Second New Moon of Autumn

Autumnn Love

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy New Moon dreamers, empaths, healers, artists, dancers, druids, witches and moon people! We begin our Second New Moon of Autumn (26°35′ Libra) on Thursday, October 19, 2017 @ 12:12 pm (pdt). It is the traditional Scorpio New Moon and we enter the “fullness moon” of Autumn which is a celebration of the Harvest, our Abundance and of course Halloween, aka honoring our Ancestors.

This moon cycle we have the enlightenment and penetrating chaos influences of Uranus, who sits in opposition to our new moon; we also have Mercury which entered Scorpio on Oct. 17 (until Nov 5th) and Jupiter who also entered Scorpio this week (until Nov 9, 2018). I could feel them all hovering over my 12th house cusp just waiting to stir up some windy storms because of Uranus’s influences.

Mercury this month keeps the flow of observation through our thoughts, ideas and concepts, so make sure that you try to restrain just a bit from entering too deeply into shadow territory… either yours or others. A little trouble is fine for one moon cycle, but if we trip and fall on mercurial communications this month, expect hot lava to begin flow down the mountain side making us juggle much more than just our words.

All Scorpio moons ask us to take care of our checks & balances when it comes to words or even our pocketbook. People who fear their shadow will have very closed minds and they usually are the first to throw daggers your way when speaking about uncomfortable or direct truths. Keep a keen eye on what you share, where you share it, because emotional or spiritual issues that are not all fuzzy and full of love and light can spike the projector into projecting harsh things without any consciousness of it. Rather, try to categorize, compartmentalize and speak according to your most important concerns and leave the rest for next month in Sag.

Our ability to trust or mistrust our own communication or other’s is a balancing act this moon cycle. If we are not aware, then we we add the flavoring of mistrust to a relationship of any kind, which sometimes we slip for a good reason and sometimes we do not… so watch your tongue. The last five moons have been dominated by Mars, and our actions, but last month and this month involves our personal communication.

If the riverbed of Scorpio dries up in our life as empaths, then we usually have to pay a price. Its a catch 22 because we have to feel the unseen, the unspoken etc., but when we up go there, it brings up the fear in others. When the depth of our humanness becomes dry, we become very thirsty for anything to gratify us instead of practicing our spiritual disciplines of humbleness, gratitude, reverence, equanimity, respect, healthy boundaries etc. Listening to our intention this month will help. So be cautious this moon cycle but also present and honest and choose your battles wisely.

Autumn TreeThe Oracle this Moon

In the first quarter of the first month, the Year Star is at the great bridge. The east wind breaks up ice and we chose our fields. At the end of the year, the Harvest is full. This joy is hard to match. Human actions need to accord with the greater movements of our natural world (nature).

If there is harmony above, there will be abundance and blessings below. Still, we must not expect an immediate response from life. In fact, it will seem that rewards are slow in coming so wait for the natural outcome, which is a difficult practice. The “year star” is Jupiter.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio and on its positive side, it rules benevolence for difficult issues and that is a blessing. Today, I wanted to write about the main challenges that we all face when trying to walk our spiritual path. When we want to practice self-healing and integrity, we live in a perpetual awareness of our behaviors, some we can see and most we cannot – so we also watch our mirrors and our dreams for that which is hidden from our conscious self. Here is an old time list of some of the challenges we face personally or face in our relationships, traditionally they are called the seven sins, or Gandhi’s list of societal struggles. Scorpio is one such moon that allows us to address these issues. They are our unconscious issues or the more shadowy struggles around our archetypes, which tend to accumulate and express themselves in the Second Autumn Moon.

Traditionally these have been known as:
Spirituality without sacrifice
Wealth without hard work
Pleasure without a conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity and humility
Politics without principle

Read over these below, and see which one you are struggling with this week. Our behaviors are a matter of awareness in order to see where we struggle. Don’t let words fool you, all these listed below are from the very simple and innocent to the most severe and some may reject them as old fashion today – but in truth, the collective truth is never out of fashion! So here we go…

russian Postcard
The Seven Sins – Russian Postcard

“Avarice” better known today as Selfishness, Greed and Materialism or Victimization of the lack of Physical Security. This is described as a struggle with emotional greed when we feel that only our pain or our listening and our suffering matters and should be heard regardless of what the other is going through or we do not make time to listen to their pain. Selfishness is when we cannot see the other persons point of view or their needs; and lastly, we suffer materialism when we have an issue around security or feeling safe or not feeling safe at our core. Living with the basics is all we really need to live a very healthy life, but possessions, spending or earning power have created a false sense of security, self worth, satisfaction. Avarice or greed is about our value system at its core, and it is also the root of crime. Too much and too easy makes people miserable just as too little and too hard make people suffer and disconnected. Ways to approach the healing are a sense of routine and self nurturing. 

“Envy” better known as Entitlement and Jealousy. We all go through times when we don’t feel good enough or even deserving, which is different than humbleness. But on the other side of this issue, is the demanding of self righteousness that we know it all even when we do not (but don’t know it or not aware of this within our self). The other aspect of envy-entitlement is thinking we know more than we do, without the main factor: experience. Not understanding our place in the world or in our life during certain stages of growth – always will require painful lessons for growth and being humbled. Entitlement tells us sometimes, that we are better than having to struggle and suffer for growth or for having things of value. Envy eventually is always painful (unlike pride), and it causes us to do things that harm the self or those who try to love and understand us. Jealousy of what others do or have or their lifestyle takes two paths, one we are jealous and the other we pretend we have earned it until we believe that is real.

Autumn Creatures, A Halloween Past time“Gluttony”
better known today as Addiction. Addiction’s spread all the spectrum’s today like a pandemic, from the food we eat, to the pleasure we have or the sex appetite, cigarettes, pot, alcohol and medications, money, gambling, credit cards or exercise. Everything is an “addiction” when it causes us or others pain by its accumulation. Addiction in mental terms is “distraction” from the boring, the mundane or ordinary, having to fill every moment with music or noise, or busyness or behaviors that will harm the self or others which end up with loss. Its rarer that the gluttonous person wakes up to their addiction because many years have gone by in a state of repetitive denial or justification of the addiction. Healing requires suffering, it also requires the ordinary work, play, friendship and preoccupations that adds balance to our life. Today, the usual cure for an addiction is another addiction (substitute) until the person is ready to come to terms with admission and practicing letting go.

which is better known today as Sexual Appetite, Sex Abuse, Excessive Self Pleasure, Rape, Sexual Deviance, Porn Addiction and Pedophilia and the Sex Slave Trade. On the simple end, lust is an excessive desire for one’s own sexual pleasure or continual masturbation daily or weekly. Sex-Love, Food and Shelter are the basics in life, and when we struggle with one of the three basics, it can take enormous amounts of work to both understand our addiction and our suffering with sexual issues. Its all fun and pleasure until it starts to show imbalance. The world likes to paint a picture that sex does not involve the issues of the soul (karma), but it does at the basic level, and for lifetimes the issues of sex can lay dormant and then appear in our adult life.  On the more severe levels of lust when its combined today with addiction-gluttony, a person can become totally unconscious of their sex-addiction. Like any addiction, self-commitments to abstinence allows a person to be with their own physical body to sense the intensity that is within them without gratification-release. This makes one very aware of the energy and how intense it is. We approach to heal it, by looking back at abuse from childhood. Practicing abstinence is a non-sexual active state allows positive detachment as a first step.

“Pride” which is known today as Conceit, Self Righteousness, Fear of Change, Denial or Unconscious Truth. When we demand attention or wish to be recognized, we struggle with pride rather than enjoyment in what we do. Pride can also be avoiding needed help or guidance but fear that it makes us look unable, unstable or unfit to handle our life, these too fall under pride. The remedies for pride is to finally seek help and recognize that this is a healthy and holistic path rather than suffering. Also practicing not taking the self so damn seriously all the time, which can add more fun in order to learn to be able to laugh at yourself. These help with our prideful actions that also arise in conflict. Others will not understand when we try to give more practice to lighten up our seriousness – and thats ok.

