seems like hundreds of transformations over the years with much hindsight, I can see just how beneficial they all were. I made time to have gratitude for “struggle” in order to heal my issues and find balance. In a Scorpio moon, much is hidden from us as we work our emotional life out, so seeing becomes important, a great benefit to see what is hidden, an illusion to be discovered, or that you are still unconscious of something presently in your situation.

dragan-bibin-banished-demons-serbian-mythologyOn a personal level at our own ground zero point, we are dealing with “communication” so think carefully and speak with integrity and try not to let the “little self” find its sneaky releases of projection that might cause more trouble than its worth. At the same time, practice being honest with your fears and speak up when you feel safe. Trouble is a word for change in its positive sense, because trouble is really just our own unconsciousness trying to push through our own fear.

Try to work out awareness of your personal issues that may arise this moon, and apologize quickly if you feel you overstepped boundaries with someone and swiftly return back into balance so the communication lines may stay open. Taking the high road by practicing listening will pay off by the end of the cycle and you can speak your truth with fire, as the Sag moon approaches in the first Moon of Winter. Timing is everything.

The Goddess Hygeia and her sacred Snake will help all things feminine this moon cycle if your open and honest with your communications. She represents the healing and nurturing of our emotions and Mercury encourages open communication, which can allow Hygeia’s serpent to heal in a positive way what had surfaced. She is also a necessary part of the traditional ancestral purification this moon, which will reflect our own personal health. I have always experienced the Serpentine energy appearing when you least expect it.

14717294_884487814985064_7468294090004894498_nEllias Lonsdale’s Sabian symbol for this moon cycle is: Scorpio 8th degree – A handicapped person with white hair, an angelic countenance. Split down the middle between advanced and retrogressive dynamics. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together, grafting onto an exceedingly inward nature a pointed and driving ambition to become somebody. Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurized by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own.

A battle waged behind the scenes between wisdom and folly, both of them bearing immense lessons to move through. The folly is a crucial ingredient to ensure that the attainment of wisdom will feature compassion and bone-deep endurance. A journey for the long-haul, contested at every split second. Requiring first as much courage, strength, and inner will as you find in there for this purpose, everything being right where it needs to be for the impossible to occur and all of the chains to be cut loose.

Two extra notes: In the collective, we have the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe standing up for what is right with protecting the water and many people of many colors are supporting the Natives to defend the rights of their land and the safekeeping of the Missouri River. Please add a few good thoughts and prayers. I have a very good feeling that they are going to get what they desire. Second, in my Libra moon last month, I just finished my video series called ‘The Intuitive & the Empath’it was a pleasure to put together for everyone. If you are interested or know someone please do share, or share with your circle and watch as a group. Its located on the main wall. Thanks.

The Scorpio New Moon Intention examples
(chose only one or make up one of your own):

I am honest with my feelings
I focus on my balance in relationship
I practice daily routine to feel grounded
I love myself in a nurturing way
I use my sexual energy in a healthy way
I am healing my addiction (______)
I express gratitude
I am patient with my communication
I trust myself when I feel alone
I nourish myself at the deepest level
I focus on right relationship
I trust my intuition (the first time)
I give myself permission to be angry
I ground myself when I am too emotional
I am practicing sincerity
I meditate for inner peace
I use creativity to assist my transformation
I accept struggle right now for my personal growth
I accept exactly where I am right now in my life
I hold myself accountable
I support my insecurity
I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I forgive myself
I have healthy emotional boundaries
I honor my past
I am healthy
I am beautiful

Happy New Moon and hang in there, Scorpio Moons are not the easiest!

Blessings, Elder Mountain
scorpionewmoon_ashlandSource and Art: Claudia Lala; Dragan Bibin ~ Banished Demons, Serbian Mythology; http://aquaorfire.net/astrology/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html; Sylvia Ji; Balkan skeleton belonged to three tribal groups – the Illyrians, Thracians, and Dacians. Thraco-Illyrian, Bulgaria’s world oldest gold treasure.





The Hawthorn Tree and the Soul of the Goddess


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I recently added dried Hawthorn leaves and berries (the berries are also called Pixie Pears) to our smudge which we sell, because there are a few trees on the land and in the local area. I thought I would write up the great benefits that are positive medicinal properties, not only in smudge but other uses and share some folklore.

