Marzanna 2019 / 2020 Winter Slavic Ritual

By Phoenix – Its almost that time of year again to honor the Goddess of Winter, the Slavic Marzanna, an archaic night goddess and primal connection to her shamanistic and animistic mysteries of the past, present and future. These pre-religious rites are still done in very simple ways today and I hope you join us…

Slavic Spring & Summer Goddess Dziewanna and her Sister of Autumn & Winter Marzanna

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Dziewanna (Mullein) – The Slavic Spring and Summer Goddess – Mother Earth herself, in relations to the Slavic traditions of Marzanna and Dziewanna (pronounced gee-vanna), are also called Marowit & Dziewanna who (Devana) are very archaic goddesses.  Devana is the Slavic Goddess of Forests and Wildlife ,much like the Huntress Artemis….