“Sloth” better known today as Apathy, Loss of Interest, Resistance or the old word,  Laziness. Many times these issues stem from someone who suffers from bi-polar, depression, or has had too many tragedies and are suffering emotional, mental or physical fragmentation. A loss of interest in life or even the simplest things in life become too difficult, then retreating from life occurs. Sloth is a very difficult and complex situation and to me it always involves the emotional body or lack of emotion and our personal fire, either smoldering or has gone out completely. If these continue too long, the person must force themselves to break free. A wellness plan and goals to seek help can help immensely, even if its just to manage a small current cycle of change. 

also known today as Abuse, Racism, Bullying, Anger or the internal aspects of excessive Worry, Anxiety, Stress, Avoidance. Wrath (like envy), has a lot to do with what’s wrong in our world today and how we plug into such abuses as casual. When communities or groups lack awareness and consciousness when they are wronged, such as racism, many do not take this serious and there are wrathful consequences. Our own personal abuse can always be kept in check by our own ability to handle our personal anger or increasing our ability to share feelings and truth, even though we know it will hurt others. Boundary issues also have to do with the deconstruction of wrath and either we create safe boundaries for our self so not to be victims of wrath or we accept when others call the police on us that our wrathful behavior has gotten out of hand. On a greater soul level, the Call of the Wrathful Deities (dark goddesses and bone mothers) enter with chaos into our life, and come to collect a soul debt.

New Moon Scorpio

Practice patience this month, and try to be a bit more reserved in conflict and leave drama with those who choose to be inflexible with their belief systems or convictions. Try to think about the sort of person you would like to develop into ten years from now, and start this month, on that journey instead…

Examples of Scorpio New Moon Intentions! Chose only one…

I am honest with my feelings
I focus on my balance
I practice a daily grounded routine
I give myself permission to grieve
I am patient
I love myself

I nurture myself in healthy ways
I am healing my addiction
I express gratitude
I am patient
I communicate honestly
I trust myself

I practice right relationship
I trust my intuition (the first time)
I give myself permission to be angry
I ground myself when I am too emotional
I am sincere

I meditate for inner peace
I am creativity
I accept my struggles right now
I accept exactly where I am right now in my life
I hold myself accountable
I support myself

I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I forgive myself
I have healthy emotional boundaries
I honor my needs

I am healthy
I am beautiful
I am kind
I embrace change

New Moon Libra 2nd New Moon of AutumnHave a healthy moon cycle and believe in your path! Also if you use this work in your personal moon circle- please ask permission from Elder Mountain Dreaming first. Phoenix is a master teacher of dreams, dreaming and dreamtime; folk healer and shaman. Assisting in emotional body, empath issues and soul body issues and those experiencing painful transitions. Any individual or family situations that require a pure shaman (non-drug non-plant). Exorcist, remover of spells, hexes and dark magic and shadow (demon) binder.


Lightning Goddess Perunika’s Daughter – Lepa Mara

Lepa Mara means beautiful woman when she wakes up in March when the thunder god Perun, her father and the lightning goddess Perunika, her mother makes their first thunder and lightning together to open heaven’s gates in Spring for their daughter Mara. Mara and her Mother Perunika are symbols of feminine rebirth and resurrection of nature from its winter sleep into spring.

In the homes of the ancient Slavs there were small altars in the corner of the house with wax, amber or wooden figurines where girls and women used to offer sacrifices like flowers, ribbons, embroidered napkins, etc. A fire burns or candles here that could be put out only using your fingers, otherwise the peace of the house would be put out with it.

Mother and daughter also represent the feminine or female principle embodied of woman which are: The primal principles, the soul, the instinctual and intuitive, the feeling, the subconscious, the conscious, the dreamer, the seeker, the journey, beauty, attraction, desire, love, the moving force of the world.

Slavic Goddess Lepa Mara

Spring is the time when her future husband and twin brother, the mythical Green Man sets her free from a treasure chest and she descends from heaven in the golden bough of a mythical tree on the first full moon after the spring equinox.

She drinks dew and gets her strength from the spirit of the wind and her joy from the smell of flowers. She is tall and thin, has rosy cheeks more beautiful than a rose, black eyes like the thorn bush and walks making small steps like a quail.

She wears a white dress decorated with roses and stars, with golden circles embroidered on it, she has a crown of ocean pearls on her for head and around her neck. She wears a cape of flowers, leaves and moonlight. She is a sacred weaver goddess and an embroiderer, lace maker, knitter, keeper of the home fire, baker, inn keeper, shepherdess, coach woman, chaser of witches, medicine woman, poetess, moonlight, dawn, giver of light, love, happiness and fertility.

Suchá Kamenice
During the day she is a kind woman who sits on the branch of the mythical tree in the middle of Paradise or a flowering meadow and at dusk or during the night. In winter she is a woman whose together with her mother she is represented as an unknown, poor, fickle, proud, evil, cruel or ageing resident and ruler of the west or underworld.

Her mother is the Fire Lightning Goddess Perunika and is Baba Jaga/Luca/Roga/Yaga and the Lithuanian Rugiuboba who is the power of death itself.  The mother is then known as Jagbaba, Jez(i) baba, Marzana, Mokos, Vodanojka, Zimna (”winter”), Zderacica (”devourer”).

When her great goddess mother was banished as the keeper of balance of life and death, by religious fathers who corrupted her and turned her dark, her daughter Lepa Mara then becomes a stranger, a woman from Arabia, Greece, Turkey and the poor Cinderella, changeable moon or moonlight, a proud girl or cruel Morana. The name Morana comes from the Indo-European stem ”mer”, meaning ”to crumble” or ”to die”.

Croatian words ”mrijeti”, ”umirati”, ”umarati”, ”smrt”, ”moriti”, ”zamor”, ”odmor”, ”mrak”, ”Mura” all meaning death or tiredness (Mura is the name of a river in Croatia) and where the river got its name from. Since the Christians took over, both mother and daughter are inconstant like the time of day or the seasons. Changing their form from fairies into witches, into death, who they represent as the fragmented soul or dual spirit of nature.

Lepa Mara Slavic Goddess of Spring

Before Christianity they represented the place in-between both darkness and light, white and black, clear and cloudy, summer and winter, plenty and hunger, medicinal and poisonous, health and sickness, youth and old age, love and hate, care and carelessness, morality and greed, fortune and misfortune, good and evil.

She gives flame to the moon, and when man lets go and changes, it frees her of her chains, she marries Green Man on a white whinged horse and shares part of her flame but never to give man all of it again. She is a golden apple from the Paradise tree and her necklace, the first morning or spring light helps her remember how men enslaved her and her mother.

Green Man in return gives her a golden ring and both enable enchantment and love and thus make all living creatures grow and bear fruit. On each young Friday, that is the first Friday of the month celebrations and rituals connected with the fertility of the fields, orchards and gardens. In fact Mary of Fire and Beautiful Mara, although they are represented as mother and daughter in the Croatian oral tradition, show the bonds between mother and daughter and how the family flourishes or perishes.

They are represent the plants: basil, peach, birch, lily of the walley, ox eye daisy, apple, strawberry, fir, violet, poppy, olive, lime-tree, rose, rosemary, dog-rose and plum. When they are represented as animals they are the dove, quail, mare (horse), doe, cow, sow, cuckoo, purple marten (in Russian vernacular an expression for the female sex organ), hen, swan, weasel, swallow, butterfly, fox, bee, partridge, falcon, otter, she-wolf, snake, frog and woodpecker.

Mara is both a spirit and earth goddess, like her mother. At the same time she is a kind sister and a passionate lover. She and her mother Perunika (Lightning and Fire) are  goddesses of beauty, love, fertility, marriage, marital happiness and the house or hearth fire.