Hawthorn is one of the many sacred Trees, she is not very big and some are even more like shrubs. She has been honored for thousands of years because of her many benefits as natural medicine. Its considered a Goddess tree because she is very healing to our hearts, both the accumulative and the karmic principles. We humans all experience when love hurts, bringing sorrow or pain to the heart chakra area and if prolonged without emotional healing, it begins to cause physical damage. Hawthorn is an excellent herb for our heart.

When i have a client that has an emotional heart issues but it begins to appear on a physical level, I know the underlying sorrows are mainly about the long journey of love, love that was a loss, or a betrayal and heart related emotional issues that has accumulated over decades and begun to eat away at the actual physical body.

Long ago, body & soul were equally important, but over the last 2,000 years the mental body and physical body have become “over” dominant, and body and soul (which includes the emotional release body) as a working interdependent relationship has been severed. Our proof is so much physical sickness in the world today and not enough emotional healing in direct relief of physical ailments. As a soul healer, dreaming soul folk healer, its been most of my work this lifetime, not only on myself but my clients, students and especially apprentices. The core or root body is the eternal soul as both the human body and the deer body lay in the ground after we leave. Its wise to love our physical body and life because its a gift, but our soul is what allows this gift to even be experienced at reincarnation. Without a soul, there is no rebirth.


Hawthorn, white and odorous
with blossom, framing the quiet
and swaying flowers and
and the hum of Bees.

– F. S. Flint, 1885-1960

Hawthorn for the reluctant Dream

Hawthorn has been proven to help with insomnia and allows one to see the dreams that are more intense by falling asleep. We fall asleep sometimes to do this work which is brought forth from out karmic issues. Everyone including doctors calls these nightmares, and insomnia can be the result (of avoidance). Average insomnia is natural and the soul tells us when “not to sleep” for the dreaming will be too difficult and you need some time off so you stay awake. That is a good sign, and should be honored.

When insomnia becomes a major issue four or five times a week and over a few years, and then sleep apnia sets in, that is not healthy and then, one is completely avoiding the difficulty of their emotional body which can be avoided here, but in dreams the soul comes in and says you cannot avoid it. Thus the creation of medications to sleep then over rides everything and you soul is torn and fragmented more and more each year. This is when nightmares come as a last ditch effort with a double negative dreaming life. I do not recommend Hawthorn for that, but for the occasional insomnia person, whose dreamer is not avoiding their emotional life and dream life.

Hawthorn essence encourages forgiveness even in the most stubborn and prideful persons who wears the heaviest of heart in the waking life, and thus the dreaming life will reflect this. We learn to be vulnerable, to forgive, to slay our own mind and its belief systems when it prevents us from growing emotionally (mature).  The mind convinces we are right, when we might be wrong… that is the shadow side of the ego my friend, if its continuing beyond reason or causes arguments or only triggers anger.

Herbal Medicine for the Physical Body

A medicinal flower, fruit, leaves and berries, all which are all astringent and useful. They are very helpful in curing that Winter sore throat to bring relief. In more serious ailments its a good dilate for the blood stream improving oxygenation and re-energy metabolism in the heart and decreasing lactic acid, basically any physical ailment connected with the heart. Hawthorn berries used in combination with motherwort will also strengthen the heart.

Medicinal Uses for Hawthorn:
Parts used: Flowers, leaves, berries.
Cardiovascular Heart Issues, Stress, Hypertension
Properties: Cordial, Hypotensive. Constituents: tannins,
flavonoids, essential oils, triterpene-carbonic acids
and purine derivatives.

hawthorn.jpgHawthorn is used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels such as congestive heart failure, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. It is also used to treat both low blood pressure and high blood pressure, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), and high cholesterol. So far, research suggests that hawthorn might be effective in treating congestive heart failure. Some people use hawthorn for digestive system complaints such as indigestion, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

It is also used to reduce anxiety, as a sedative, to increase urine output, and for menstrual problems. Hawthorn is also used to treat tapeworm and other intestinal infections. Some people apply hawthorn to the skin for boils, sores, and ulcers. Hawthorn preparations are used as a wash for sores, itching, and frostbite.  Before taking hawthorn, talk with your a professional and seasoned herbalist, for she or he would want to know if you take any medications. It has major interactions with many prescription medications.

