First Full Moon of Summer

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By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greeting Dreamers, Moon People, Artists, Healers and Witches, we enter the Full Moon on Saturday July 8, 2017 with a very powerful line up. Mars & Sun are conjunct, sitting opposite Moon & Pluto, giving all of us some energy and will power (mars) into the energy of transformation called death and rebirth (pluto).  These are all in a T-Square (tension) with Jupiter (expansion and opportunity). 

Capricorn moons tend to carry a somber or heaviness because of Saturn, so over the next two weeks we focus on positive detachment, keeping calm, breathing deeply and just doing your best with whatever situation began at the new moon or is arising on the full. The nodal point, point of destiny this Full Moon and the remaining two weeks is conjunct Vesta, the Fire Goddess, so fine that inner Fire along with mars and make yourself do even if you don’t want to.

You can handle whatever it is, because you have already handled many things in your life thus far. All life is asking of you is to take one more small step this moon cycle. For those who have an easy Cancer moon cycle (beginning of Summer), it should continue flowing that way. For those who have found (from keeping track in their work-study moon journal with us) Cancer moons to be challenging, review last years moon cycle and see what happened.

Liz Taylor

We have all been the fool for something or someone in our life and for those of us   who learn these lessons well, we began to learn that we are completely responsible for everything we do. People may love us, hearts may get broken, choices maybe made to let go and move forward in life, but through it all, its still all our choices. Becoming conscious of that is the first step, the second is to make the best choice you are able. These take a decade to learn, even with the most eager and hard working student of life who focuses on it everyday. Its to learn how to transform our experiences into personal accountability which is change.

The oracle: “Expectation is only a crisis for the young or the foolish.”

Whether we are aware or conscious or not, we are still accountable for our words, our actions, our visions and our intuition and because of this commitment to our spiritual journey, we must always be flexible with others and with the self, as we grow and mature. Maturity is is not a dirty word in an emotional-unaccountable world. That is what makes soul people different, we strive for emotional awareness, magic in our lives, creativity and to have a relationship to our soul. The rest of the world avoids this at all cost, and the two always seem to run into each other.

The first full moon of summer is not always difficult, but in the Cancer and Capricorn scenarios of life (summer activities and winter holiday activities), its never quit as fun as we had hoped for. Its always better to wait for Leo and Aquarius moons to have more authentic fun a month later, much less complications with family, tradition and expectation.

eldermountaindreaming.comSet your release intentions around staying grounded or have a little fun if you go on vacation, which will balance out the heat. Watch and remember your signs, totems and dreams for guidance, because this cycle isn’t all fun and games with the involvement of mars. Mars does give us the courage though, because its involved on both this new moon and full moon), its a required blessing to make your more serious “small” choices into decisions. For those who live on a whim and pure intuitively, you may want to ground even that a little more this moon cycle with Mars and Pluto directly involved.

I had my blessed Sea Eagle show up yesterday when I took a walk along the lake and it dove right into the water to get a fish about five feet away. It was pretty intriguing to watch, and six hours later, it flew over here to the pond here at Elder Mountain, flapping its wings and hovering over the pond so I could see (it was spotting some fish). But this time it hovered and then flew away. As a messenger for my full moon and the next two weeks, it was pretty clear to continue supporting my challenges emotionally on my health issue and dive in for the nourishment when I need it. At other times just hover and observe the nourishment to see if I need it. Birds represent Soul and its counterpart is the Nourishment of the Body and Soul (Fish). 

When we pay closer attention, sometimes even the difficult challenges have some optimism when our signs our clear, this is why we work so hard at our spiritual and life journey. Try to learn to cherish hearing the truth, because most of the time its the last thing on earth we ever wanted to hear but we all get to the point when we have to begin that journey. Truth is so deeply connected to our personal healing path in ‘real’ scenarios of the great mystery, that we must allow flexibility within the good, the bad and the uncomfortable.

Below I shared two examples of Capricorn-Saturn types of messengers. There is a shadow side of authority, and there is a wisdom side of authority both connected to the masculine or father figure, which in its higher experience is connected to our responsibilities and our lower, the criminal.

First one is more collective, the second one is very personal. This is how we learn about signs, then symbols which reveal eventually the more collective archetype – so we can eventually one day understand our own archetype of our fate and destiny… 

An Intimate and more personal look at this full moon:

This Astrology Chart below is set at Pacific Time for the Full Moon, Blessings and Happy Full Moon to you, your family and friends and hang in there!