Zwezda Dnierca, Zwezda Wieczorniaia, and Zwezda Polnoca

The Zorya are the three Slavic Mythological Guardian (warrior) Goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hounds (shadow people) who threatens to eat the constellations of the Great Bear and the Little Bear (Ursa Major & Minor). 

If the chain breaks loose, the earth’s time is said to end and completed and the dreaming time returns. The Auroras are the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Midnight Sun who are depicted as the goddesses Zwezda Dnierca, Zwezda Wieczorniaia, and Zwezda Polnoca.
 Zwezda Dnierca Zwezda Wieczorniaia and Zwezda Polnoca

Zwezda Dnieca – Maiden – Aurora of the Morning Star, a warrior maiden who opens the Gate of Heaven for the Sun every morning to emerge and bring the day light. She is the goddess of horses. A fully armed warrior Goddess, courageous in temperament in her youth.
 Slavs portrayed her each morning as the Sun rose just as the other pagan traditions of the world did with Venus. She is one who stands on the side and views death in battle, and her prayers were addressed as “Defend me, O Maiden, with your veil from the enemy, from the arquebus and arrow.

Zwezda Wieczoniaia – Mother – Aurora of the Evening Star, the great and powerful warrior Mother of the Zoryas. She closes the Gates of Heaven and Death each evening as the aged Sun God returns from across the skies. She is patron of protection and was, before the sun became too greedy, lineage to the shamanic cultures of her ancient people. The fullness of the night sky, its stars and star light, the falling and shooting stars of fate.

Zwezda Polnoca – Grandmother – The Midnight Sun, the Golden Baba (grandmother) of the Zoryas. She is the Zorya of death itself, keeper of the four seasons and one to whom the Sun God returns to die and who she gives life to again in the morning. She is death and rebirth, magic and wisdom, she the is the wise elder of the collective and the Night and the Sky Light and all its magic which belongs to nature. The warriors in battle fear her, for she judges not only their actions but also the wounds or bitterness in their heart. She opens the gates of the underworld to return them to sit and wait for their rebirth (reincarnation). She is closely related to Baba Jaga in prehistory (not pagan or religion’s views of her).

Evening Mountain

To read more about the Night Goddesses, Shamans who are Dreamers and the Mysticism of the Season of Night (Autumn and Winter) and the Midnight Sun: The Generous Invitation to the Marriage of the Spirit of the North’s Wisdom: “The Midnight Sun” Kolyadky and Auseklis

Star Light, Star Bright, Star Night – Earthly & Heavenly Goddesses of the Seasonal Cycles

Pagan Armenia 

Goddess Astghik – Armenia 

In the earliest prehistoric period Astghig, commonlyy referred to as Asya, Astghik, or Astlik, (Armenian: Աստղիկ) had been worshiped as the Armenian Goddess Deity of Creation which actually means Creator, later the sky light had been considered her personification making her a Sky Goddess.  In later heathen periods, she became the Goddess of love and demoted to the maiden beauty. Astghig Creator aspect, she was origin of the Wind and Water Deity of Storms, Lightening and Springs.

The Vartavar Festival devoted to Astghik that had once been celebrated in mid July but was transformed into the Christian holiday of the Transfiguration of Christ, and is still celebrated by the Armenians. As in pre-Christian times, on the day of this feast, the people release Doves and sprinkle Water on each other with wishes of health and good luck. 

She is creator of heaven and earth and the supreme goddess who birthed Aramazd, a father god (the sun being worshiped as his personification) and Anahit that had been worshiped as Great Lady and Mother Deity in more modern times as a Moon Being – worshiped as her personification, she forms the astral trinity in the pantheon of Armenianheathen deities. In the period of Hellenistic influence, Astghik became similar to the Greek Aphrodite which again connects her to Urania and the Mesopotamian Ishtar. 

Her name is the diminutive of Armenian աստղ astġ, meaning “Star”, which through Proto-Indo-European she is the Night Goddess or Star Light that shines down on earth (Heaven Creator). Her principal seat was in Ashtishat (Taron), located to the North from Mush, where her chamber and Temple were. Other temples and places of worship of Astghik had been located in various towns and villages, such as the mountain of Palaty (to the South-West from Lake Van, in Artamet.

The unique monuments of prehistoric Armenia, “Višap” (‘Serpent, Dragon’) known as ancient “Dragon Stones”, spread in many provinces of Armenia, the Dragon Mother of  Gegharkunik, Aragatsotn, Javakhk, Tayk, etc., and are another manifestation of her worship.

Karahunj, Armenia.png
Karahunj, Armenia, Dragon Stones

Goddess Aphrodite Urania & Pandemos – Greek

There is a double tradition of Aphrodite’s birth suggested as a basic duality in her character or the existences of two separate goddesses: Urania the Sky Goddess, Goddess of Heaven (Celestial Aphrodite) who sprung from the great divine and Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of All the People). Aphrodite Urania has immense energetic (weather wind rain lightening) power. Aphrodite Pandemos is more like the Venus we have today and seems to have been a goddess who inspired beauty, art and peace or concord among the people.

Dione (Demeter) was the Titan Goddess of the Oracle of Dodona in Thesprotia, mother of Aphrodite. The three old Prophetesses of the Shrine, are known collectively as the Peleiades, where her priestesses were named “The Doves” after the Sacred Bird of her daughter Aphrodite – who also possessed a temple within the shrine. Dione was identified with both the Titanis Phoibe and Dione’s Titan Sisters were similarly Oracular:

Phoibe possessed Delphi
Mnemosyne possessed Lebadeia
Themis possessed Delphi and Dodona. 

She governs over four realms :

The Sky (Heaven) as Aphrodite Ourania;
The Sea (Creation) Aphrodite Pontia;
The Earth as Aphrodite Porne;
The Underworld (Death, then Rebirth) as the
Khthonic Aphrodite Androphonos (‘killer of men’)

Her mythologies regarding the time between her birth and her arrival at Olympus are not extensive: the classical writers speak only of her love for the Sea-God Nerites and of her arrival at Rhodes, where she was prevented from stopping there by the sons of Poseidon. From Evelyn B. Harrison: “Pausanias who was a Greek traveler in the 2nd century ce, lived in the times of Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. He saw in the sanctuary of Aphrodite in the Gardens near the Ilissos in Athens an image of Aphrodite, that was square like a herm, with an inscription saying that Aphrodite Ourania is the eldest of those called the Moirai.  The Moirai or Moerae are often known as the Fates, white-robed incarnations of Destiny.

Two statues of Aphrodite Ourania by Pheidias are one of gold and ivory in Elis’ and one of Parian marble in Athens. The attribution of that in Elis is more secure, since it is also mentioned by Plutarch as a work of Pheidias. The Aphrodite Ourania of Elis had one foot on a tortoise. Pheidias was likely to have used it as a deeper symbol of the nature of Aphrodite Ourania. Settis has explored in an extensive monograph the meanings of Ourania as an epithet of Aphrodite and the appropriateness of the Tortoise as a symbol of such an Aphrodite. He concludes that in the time of Pheidias “Ourania”  designate Aphrodite both as Goddess of the Heavens and as the Goddess born of the Ocean, according to the Hesiodic legend, from the Sea foam surrounding the severed member of Ouranos.

Aphrodite was depicted with a background of a dark stone, against which the golden figures of the divinities who shone like stars. The dark color can have represented both Sea and Night Sky alike. We know from Pausanias that Aphrodite is coming up out of the Sea. Aphrodite is certainly Ourania, in the literal meaning of Heaven as well as in the manner of her birth. In attempting to visualize the Pheidian Aphrodite of Elis, scholars have generally started with a marble statue in Berlin, the so-called Brazza Aphrodite, whose raised left foot requires such a support as the tortoise would have furnished. A comparable pose of Aphrodite with the left knee raised is seen on two classical vases with Aphrodite and one with the Anodos of Persephone.