Wind-blown Hawthorn tree.jpg

Folk Rites & Protection – Magic, Magick, Magik

When using Hawthorn in magical rites or healing, add a little hawthorn leaves to your smudge which allows a statement that you are trying to release some emotional pain and release is always done on a full moon.  Hawthorn has magical powers to ward off evil as well, so as long as you are ‘aware or conscious’ enough of your evil, then it will work. It you avoid your own shadow “as in dark and shadow is neither good nor positive” and working on your shadow to heal it, then Hawthorn can assist you.

Hawthorn can be woven into a growing fence called a Hedgerow and protect spiritually the entrances of any entrances or gates to your home. These thorny barriers are very effective and have saved many villages from thieves and highwaymen. This twiggy thorny tree, with its white-stalked flowers and red anthers, also advises caution to passerbyers w ho know that a sacred person lives there and uses Hawthorn to deter the unconscious sides of people. So make a stick and wrap it with the intention to hand it around your driveway or gate.


Hawthorn is what some pagans call a Tree of Enchantment and many feel that the Insect Clans (faeries including butterfly) along with the nessie, dwarfs, domovoi and gnomes souls – are all Hawthorn’s smallest and most dedicated Guardians in the middle worlds behind the scenes. They protect the wells and springs located nearby where hawthorn grow. In a smudge, its beautiful flowers and new leaves dried, mixed together with your white sage, and used with intention or prayers reaches the upper-worlds (heaven) for good fortune and answers to your intention or spell, in any situation, if you also do the karmic work (personal healing work) as well for the yin types who must do that type of work. For yang type of people that is not really required.


If you sit under a Hawthorn on May 1st, the Celtic legends of the Goddess says that you are liable to be whisked away to the faerie worlds in your dreams at night or for the lucky few, a visit to you during the day if you can be still of mind enough. Also at dusk candles are lit on the Hawthorn (May Tree) as it is also known, to welcome Summer although May is technically still the third moon of Spring until the Summer Solstice happens on the equinox, so use common sense today regardless of tradition and their timelines to align with mother earth.

elder mountain hawthorn berries
The Autumn Hawthorn berries here at Elder Mountain

The blooms of the Hawthorn are used for fertility, happiness and good luck in fishing. Wands which are made of the sacred Hawthorn have great power and allow the person some boundary power. Witches and Magical people use Hawthorn for protection, love and marriage in ceremony.  As an Omen, its said that if you take a blossoming branch of Hawthorn inside one’s house it will bring illness to one’s mother, but that is a religious backfiring from the church fathers who no longer wanted any of the old healing rites in community.

Hawthorn for Protection

Hawthorn is for the protection of your soul, for she is not manifested in physical matter and therefor for many who are not seers, unseen, espcially unseen soul shadows of living people. Hawthorn protects your soul from the unseen forces. Try carefully gathering a few thorns from the Hawthorn tree and on a piece of paper, write the name of the person or situation from which you seek protection from. Then wrap it around the thorns and bury this in the ground – if possible near the tree from which the thorns were collected and do it out of love and forgiveness to that person (Sandra Kynes). You can carry a few berries in your pocket or even string them like a beaded necklace and wear them during ceremony or for protection or anytime you feel you need protection from shadows.

There’s also the eventual corruption of the Goddess Tree. Mara Freeman (from druidry.org) writes in her Tree Lore: Hawthorn…

“The hawthorn, was once known simply as ‘May’, is naturally enough the tree most associated with this month in many parts of the British Isles. When we read of medieval knights and ladies riding out ‘a-maying’ on the first morning of May, this refers to the flowering hawthorn boughs they gathered to decorate the halls rather than the month itself. For on this day, according to the Old Style calendar that was in use until the 18th century, the woods and hedges were alight with its glistening white blossoms.

This and similar customs to welcome in the summer flourished in rural places until quite recently. In some villages, mayers would leave a hawthorn branch at every house, singing traditional songs as they went. The seventeenth-century English poet Robert Herrick wrote:

There’s not a budding boy or girl this day,
But is got up and gone to bring in May;
A deal of youth ere this is come
Back, with whitethorn laden home.