Second Full Moon of Summer


We cannot prevent the Birds of Sorrow
from flying over our head, but we can
prevent them from building a Nest
in our Hair.  ~ Chinese Proverb

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain… Hello Dreamers, Artists, Magicians, Witches, Gypsies and Creatives, we now enter our Second Full Moon of Summer and continue on our “six moon” journey from Spring to Autumn Equinox. Yesterday my apprentice and I went to the ocean beaches near Crescent City, California and three symbols for the full moon surfaced. I write my monthly musings as a teaching of how I work with natures signs & symbols and how to work with the lunar cycles as a healing guide with practice.  First I found a water worn stick from a pine tree with one pine cone still attached, it was like a magic wand just laying there and I was pleasantly surprised. Secondly, I found and brought home 13 large empty crab shells to paint on and make an ocean dream catcher wind chime (Cancer Moon cycles are ruled by the Crab). A few days earlier, I stumbled upon two 15th century antiquity images of an astrological chart which showed Cancer’s symbol as a  “Lobster” not a Crab. This sheds new light on an old symbol of the fertility of the ocean and its relations to the moon. The third sign was a hunter who had a huge stag in the back of his truck, and all the men gathered around and just stood there for a long time.

Capricorn full moons are very earthy, as the second full moons of summer are sometimes to the point of stagnation or a slight depression, and since we seem to always exist in the two-fold reality of both protection & nourishment, sacrifice of boundaries & truth, and light & dark, the two halves of a whole in a world which solidifies the symbolism of personal security and love can be complicated for all of us. Since duality is a real thing, the solutions to our emotional issues are always found in this same duality, but duality always gives our security or love a good challenge – if we chose to use it as medicine. I call that magical medicine in a healing form, sort of like the poison that rubs up against you, its remedy grows right next to it and heals you. Then the alchemy happens making you change and eventually turn you into gold (wisdom), the highest color of spirituality, even higher than the white light.

Some philosophical, spiritual metaphysical teachings try to convince people that duality isn’t real… oh its real, very real, for the sun does set and the moon does rise because nature is real, even in her mystical forms. Our emotional nature is also real, even though its not validated very easily in the world, because it must also swim in stormy waters of illusion, delusion, denial, shock and many other forms of its entire expression. The complicated nature of our soul and emotional systems makes it hard for us to open our Pandora’s box for the sake of change in our personal life.

moon phasesThe term duality when seeking unity is where our mind and its beliefs must actually learn to bend, be silenced or sacrifice something of the self in order to feed our soul and nourish our emotion so we believe our feelings are real and worth supporting. Just like the hunter who had to actually experience  a feeling of death with the stag in order to feed his family in the way he chooses. In other words, its not easy to be authentic in what we believe in or what we express in our personal intimacy, it leaves us vulnerable. Giving our emotional life more acknowledgement is the hunt, trusting we are the great Huntress of the Moon – for within us, is the eternal emotional and soul’s reality and the millions of years of our emological development of our souls. Certainly within this, we can help bring validation to the seemingly impossible ocean of our soul’s depth, and the frightening part each time we find courage to support our sensitivities, we never know how far down we must swim to resolve a personal issue and this is how we learn to build self trust.

Not many like to touch the soul in spiritual work, much less making it a valid spiritual teaching because it gets sticky, its painful, messy and requires real core honesty. Yes you won’t find it in any druid circle, temple or juicy circles. Why? Because only we can validate our feelings, only we can validate our mysticism and our ‘seeing’ as real and when we are ready to accept them as valid and stand up for them, then we are ready to travel the winding paths of our soul for our souls sake. Rejecting the realism of duality is nothing more than the mind saying that the soul is not valid in its untouchable yet felt existence and these statements shall come from those who closed the door to feelings and mysticism and magic long ago, and many even lifetimes ago.

The definition of Illusion: Something that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses; a deceptive or misunderstood appearance or impression; a false idea or belief. Illusions are both real & not real at the same time, they fall into the in-between reality of mystery and the magical parts of us, and in our mundane life for example, it can also play out very powerfully when our innocence becomes shattered. This is why the fairy clan has some very dark sides to it, this is why putting all your eggs (fertility, love and moon magic) in another’s basket can and sometimes does result in the deepest feelings of loss. This is human feeling and we also have the keys to heal it rather than turn to our shadow for power.