In my own work of the Goddess, I see the Sky Goddess & Underworld Goddess as one Goddess of prehistory which were the “seasons” of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. This was before separation of consciousness of the mysteries of nature (animism) and the feminine mysteries of the grandmothers. Early shamanic cultures of the grandmothers, later called goddess, expressed all divination as animals, birds, oceanids, insects etc. Later grew the human association of woman figures as goddess. The pre-dawn (time) Goddess is both “Sun Goddess: Spring and Summer”; and “Underworld or Night Goddess; Autumn and Winter.”

Plato: “Of the two goddesses, Aphrodite Urania is older, stronger, more intelligent and more collective.” The first inspires a relationship between the  “lover” and the “beloved,” and in an ascent of the objects of love, leads to the love of humanity much like a buddha would be regarded. The cult of Aphrodite in foreign lands, Herodotus. Around the precinct live Phoenicians of Tyre, and the whole place is called the “Camp of the Tyrians.” There is in the precinct of Proteus a temple called The Temple of the Stranger Aphrodite; Temple of Helen, daughter of Tyndarus, because it bears the name of the Foreign Aphrodite: for no other of Aphrodite’s temples is called by that name.

Goddess Al Uzza photo of maria callasAl-Uzza – Arabian

“The Most Mighty” worshiped as uncut aniconic stones is Al-Uzza, a Sky (Star Night) Goddess, associated with Aphrodite (Venus) honored by the Koreishites (the tribe in which Mohammed had come from) as one of their highest Goddesses of Heaven. She was reputed to accept human sacrifices, which in real terms, one made personal sacrifices (not human sacrifices).

The Culture of Sheba in the south of Arabia, present-day Yemen also worshiped Al-Uzza and her sanctuary in a valley on the road from Mecca, was comprised of three Acacia Trees in which she was said to descend. Some scholars believe she may even have been the Goddess of Mecca itself.

At Mecca the Goddess of rulership was Shaybah or better known as  Sheba, the Old Woman, worshiped as a black aniconic stone like the Goddess of the Scythian Amazons. The sacred Black Stone now enshrined in the Kaaba at Mecca was her feminine symbol, marked by the sign of the yoni, and covered like the ancient Mother by a veil. 

The Black Stone rests in the “Sanctuary” which originally meant the Temple of Women: in Babylon, a shrine of the Goddess Har, mother of harlots. Hereditary guardians of the Haram were the Koreshites, “children of Kore,” Mohammed’s own tribe. The holy office was originally held by women, before it was taken over by male priests calling themselves Beni Shayban, “Sons of the Old Woman.”

Al-Uzza is a member of the Nabatean Zodiac and has been called from their writings as the Queen of Heaven. She seems to have been the premier Goddess worshiped in their capital city of Petra, located in present-day Jordan. Petra was a major stop on the spice roads and was a very wealthy City under Al-Uzza. Tombs or temples are carved out of the living rock and the main way into the city is through a dramatic tunnel-like narrow gorge, nearly a mile long, that suddenly opens on to the city. Latin meaning of “Petra” is from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning “Stone.”

When Theseus had united into one state the many Athenian parishes, he established the cultures of Aphrodite Pandemos (Common) and of Persuasion.  The old statues no longer existed in my time, but those I saw were the work of no inferior artists.  There is also a sanctuary of Earth, Nurse of Youth, and of Demeter Chloe (Green).  You can learn all about their names by conversing with the priests.

My apprentice had a dream connecting Urania and the Sky Goddess to Tamar, the Georgian Goddess… “In Georgian mythology, Tamar is the Georgian Sky Goddess who controlled the weather. Tamar enslaved Dilis Varskvlavi, the Morning Star (currently known as Venus) who was master of Winter; whenever he escaped, snow began to fall, but annually she captured him and brought summer back to the land. She was an eternal one who rode through the air on a serpent saddled and bridled with gold.”

As I was looking for names associated with Urania’s Mirror again, because I have Urania conjunct my Mid-heaven and Pluto and “Noctua” was one of the names on the list of association star constellation cards of Urania’s Mirror. These are a set of constellation cards. Urania’s Mirror (32 cards) consists of: “Noctua, Corvus, Crater, Sextans Uraniae, Hydra, Felis, Lupus, Centaurus, Antlia Pneumatica, Argo Navis, and Pyxis Nautica.”

I decided to look and see if there was an asteroid and there is, Noctua sits at 18 degrees Scorpio conjuncting my 18 degree Scorpio Ascendant. How this plays out is even the most asleep athiest person, who has no contact with their soul or has no empath abilities consciously, are effected with the openness of my death aspects of a Scorpio Rising and the soul “energy of interior and exterior auric energy that is undulating” freely from me.


Ishtar – Babylon

Nina or Ishara was a water deity identified at an early date with the constellation Scorpio. The ideogram for Nina was also pronounced tt-ha, but the form s-ha-na probably arose by adding an Heaven to Esha, deities who had been identified with Stars. Nina is too strong to be rejected, and if Nana be a corruption of Nina the evidence is conclusive. The Sumerians pronounced her name as Nin-a, Lady of  Waters, which survived as Nana, and Esha, Goddess of the Fish house, i. e. thejsea ; after the identification with Scorpio she became Iskana, Heavenly Goddess of the fish, a word which survived as Ishara.

Old Babylonian period Queen of Night relief, represents Ishtar’s sister Ereshkigal. The original Nin-an-na are the variants of Innina, Ninina, Tnnana, Enm m, and simply Nin, Ninanna, Innini, her identification with Aphrodite (Venus.) is similar. Ishtar arose a tendency to regard these names as connoting two deities. In fact a considerable portion of the pantheon was derived by erecting a new name into a separate deity. Prehistoric periods probably had these four names for the sister of Tammuz, viz. Gestin-anjaa, barra, Nina, and Innini. We have seen how Nina and Esharra became severed from this cult. At a time almost prehistoric the Semites. Invaded Mesopotamia, bringing with them the Cult of Byblus.

Demeter Ceres, Egyptian Goddess statueGoddess Ceres (Demeter) – Roman

She said, and forth she fared, trailing a cloud behind her, and passed to her Dragons, then soared aloft in her winged chariott. She left behind bold Sunium, and the snug harbor of Piraeus, and the coast that lies on the right hand. From there she came to the Aegean, where she beheld all the Cyclades; she skimmed the wild Ionian and the Icarian Sea; passing through the cities of Asia she made for the long Hellespont, and pursued aloft a roving course, this way and that.

For now she looked down on the incense-gathering Arabs, and now on the Indians: beneath her lay on one side Libya, on the other side Meroe, and the parched land. Now she visited the western Rivers, the Rhine, the Rhone, the Po, and thee, Tiber, future parent of a mighty water. Whither do I stray? ‘Twere endless to tell of the lands over which she wandered.

No spot in the world did Ceres leave un-visited. She wandered also in her Sky, and accosted the Constellations that lie next to the cold Pole (Star) and never dipped in the ocean wave.

“Ye Parrhasian Stars, reveal to a wretched mother her daughter Persephone; for ye can know all things, since never do ye plunge under the Waters of the Sea.”

So she spoke, and Helice answered her thus:

“Night is blameless. Ask of the Sun concerning the ravished Maiden: far and wide he sees the things that are done by day to her.” Appealed to, the Sun said, “To spare thee vain trouble, she whom thou seekest is wedded to Jove’s brother and rules the third realm.” (Jove is Juniper, the Roman Zues.) 

After long moaning to herself she thus addressed the Thunderer, and in her face there were deep lines of sorrow:

“If thou dost remember by whom I got Persephone, she ought to have half of thy care. By wandering round the world I have learned naught but the knowledge of the wrong: the ravisher enjoys the reward of his crime. But neither did Persephone deserve a robber husband, nor was it meet that in this fashion we should find a son-in-law.