The young girls rose at dawn to bathe in dew gathered from hawthorn flowers to ensure their beauty in the coming year, as the old rhyme goes:

The fair maid who, the first of May,
Goes to the fields at break of day
And washes in dew from the Hawthorn tree,
Will ever after handsome be.

May was the month of courtship and love-making after the winter’s cold; and so the Hawthorn is often found linked with love and sacred sex. In ancient Greece the wood was used for the marriage torch; and girls wore Hawthorn crowns at weddings in full bloom. One writer has even gone so far as to suggest that the ‘stale, sweet scent from the trimethylamine the flowers contain, makes them suggestive of sex.’ (Geoffrey Grigson: The Englishman’s Flora, Phoenix House, 1956)

But while hawthorn was a propitious tree, when the church got a hold of it, circumstances changed and the church fathers demanded that it be unlucky. 

Hawthorn blooms and elder-flowers will fill a house with evil powers.

Even today many people will not allow the branches inside the house; for, as one might expect from its association with Beltane, a time when the two worlds meet. The threshold of the Otherworld became feared. The Fairies are a part of the tradition of Hawthorns, and as he sits beneath an ancient thorn known as the Eildon tree. In another old rhyme, the Ballad of Sir Cawline, a lady dares the hero to go to Eldridge Hill where a Hawthorn grows, to await there the faery king.”

Last note….

Many are now able to honor openly with strength our healing ways and practice them again as the Goddess (nature) returns to help us heal during this last cycle of the patriarchal gods. When the Pagan witches healing teachings were forbidden so the new medicines of the Greeks and Romans could dominate, around the 4th century the long and beloved Hawthorn tree was then under science’s control. Even though in small villages and smaller clans, the women still did their teaching, healing and magical healing work with Hawthorn, by the 11th century it was renamed and called the God of War’s Tree (Mars) and thus was followed by the plague in the 13th century.

The seeds were then less for healing, and put more into alcoholic drinks, as the berries were in widespread use and the middle ages phrase “what ails you, drink your troubles away” was then acceptance, but alcohol even with hawthorn berries was not enough to stop the development of broken hearts and with so many heart issues and diseases today, 8 centuries later, the soul has turned dull as the magic of the goddess was gone.

Nicholas Culpeper, in 1653 believed that there was nothing left of the Goddess in the Hawthorn flowers because they still bear the smell and experience of the Plague of London and all over the world, from a thousand years of war. The tree then was regarded as the Crown of Thorns and was crowned in English royalty having won the battle over the old ways, the Oglives, chosen by Henry VII.

Yes we can be 100% physical fit as a sign of health, but the soul isn’t in the physical world, a part of her is within us (the energy body, chakra body or whatever teaching your familiar with, they are all the same, your well spring or life force). The majority of our soul is spread out in the graves of your karmic lifetimes sedimentary past lives. Or what we shamans call, the dreaming tree, which for most has died. Its time to replant them!

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First Moon of Autumn


Elder Mountain’s New Moon Musings by Phoenix – Our New Moon starts September 1, 2016 and sits in the constellation of Virgo at 09°21′ which is a month of service and healing.  Hello Dreamers, Druids, Moon Children, Artists, Empaths, Witches, Magicians, Shape-Shifters and Earth Lovers! I hope that the last moon in Leo brought you many blessings and many new understandings about your path. We close our three Moons of Summer and enter the next 6-moon cycle of Autumn and Winter… the Season of the Dreamers.

Every fall its the Solar Eclipse and this is our second eclipse of three. All signs, synchronicity and shadows present your personal work for the next six moons. Some of you are entering big cycles of purification and transformation (change) and some are completing them, but whichever way the  winds are blowing, just know that they are important!

In 2013, the New Moon of Virgo was almost exactly the same degree as it is today. Did you complete that cycle or is it still continuing with the same issues?

An example of a Virgoan energy would be to focus some importance on your emotional life. If busy, seek more rest or groundedness, and sometimes “thinking” something new is not “doing” something new. Virgo asks for action and to create a healthy day to day environment. She wants you to commit to a healthy attitude, earthy communication in your relationships, to feel more emotionally fit. If your Leo moons was full of drama, Virgo says structure that drama and bring it down to earth by clarifying your feelings and sharing them in honest and open ways. If you do that pretty consistently already, then ask a good friend if that is what you really do? Sometimes we think we are one way but without honest feedback, we maybe doing something completely different and not know it.