All of these are paths of karma and through its pain, hurt and disappointments, is what emotionally frees us if we chose to do the second half of the duality work, which is the nourishment (healing) aspects of our hurt. The magical part is that all of this pain, eventually frees our real soul (astral body) if we spend half the time healing it with real healing work like therapy, or energy healing or yoga etc. Our soul holds so much personal power, but she is always the last to be freed. Having been a healer a long time, when I did a lot of readings weekly as a Seer I would hear: “I thought he loved and respected me, but I was just a fool to think it was real love.” I would counsel duality and share that it was real love, or real love while it was alive and growing, and at the same time, endings comes through fate even though we are not ready, we are never ready. These experiences can crush our innocence, for it changes what is out of balance.

In our domestic nature with its dualistic shadow and light, this silent, blurry and non-verbal brain has more power to work with difficulty.  The best time to accept what is happening as ‘real’ is when we come to terms with how many times we have tried to convince our self things are not real or others telling us things are not real. To reconcile our problems with “real” we must seek the opposite of what has been done from habit. We have our feelings and we have our mundane life and these two clash all the time and are too restrained in the modern world.

Nature teaches us that duality does exist and that we can see it right before our eyes, if we are willing to look. Anything that we says doesn’t exist, means we have not looked at it closely enough or long enough to experience it. That comes in handy if your hiking and there is a bear nearby, but not in personal relationships or in mystical realities. The rule in metaphysics is, anything you focus on long enough with patience, will expand and become real and seen: wanted or unwanted. The one I feared the most, after my second of three awakening stages was: Anything you believe is truth, you will eventually have to walk through. I had reflected on the things I said I believed in up to that point and dreaded what I might have to experience… and I did.

The greatest lessons in life are the choices we make and while some of us work at uniting our personal separations, trying to separate parts of ourselves, only creates fragmented duality. Embracing “change” in real ways is like a fairytale or mythology, this fear is called the monster. In folktale and shamanic (non-plant) healing work, we realize we have at some point been the monster or the situation we are in is the monster, but with humility and groundedness, we can face the monster’s very real and deep seated fear within us.

Rubrum Lepus - Creature 2

I had a dream about three years ago and in the dream I told myself that I had made only one mistake. Back then I had thought, what could that one mistake have been?  Because in reality I had made so many mistakes in my spiritual journey, there were so many difficult choices to make. I could not imagine which one it was from all the tests I have been given. I review that dream again because the memory of that dream returned to me today, but its not about “which monster” it was anymore, its how many monsters I overcame, accomplished, healed and made peace with to dissolve one the monster at a time. That is what is most important for all of us when we asses our struggles.

 Because this moon cycle is about our “root” it is wise to let the little monsters flush up and be seen and dealt with it one at a time. For some of you, issues came right away on the new moon, for the other half, it begins on the full moon. For those of you who are having a pleasant moon this month, do the work anyway, because it helps us feel strong and capable when those three struggling moons of challenge comes forth. Its better to work with all the moon cycles because we make it a practice of flowing emotionally and when difficult moons can seem so crippling. Adding energy work to this helps greatly, especially if you are in a longer phase of crisis, divorce, recuperation from an accident or a loss of a family member. This is a Capricorn Full Moon at its essence. Let go~

For those of you who are new here, each month on the new moon we set “one intention” for our “internal nature” (the external world is a goal). When this internal “intention” comes to its fullness on the full moon, we then set one release intention and slowly we begin to structure a relationship to our inner world. The rewards are feeling better and working without our emotions and their stresses.

Full Moon release intention examples:

I let go of my personal victim
I release my inner bully
I release my need to be right vs happy
I let go of my toxic behavior (which one?)
I release unhealthy scattered thoughts
I let go of emotional suffering
I release projecting my pain
I let go of sadness
I release blocks to my self-nurturing
I let go of harmful intimate behaviors
I release avoiding confrontation
I let go of toxic thoughts
I release my depression
I let go of harmful attitudes
I let go of my false expectation (of what?_____)
I let go of rigidity
I release feelings of insecurity
I let go of guilt
I release my fear (which one?_____)
I let go of grief
in a grounded way
I let go of my busy mind
I release stagnation
I let go of being angry

Blessings and see you at the third new moon of Summer!
Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Image sources: Photo of Magpie bird, photographer unknown; Russian artist Rubrum Lepus – Creature.