What worse wrong could I have suffered if Gyges had been victorious and I his captive, than now I have sustained while thou art sceptered of heaven? But let him escape unpunished; I’ll put up with it nor ask for vengeance; only let him restore her and repair his former deeds by new.”



Goddess of Lightning Fulgora – Etruscan / Roman 

Fulgora is an active principle of a Star and Sky Goddess, her names in Latin means “Lightning,” “Flashing,” or “Brightness.” There is not much in the source material on Her. The only mention of Fulgora by name that I could find in classical texts was in Saint Augustine’s City of God, where he quotes the Roman rhetorician (orator) Seneca, from a work presumably lost to us. Augustine, who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries of the common era, was a North African Pagan (a Berber from Algeria, to be precise) who later converted to Christianity (after saying goodbye to his companion of thirteen years, a concubine he calls simply “The One”).

He wrote the book mentioned above, whose full title is The City of God Against the Pagans, then in vogue, that the downfall of the Roman Empire was attributable to the rise of the Church; much the same charge has been leveled in modern times (for example in the question, What made the Dark Ages dark? The answer to which is: Christianity, with its condemnation of the learning of the ancients) and I can’t help but think the ancient Pagans had a point.

Augustine quotes Seneca, who lived a good four centuries earlier, right around the time of the BC/BCE switch. I’ve no idea why the idea that some Goddesses were unmarried in the mythology should be so shocking, nor can I account for Seneca’s sarcasm, but apparently considers Populonia, Fulgora, and Rumina not of marriage able material. Oddly enough, both Populonia and Rumina are considered aspects of Juno, who are especially concerned with fertility and motherhood; perhaps he is objecting to the idea of unmarried mothers. Though given that grouping I find myself wondering, probably without reason, if Fulgora likewise might have something to do with Juno; Juno was, after all, one of the special class of Deities Who had the ability to throw thunderbolts.

The lack of mention of Fulgora, or evidence of temples or rituals to Her is a little surprising, given the Roman interest in the phenomenon of lightning, which they considered an especially important portent. Perhaps She is simply lightning personified (though the noun fulgura itself is neutral, not feminine). The Roman fascination with lightning was inherited from the Etruscans, who had books devoted to the practice of haruspicy, or divining the will of the Gods, said to have been invented by Tarkhies (Latin Tages), the Etruscan God of Wisdom who was born from the Earth.

Nowadays haruspices are mostly remembered for predicting the future by the shape of sheep’s entrails (especially the liver); but reading lightning was another of their specialties, and the Etruscan books concerning the art were called the Libri fulgurales, or “books about lightning-omens.” In a more official capacity, the augurs, a college of priests concerned with making sure the state was doing things in line with the will of the Gods, also read the signs, including lightning.

As an omen, lightning was considered an auspicia oblativa, an unsought auspice, meaning one out of the blue and not officially requested through ritual. Lightning and thunder were of a class of omens called ex caelo (“from the heavens”) and were the most important type; and if an augur officially reported thunder or lightning, the comitia (officially assemblies) were not to be held.

Lightning was recognized as several different types, which affected the interpretation of the sign: there were for example types considered “punishing”, “ominous,” “decisive,” or “boastful.” Pliny the Elder, who lived in the first century CE (and who died in the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius) says in his Natural History that according to the Etruscans there are nine Gods who have the ability to send lightning, but eleven types of lightning, since Jupiter throws three kinds. (Though he also says that the Romans only recognize two Gods who sent lightning: Jupiter in the daytime, and Summanus or Pluto at night.) We know of at least seven Gods who were thought to throw thunderbolts: Jupiter, Juno, Mulcibar/Vulcan, Minerva, Mars, Saturn, and Summanus/Pluto (though besides Pliny I haven’t found anything linking Summanus and Pluto, so perhaps they are to be considered separately).

In the Etruscan system the sky was divided into four parts, with four smaller subdivisions; lightning seen in the eastern part of the sky was considered lucky or favorable, while that from the northwest quadrant was thought especially terrible and unfortunate. Pliny also says that only lightning that comes without thunder or noise is properly a sign from the Gods. He then makes the astonishing statement that lightning could be conjured from the sky by humans, if the proper rituals were observed; and that he knew of groves and altars set aside for that purpose. (Don’t try this at home, I feel I should warn.)

A place that had been struck by lightning was called a bidental, and was considered sacred to Jupiter. It was marked off and made separate, neither to be walked on nor even looked at, and a two-year-old sheep was traditionally sacrificed. A bidental was often given an altar, and a structure called a puteal, or “well-head” (which was usually used for just that, wells or springs) was used to cover the spot. The name is a little mysterious, though: it is derived from bidens “two teeth” and may refer to either the young sheep sacrificed, or to the forked appearance of lightning.

All this Roman fascination with lightning—what it might mean as message from the Gods, and the proper respect and rituals around places it has struck—makes it all the more odd that we have just a single mention of Fulgora. That Fulgora protected Her devotees from lightning is a not unreasonable supposition based on Her name. The practice of burying stone axes thought to represent thunderbolts at Roman sites has been taken as an attempt to prevent lightning strikes. It would make sense that Fulgora had a part in these practices, or was invoked in the sacrifices at a bidental, but we don’t really know.

Athena Minerva OwlAthene Noctua (counterpart to the Night Skies of Ourania)  – Greek   

In the mythology of ancient Greece, Athene was so impressed by the great eyes and solemn appearance of the Owl that, having banished the mischievous crow, she honored the night bird by making her the favorite. Athene’s bird is the Owl, (Athene noctua). This Owl is protected and inhabited the Acropolis in great numbers. It is believed that a Magical “inner light” gave Owls their Night Vision. As the symbol of Athene, the Owl is her protector. If an Owl flew over it means success in battle or victory over any issue. 

The word “Noctua” in Latin literally means ‘Night Bird.’ Nocturnalis, from Nocturnus meaning ‘Of the Night,’ from Nox and Noct meaning ‘Night.’ In Constellation Astrology the head of an obsolete modern constellation, Turdus Solitarius, encroaches onto one of the scales of Libra, the one with the alpha star, Zuben Algenubi. Turdus Solitarius, the solitary Thrush was a constellation that was never widely recognized and was replaced by other birds, including Noctua, the Owl and the Hermit Bird (Night Bird). The constellation was located on the end of the tail of Hydra the Water-Snake, just below Libra. Its stars have been incorporated back into Hydra. Manilius says the Scales represent ‘Balancing Night with Day’.

The words ostrich and thrush comes from the same root, ostrich avis + Late Latin struthio, Greek strousthos, turdus and thrush from Greek strousthos. The Egyptian goddess Maat uses her ostrich feather to measure the weight of the soul (karma), in which a person’s soul lies in one and the ostrich feather of the Goddess Maat in the other. In earlier times, Libra is represented not by a balance, but as the Claws of a Scorpion, Scorpius. At first Scorpio’s claws were the scales.

The Zuben- prefix in the names of the stars of Libra is from the Arabic word for ‘Claw’. The Romans created the constellation, Chelae, ‘Claws’, a common Roman title for Libra, but as Ian Ridpath (Star Tales) explains the idea of a balance in this area did not originate with the Romans, it is the Sumerians who knew this area as ZIB-BA AN-NA, the Balance of Heaven, 2000 years bce, where the Arabs got the name Zuben. Hence it seems that the Romans revived a constellation that existed before Greek times.

Noctua is the only caelregio with two separated parts with the smaller part being Serpens Cauda, which is one of the two parts of the constellation Serpens. The two parts of Noctua are separated by Tarandus while the two parts of Serpens are separated by Ophiuchus the Serpent-Holder.