Virgo Moons are about getting our life in order, getting our internal ducks in a row, regardless of struggle. When we allow more structure in our non-physical life (emotional reality), we apply the same rules as we do to our physically reality.  An example for the Virgo cycle is to be focused on our health, in the non-ordinary reality, if you would not personally invite a stranger in your home, out of the blue, then when you call a spirit (soul) in, within your spiritual work, you should use the same exact discernment.  Just because you cannot see 100%, this spirit (soul) and it’s past, it’s temperament, it’s shadow or light and the percentages between the two, then you need to understand, “invisible” doesn’t automatically mean good, so be very discerning.

This Moon, we sit in the 12th Lunar Mansion of the 28 (21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17) and it gives prosperity to harvests but hinders those who work at sea, like the Navy, the Fisherman and the Mermaid. Its very good for those who give service and those who are loving companions. In the twelfth, it rules the separation of lovers/partners, it is also the seal of black lead, meaning the image of a dragon fighter. If you have a Dragon Heart, then go all the way into something you have feared up until now. For marriage partnerships that are falling, you will see much more this month, so pay attention to your personal health. For those overcoming a divorce, just know it takes about three years to feel whole again, sometimes for the sensitives, even longer.

Wherever you are at in your journey, I only wish you strength, gratitude, patience and endurance and pay attention and keep your eyes, ears, heart and sword firmly in place! Winter holds our 3 Moons of the Night, but Autumn holds the 3 Moons of Twilight and that is why they are a bit more exciting, charged, intense & transforming.

Intentions for a Virgo New Moon cycle (chose only one) or chose one of your own!

I use my vital energy in a balanced way
I serve only my highest good
I calm my frustrations with rest
I still my thoughts to relax my body
I listen with depth and clarity

I am grounded
I hold my own fear and love this part of me
I am seeking retreat to find peace

Video of the Month!

Happy New Moon!






Dreamer’s Wand

diamond dreamer

Clearing your spaces inside and out by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I make my own “seasonal” smudge sticks in my work and for my clients healing sessions. As you know, the different Season will offer us so many different flowers, herbs, lavender, wild roses, blackberry leaves, pine branches, anything close to us, which is all of nature’s blessings given to us here on the land. I grow my my own base: Sage (cleaning) & Mugwort (for dreaming) & Rosemary (woundedness or health benefits). Because I do not use crystals,I let nature recharge them instead and after harvest I connect with the sage/mugwort/rosemary base wrap put it in my sacred ritual space …

Ritual: I set my wrapped bundles (variety), in the sacred “Figure 8” on the land, with the Life Tree  on one side of the figure 8 and the Death Tree at the other edge of the 8. I lay them on the big natural flat stone there that comes up from the ground, which is flat on top. Setting them in the center, I ask prayers to the stone first, then the moon and wind, then last ask the sun and rain to power surge them. I also ask the birds, because trees and birds are inseparable.

I set them out for a week and if a coyote takes one or a vulture or raven (I am in the Northwest), then I know that balance with nature has occurred with the bundles. Sometimes I wait until one is taken because I offered one then they are fully charged and they are literally…

‘Fire Talisman Dream Wand’

smudgeIn my work, I only use only the elements of Water (soul) and Fire (spirit) (not spirit as in human, dead or alive) but spirit as in nature and her life, the collective natural forces, mother earth. I do this because Earth & Air are then the opposing forces (the balance) and that is the human or land clearing that receives the blessing. This Dreaming Wand is one of my “Fire” elemental tools for purification, cleansing of the mind-body in humans, and the water element of the emotional soul body when doing cuttings to free up accumulated energies between people, family or negative energies. I also have been doing spaces of villages, towns and large cities for two decades as a way to give back to community. When I do large city spaces, it takes weeks at a time everyday and requires a lot of smudge, but it always works and things or issues clear up at the city level of that particular place, like the gov center or a neighborhood that has lots of drugs/shootings!

So bring your smudge out to community after you fully have mastered it for your body or friends or those you work with it makes a great difference done with balance and for the goodness of ‘all’ concerned.

Sources: Photos and article by Phoenix of Elder Mountain