Tarandus is named after the Latin word for “Reindeer.” This caelregio can also be called Rangifer since it also means Reindeer in Latin. It is imagined that Reindeer, although winter creature, does share a relationship with Eagle (Aquila). Reindeer wears the shield for protection as worn by Athena, especially from arrows of (Sagitta). In Greek mythology, the Little Owl is messenger of Athene, not Hermes or Mercury, for she is the  Goddess of Wisdom and Nature, where the animals and avian are closer associated with Goddess Cultures. In later years, the Romans appropriated the Owl as a companion for their Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva as they spread the stories once associated with Athene and were retold in the name of Minerva. 

The name of the owl in some countries are derived from Minerva, for example is Minervanpöllö in Finland & Minervauggla in Sweden. Noctula and Nottola, which the Italians give to bats, because they appear at night, as the owl. Italian influences: And like the owl… I am like a pelican of the wilderness, I am like an owl of the desert.” Aretino continues: ” ma si come un nottola – (i.e. bat); “owl” in Italian is ” civetta.” Dante uses the word ” vespertiglio ” (which also means bat). In Teutonic myth, its stated as Klag-Mutter – Owl, Woodwife, Owl-Mother, Witch, 1643.

Persephone, Apulian red-figure amphora 4th century bcePersephone – Greek

I sing of thee, Night Queen, fervent lover of the darkest lord; Iron Queen, unbending ruler of the dead; Bright Queen, removed from a mother’s shadow; Winter Queen, ethereal, smoke-born maiden; Infernal Queen, keeper of the natural balance; Motherly Queen, defender of the dying and forsaken;

Summer Queen, bringer of life and fertile love; Young Queen,champion of the lovelorn; Vengeful Queen, mistress of the fair Eumenides; Lovely Queen, bringer of moonlit magic;

Shadow Queen, savior of the broken; Child Queen, keeper of the earthly fruits; Patient Queen, unmovable in justice and honor; Ghastly Queen, lady of the shades of the dead; Eternal Queen, existing in the shadow-world; Persephone,bringer of light to dusky dark. 

Various Sources: on the web, Evelyn B. Harrison, Wiki (major revisions of Wiki); Tammuz and Ishtar : a monograph upon Babylonian religion and theology containing extensive extracts from the Tammuz liturgies and all of the Arbela oracles”;;; Pagan Armenia at; Compilation and revisions by Phoenix and additions by Sarah Burnt Stone.

First Full Moon of Autumn

Nesting Horned Owl

By Phoenix the Elder – Blessings on this full moon dreamers in the beautiful month of October… we enter our 1st Full Moon of Autumn on October 5th 2017 @ 12 degrees Ares. Our signs and synchronicities begin three days before each new and full moon and if we can be flexible enough in our attention, we can give more energy to heighten our second sight, which helps our personal intuition (empath nature, psyche, remembrance, and memory) grow stronger.

The slow progressive journey of awareness comes with difficulty and that is precisely where we walk our talk. Its fine to express ourselves and believe everything we wish, but in an Ares full moon, our actions show us more of who we are than any belief system we have, negative or positive.

So, to really see our signs clearly in the Libra right relationship cycle, the Ares full moon reveals where we are passive or aggressive, where we listen and where we deeply listen or where we put our feelings into action, negative or positive This is not a practice for those who lack attention in the greater good of right relationship, so if you need to settle the mind or intense emotions first in order to focus, then begin there!

tumblr_ojyx9hMPpX1tjduiho1_400.jpgI always write this Moon wisdom practice a day or two before the actual new or full moon for specific reasons and that is because emotional awareness is the “other” consciousness path (besides the mind), and its root of practice is much more ancient than the mind cult, especially for dreamers and empaths. Like the wind, we don’t want to be carried away too far from our center.

Major work is always required for us to ‘wake up’ as a human beings decade after decade, and these lunar practices help us increase awareness of the opening and closings of our emotional body through our life changes. Memory is very tricky when it surfaces from our past unconsciously and it effects our base instincts and can knock us off balance or not be committed to our decisions. We all tend to fall asleep everyday and then float in a hypnotic stream, becoming swept away by routines, or our compulsions, and worries, or even our past emotional woundedness. Being vulnerable to change this is always recommended and a most difficult. Setting your intention to “let go” is the most powerful ways to begin and keep repeating. Letting go is “healing medicine”.

All relationships are important, even the smaller ones as part our spiritual work, and sometimes they lead to intensity and releases during the full moon time. Our mundane life and all our responsibilities takes up so much of our time that there is little left to experience in the ways of emotional risk, conflict resolution and honoring and respect of giving things the time it needs for resolve or flow. This is where real nature’s magic gets lost, and soul people must re-learn to remember its all real, even our untouchable soul life.

Mystical and magical happens all the time around us and not in the false happy way, but  in mystic proportions of nature’s way, but when our soul is sleepy, we cannot see it, feel it or touch it. Focusing instead on the “it” are things like drama and our insecurities which “shine” more than practicing peace and detachment practices. When we are asleep we cannot see the dull shadow that permeates our  ‘shine’ so we must learn to take our time, breathe slowly, make sure we have the right tools to address our issues and concerns.

The conscious practice of emotional flow through a continual interconnection of why we are experiencing this particular issue now, in the first place is always the best place to start. Fire signs are swift with release during full moons, for some that is great, for others that is overwhelming. We cannot bake a cake in five minutes, well neither can we bake our issues under pressure and heat. But we can experience that heat which opens what was blocked.

So this month when you set  your one intention to let go of something that doesn’t serve your highest good, try to hold that intention the remaining two weeks to build awareness around it and don’t fall asleep and forget. You might be surprised what you find out about yourself. I know personally that our greater soul waits for us to find the self deep within our self, she is very patient, even for lifetimes for us to do this difficult work.


After five moons (months) with Mars involved, this Autumn moon begins with Mercury, the blessings of communication, subtle communication and blatant communication. When we walk our spiritual path, try to remember the ancient heath fires, the season of transformation that comes at all the equinoxes and solstice shifts. This is what people talk about when they speak of the heart and communication of the heart.

The heart is pure fire energy, be that Ares, Leo or Sagittarius moons and either that fire is warm and inviting or aggressive and we feel burned. Its always our responsibility, not the other to work at resolve within, which effects the outer issue. How you touch these Ares flames today or the next few days is your choice, either it will burn in the communications and leave you upset to contemplate, or it will be warm… work at warmth and the burning, this way you find that balance.

black pumpkinIts the time for some active and conscious shift-making in our life, because we had six long moons to prepare for the Seasons of the Night which has come so quickly. All full moons within Autumn and Winter help us recenter with the “letting go in our seasonal descent” into our inner-world, our dream world, our astral world, our creative world.

Our practice of letting go intentions are a sacred art, remembering the things that arise might challenge us and bring forth the saying: “being right verses being happy.” There is a fine balance with speaking your mind verses saying too much, so try to show a little bit of courtesy to others even when upset, or at the least put some structure in place to achieve that and remember to pull back when your emotions drown you along with the other person. If you are too dry emotionally, then add some intensity of anger or tears by giving yourself permission to express the whole self. For both the expressive emotional people and the reserved emotional people, just remember to keep your hearth fires lit with warmth.

22222057_118823035452180_7400939327450991192_nThe Goddess Minerva came onto my path for this moon cycle. She is a very archaic and powerful goddess who represents balance, wisdom and the warrioress which is very Aries like.  The Etruscan Menrva (asteroid #93) stems from the Italian Moon Goddess Meneswā, which means ‘She who Measures’ with the moon. The ancient Etruscans adopted the inherited name Menerwā, calling her Menrva and its presumed that her Roman name, Minerva was based on a more ancient Etruscan mythology which puts her more into the tribal rather than cultural feminine. She is the counterpart to the Greek Athena who is more modern that her.

The Goddess Themis (asteroid #24), is closely related to the great Goddess Minerva who has many different names, and is the ancient Titaness, described as The Lady of Wise Counsel. She is the personification within divine order, fairness, law, natural law (nature’s laws), and customs of culture when her temple was build around the 5th century BCE.

Her symbolism and shamanic animals are Owl, Death & Rebirth and when that is completed, then Wisdom. Both Minerva and her Greek counterpart Athena exude the strong yet fair woman. The Owl of Minerva flies seeking nourishment from late evening until dusk. This allows us to catch a glimpse of her beauty and guidance in motion in reflection to our night dreaming. All archaic goddesses of the Night were Autumn and Winter seasonal expressions. At Night, she turns into the huntress (her war symbolism) and has entered the lucidity and dream worlds, which are the realms of our soul’s flight.

At dawn, she returns home to rest in her physical body and becomes conscious in her mundane life again. As symbolic insight, it is what we all go through to understand our journey each day and the night if we are aware of our dreams. Its also the battles we fight, where we win our desire, or find balance and compromise in ‘letting go’ of our obsessions, which can be one of the difficult parts of our life’s journey.

On the dark side of the moon, Minerva is the goddess of war, but men’s wars are very different than women’s wars. She is often depicted in her battle helmet holding a spear which represents, in a modern way, the strict and healthy boundaries one needs today to remain or learn to be empowered. Empowerment means all your validation doesn’t come from the other, the other lover, the other family member, the friend, it comes from deeper within your inner world.

The Oracle for the 1st Full Moon of Autumn…

When the one above is square-dealing and straight forward
lesser people attend to their tasks. When there is concord
in the family, younger and older all work together.

If nothing in your nature opposes your will,
you will achieve what you seek.

With the unyielding yang it is appropriate
that you must be very straight forward and
fair, with yourself and others. Harmony is
important, once this harmony is achieved,
everything can be accomplished.

Rufino Tamayo (1899 –1991)...The Astrologers of Life, oil on canvas 1947

Set your “One”
Full Moon Release Intention
based on what surfaced the
last two weeks from your
New Moon Intention,
and release what no longer
serves your highest good! 

Aries Full Moon 2017Sources: Painting of the Moon by John Philp, Rufino Tamayo (1899 –1991)…The Astrologers of Life, oil on canvas 1947; Baby Dragons in the Game of Thrones; The Cult of Minerva (; 

Huntress seeking the Sphinx – Thief of the Golden Light

pyramid brotherhood of the sphinx

I know that she has golden eyes now, 

a new found glory, from the emptiness
of millenniums of wandering. This has
brought her into the target of my golden sight.

She has stolen the golden from four billion newly unborn souls
and the youngest children, who were never protected. All because
her “ancient paradise” no longer existed. She is a soulless

one made only of “thought” which lead to the machine
because her memories vanished long ago.

Suddenly lost in my yesterday and this animated dreaming,
I entered the forbidden space, the inner circle where snow and
water swiftly rises. I entered her home of the non-existence.

Ageless glowing threads, born from my hands, pulled forth
from the weaving entrapments within perfection. I too have 
millenniums of my ancient past, but I still have a body, soul and
a golden spirit. You may have my mental body in bondage –
but that is the least of my power old friend.

When I wake up, I will unravel the boundlessness of space
within a thundering sun. This golden light will mirror the oldest
thief of earth, as the deathless shall kiss her golden
eyes and lips one last time.

Her awakening shall first turn her golden eyes black, just as
they were in her original ancient paradise of Sumeria & Akkadia.
This is the price of a Mesopotamian who lived in the land between
two rivers, who is forced to answer Death’s final
call of fire, earth and heaven.

~Phoenix the Elder

golden feet of hermes

The Anunnaki (Anunaki, Anunna, Ananaki, and other variations) are a group of worshiped alien humans called deities, that appear in religious traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

Monthly New Moon Intention – New, Full and Dark Moon Lunar, Dreaming and Emotional Work-study for Soul Guidance

new moonBy Phoenix of Elder Mountain – We have been getting a lot of new participators on our monthly lunar practice each month and once in awhile for the newer people, I send out a basic outline of the “Lunar Practice and Disciplines” and how and why its done. The benefits and struggles of our self awareness path can be difficult and very difficult at times, and this continual new moon intention and full moon release practice, helps us emotionally become ‘aware’ of our issues with a steady guide by the moon herself.

Basic Monthly Practice: The New Moon Intention (chose only “one”) is ONLY ABOUT YOU, not anyone else, because self-awareness comes from within through you into your conscious self. After you set the one intention, you will see what arises your original intention and it will be the “opposite”. Example: I am peaceful. For the following two weeks, you will begin to become aware of what upsets you, what triggers your emotions, or what bothers you. Each time you set a new moon intention, this is the what happens. When years go by, you can work on the same issues, and each will be revealed in different ways, depending on the energy of that particular moon cycle.

When the Full Moon comes in two weeks (after the new moon), then you set ONE RELEASE INTENTION on the day of the full moon, to let go and release something within, which was based on what surfaced with the new moon intention. It takes a while to get the practice.

Goals are our relationship to the outer world, Intentions are our relationship to our inner world, and that is the main difference. When this practice is walked along side your other healing work or spiritual practices, it reveals the hidden self to us. Buddhism calms and breaks the mental body down, out of its out of its harsh grip or control of a well worn and grooved path, by making us aware of the minds busy sides of static, noise and constant thoughts.

This practice is only about your emotional well being, and how this effects our soul that is untouchable. Its not about anyone else, except the mirrors of those who come onto our path each month as a reflection of our own shadow or our past life karma. This practice helps you to become ‘aware of your projections onto others’, your emotional resistance (fears or self sabotage), intuitive blocks and the responding mirrors (other people) and how that effect our emotional balance and imbalances each moon cycle.

Our emotional energy and soul energy are just… energy bodies, one feels and one does not. The soul is an untouchable and unrecognizable (astral body) even for those who astral travel (because lucid dreaming and astral travel are confined to the mental astral body). How we awaken to the multi levels self is how aware we are willing to become and that is not always pretty or nice when we recognize our own shadow or behaviors. Otherwise, every alcoholic or pot addict would stop drinking or smoking at will.

Not happening without great struggle, because the addiction has overcome the awareness body of the inner soul self and she is left weak and abandoned. Love addiction relationships are the same, anything where we are bound by habit and unawareness. We are unconscious more than we can possible imagine until we begin a dedicated journey of any kind, but this kind of practice is “emotional intelligence” and the loosening of the “subtle body” called the soul.

This practice is a very simple practice in application, that is slow, mundane, and steady each moon cycle, to reveal our emotional struggles and issues to us (creating self awareness of the intuitive body), yet reveals our very complex nature the longer we do it.

I am in my 23rd year of practicing every single moon cycle with one intention and with one full moon release. The awareness of self to self enlightenment was beyond what I ever could have comprehended in my first ten years of doing this practice. I have walked and teach it as a “living” teaching, a living experience, not a knowledge study reality.

I created this as a life path and did years of testing on myself and spent about eight to ten years doing it in my new moon circles that I taught, which were based on emotional awareness and soul awareness practices. Then I added and blended it into my “moon-goddess” circles to understand the ‘higher self’ of the feminine teachings of the emotional and soul body when it came to “inter-personal” relationships; and lastly, I added “goddess, moon with dreaming” all together in the last ten years of circles for the new, full and dark moon completion. I also tested the self awakening of the emotional soul bodies practices on apprentices since 1995. This practice is very, very subtle for the subtle bodies.

moon 3Lunar Cycles
Each Moon cycle is approximately 28 Nights
(28 x 13 moons = 364 nights in a year).  In nature’s Seasonal year, there are “3 moons” for each of the four seasons (three moons of spring, three moons of summer, etc.) – with one extra moon cycle between the end of winter and the beginning of the spring equinox. As emotional beings we must contend with our karma in smaller or larger ways, that are precisely timed in their calm and intense cycles. These cycles return the burdens of our past life deeds and play out in many simple to complex ways like physical disease, mental illness, and emotional instability including illusions all the way to bipolar and schizophrenia.

The emo-soul flow gets blocked in our memories of our emotional systems until we approach and heal them from a journey into our past (this lifetime) and the woundedness which we have all suffered. That is the wounded psyche or what we shamans call, the fragmented aspects of the soul (of this lifetime). There are soul fragments also from past lives but that is much more complicated. We do what we can, and we are even under the natural age cycles and fated cycle in doing such work. Remember, the Mind-Body reality, its perimeters and jurisdictions are not the same as the Emotional-Soul reality, its perimeters and jurisdictions and perceptions.

Spiral Medicines are the core practice of Lunar or Moon Intentional Work. Its a walking backwards in time, to revisit old wounds in order to free the emotional energy of those woundings, but we need awareness in order to “get it”.  When we do not “get it” the ah ha healing moments, we become suspended and stagnant. This is the basis of permanent emotional healing which eventually leads us to our soul. We cannot heal anything we are not “aware of” in our life and along with the mental body’s meditations, the emotional lunar work is the missing half and the remaining teaching for wholeness.

At each moon’s cycle, the subtle energies of nature and our own soul (which is different than the emotional body), begins to flow or has been blocked from lifetimes of karma even at our birth. I learned how each moon cycle was very different in its effects, its energy, its thick or thinness of energy and its effected on each individual person. Around the tenth year into this monthly simple lunar path and its disciplines I saw an awakening process that was coinciding with this work, with my other spiritual path. I also shared it at my monthly goddess circle, then moon circles and lastly, my dream circles.

moonBuilding a Monthly Lunar Foundation
In the invisible aspects of our life, which are our feelings, our soul, our intuition, our dreams, our psyche, including our personal illusions and illusions in our dreams, we also build a foundation and that is working with the moon, the cycles of the (energetic) reality of that invisible.

In ancient alchemy, the Mental body and the Emotional body (and the lesser soul that we incarnate with), are called the Sacred Marriage when they are no longer at odds or in battle, and these two bodies are housed in our Physical body and bring health. The lunar life through the night’s dreaming life, and the purification of the shadow self (karma) as a process is what fragments this flow. That is simply called self sabotage, unconscious behavior, projections, neurotic behaviors or addictive behaviors and a host of other dis eases that are mental or emotional resulting in the sicknesses of the physical body.

moon 2The actual Simple Practice
Each New Moon, the first step is to set only “One New Moon Intention” … on the day of the New Moon.

The second step in two weeks after the new moon is setting: “One Full Moon Intention Release” from what appeared on your path for two weeks.

The third and last phase is the “Contemplation of the Dark Moon” period that prepares the new intention for the next New Moon.

On each New Moon, set one inner intention (about our emotional life, our creative life, our perception life or the healing of a struggle or sickness). A “Goal” is you in relationship to your greater (exterior) world, and an “Intention” is your relationship with your (inner) world. We work with intention.

When you set your New Moon, then wait for the signs and synchronicity to begin to appear (and they will). For many, this practice is first building awareness to be able see the signs and synchronicity and then eventually to weed out what isn’t important of all the signs.

When the Full Moon arrives two weeks later, we set “One Release Intention” based upon the signs and your responses to it, of what surfaced from our new moon intention. On the full moon, speak out with I RELEASE…. or I LET GO OF…. (something that no longer serves your highest good, that is about only you.)

Then during the duration of the two weeks “after” the Full Moon, this is the time of contemplation and the processes of “awareness” occurs. It is the releases in our life that brings more clarity. We bring one small awareness to us, each month.

Foundation of the following New Moon, one month after another…
The most powerful days of signs and synchronicities are the three days before the new moon, and with practice, we begin to recognize the signs that will play out the entire month. If you do any spiritual work like fasting, or meditation retreats, try to do it the week when the dark moon shifts into the new moon. The amount of information will be doubled. This all takes a lot of practice for the more advanced Lunar Practitioner, but year after year we get one more drop of awareness. A mountain moves an inch every ten years, and so too, with real awareness (consciousness) mental or emotional body. 

For most beginners, its more a dedication to begin to see results. Within one year, you have set 13 actual intentions and 13 release intentions that are symbiotic. The next seasonal year, you begin a second layer of the same issues that arise, with the next 13 new moons and so forth.  This is a stabling process and practice and we cannot heal anything we are not ‘aware of’ – not mentally, but emotionally. The mind follows the emotional body but in the patriarch that has all been reversed along with philosophy to fragment core emotional truth.

Only my apprentices have practiced the ‘more complex 2nd through 8th stages of this practice’. But at my circles I have taught and still teach, just mastering the first stage is complex enough.

rock carving discovered in the vicinity of Almaty, a large city in southeastern Kazakhstan.Moon Cultures & Sobriety of the Emo & Astral Bodies
Last and certainly one of the most important aspects of the dreamer, intuitive, and emotional body and soul body is sobriety. This is our eternal body, unlike the intuition of the psychic or medium who works off the intuition of the mental astral body.

The Moon cultures were a living culture and not based on mind-body at all, but body and soul. These were the cultures of prehistory art, dreaming, shamanism, creativity, food, music, dance, sobriety (pre-Dionysus cults), which were rituals around the lunar cycles that included maidens, mothers and grandmothers. Since then, we have all lived without a real ancient awareness practice of our emotional and soul body before the 3rd century and have accrued much karma in our past lives. The purification of karmic lives require us to experience the visions of pain returned into our body, of those we had hurt in past life relationships, be that a antiquity soldier or family issues. What remained after that was the motion, but not the enlightenment aspects of the inner spiral walk that the moon cycles can lead us to, which is first and foremost, emotional rhythm as a healing practice to eventually enter emotional intelligence through nature’s consciousness.

If we drink or smoke pot, we disrupt our emotional body’s natural rhythms and flow and each decade that this has occurred its required about half that time to purify. Example, if you started smoking pot or drinking at 15 and are now 40, the rhythm of your energetic magnetic (soul cycles and emotional body cycles) have been “dried out” and no longer work with natures’s rhythm and emotional intensities. Think of the energetic astral body of our soul and emotional body as a cloud, its moist, movements, and continual flow like a large set of clouds in the sky.

These substances dry out of soul cloud body into small, millions of dried or hardened granular sand that are no longer moist nor unified. Your mind may work with your life and nature and “think” that these are intact, but when you need the power of your soul the most, we fail in not only making large changes in our life but overcoming addicts, behavioral issues etc. The Soul offers us superpower when life hits us the hardest and the “subtle” is revealed between illusions, soul blindness and emotional waves of detoxing.

This is because our magnetic energy bodies are complicated and painful when touched and they get “lost” because pot reduces and dries out the moist “cloud body” of the emotional and soul bodies. Alcohol spikes its rhythms until they are completely off balance. If one does both, it takes about 8 years of sobriety to release what was not seen in awareness of issues or loss of the past. The memory body of the emotional body is emotional energy and the remembrances is the soul body.

These magnetic energies are a great resource that many shadows have tried to steal within our astral light (of our astral, chi or unified chakra body), not only from us in waking life, but also in our dreams at night but luring us away with useless mental, university and mind cult distractions of love and light. Keeping boundaries healthy of our receptive body (soul/emo) requires that the mental body and physical body be clear and aware that the emotional body is subdued even when it shouldn’t be. And aware that the greater self (the soul) has been put into bondage even before we reincarnated.

If mother earth ignored her moon, her tides would not be consistent nor would the germination of her seeds of plants get started. So the moon is important both physically and energetically. Moon is the ancient keeper of the seasons’ natural flow, coinciding with woman’s natural emotional cycles and her bleeding cycles  – which were the original time keepers of this planet. This was replaced with the Sun calendars around the time religion came into power.

Please ask Phoenix of Elder Mountain for permission to use her Lunar work in your circle and its partnering of the sharing of our Monthly Lunar Work-study each new moon here on this blog.