Second New Moon of Summer

Samuel Palmer 'Moonligh' c

By Phoenix the Elder – Happy new moon dreamers, moon people, empaths, dancers, artists, druids, witches, herbalists and shaman wannabees! Our sister Moon has returned to her new beginnings again and I hope you will too. The second of our three summer New Moons starts Sunday, July 23, 2017, at 2:45 am, at 0° Leo. Zero degree marks a reset of the layer of changes, so of all the Leo new moons you have practiced your intention each year, we are resetting and starting the new cycle higher or lower (its individual) cycle. This all depends upon what real healing work you have been doing in your spiritual path.

The element of Fire is strong now, bringing some extra heat and intensity, with a dash of anger or impatience and topped with a little bit of drama or drain. That drama can be either be external, making its impact upon you this month, or just inside your own head. On the positive, it brings love, creativity and learning about the nature of your heart, what makes him or her tick or what makes it skip a beat, positive or negative.

Everyone has very individual moon cycle experiences, and the more you chart them with us here with your one intention, the better you get to know them each year. This effects getting in rhythm with the natural seasons, and awareness around the cyclical nature of our emotional body, which has positive effects our hidden and distant soul. Our soul is that eternal astral body, that comes and goes and is not limited to stay in the body alone, she leaves every night when you dream and returns in the morning with its experiences.

She also ventures out in a different way than the mental body and see’s visual signs and synchronicity, even those goose bumps you get are created by her energy form. Whether or not you are paying attention to your dream work, deeper feelings and subtle intuition, medicine for you can be extracted with a little awareness and growth to assist your journey in life.

“The beauty of the world has two edges,
one is of laughter, the other of anguish,
the heart asunder.”  ~ Virginia Woolf

Samuel Palmer, 'Moonlight, a Landscape with Sheep' c.1831

This is the third new moon that Mars has been involved and we have one more next month. This tells us that its important to balance your will and actions or increase them. Mars is directly involved again in our affairs can be help or a hinder when it comes to our physical body. I have been taking advance of my healing my body with an intense and strict four month detox and even gate up coffee for good. The energy of Mars has brought that will power to me, and also the bugs as my helping totem.

Bugs are always about detox and purification because they get into that hidden and deeper layers of earth (symbolic for our earthy body). My natural commitment to detoxing has coincided with this involvement of mars for the last three months and it was of course perfect timing because anything conjunct the new moon gets extra power to help us.

We also have a triangle of expression this month: Combining the bravery and courage of Leo, asserting it’s actions through Mars and expressing any hurt that arises with the Moon’s emotion. These three will help keep us in balance this month, but only if we do the work by using all three gifts wisely. If you had less impact with mars qualities in the two previous new moons (warrior, anger, action, body and will), it can certainly appear this month because Mars is an element of fire, and it doubles in the fire this moon cycle.

How will you temper your fire? By stuffing it down or allowing the personal little bully to rise in order to protect your fragile and sensitive nature? I hope not, and I hope you give the natural remedy a try, for fire, which is water (emotions), applying self nurturing or expressing and sharing our hurt and pain. Apply that emotional suave and then assert the action for healthy boundaries.


Take advantage of the extra positive sides mars, with quickening boundaries for protection, and an immediate response to any drama so it doesn’t escalate by the full moon. The nature of mars is that its persistent and the nature of the moon is to sooth. Become aware of our wounded needs to control everything in the mental (opinions), emotions (being bossy) or physical (abusing the self or others). Put positive things forth with that fire to replace those things, like working out, going out to a great restaurant with a friend or sweetheart, swimming in a river, or a hike in nature…

Nature’s heat of summer brings us our challenges and for those who are midwinter, it also brings the same challenges. I know all empaths shed at least one tear last month, regardless of what season we are in and Fire brings back our strength and courage. This can also get us into trouble or help us push through something difficult. Its your choice, chose wisely.

Focus an intention this month around either diving into your emotional, physical or mental creativity or fan your flames, which shows signs of drama, gossip or being a brat. Seems these days everyone is offended over the smallest little things because they are in their mind, not their body and soul equally.  Be the rare one who practices observation and acceptance “without self judgment.” Go on a forgiveness program to help sooth the drama because we need our precious energy and by holding our energy and to conserve our fire when needed it the  most.

Leo the Moon KingIt takes practice of course, this “holding” our fiery emotions and this is a great moon to practice that. If you not feeling well, then its a good moon to reserve your energy and not spend it on frivolous things, like judging other people, rather than focus on your own issues. Rules: Do I want to be happy or is it more important that I be right with consequences? Sometimes we need the consequences to learn deep seated lessons and we get to see what shape our ego is really in or our control issues. Fire moons bring these two things forth. Harvest your gardens with delight rather than burdening your soul.

I love this poem and I shared it last year at the Leo Moon cycle…

Stay close My Heart, to the one who knows your ways,
come into the shadows of the tree, that have fresh flowers –
don’t stroll idly through the bazaar of the perfume marketers,
stay in the shop of the sellers of Honey.

If you find and keep your true balance, no one can deceive you.
For anyone can trick you out of things made of straw and make
you take it like gold. Don’t squat with a bowl before every boiling pot;
in each pot on the fire, you find very different things. Not all abysses
have a peak; not everyone’s eyes possess vision, not every sea is
full of pearls. O’ Nightingale, with your voice of dark honey,
go on lamenting!

Only in life’s journey can life pierce our rock-hard heart,
surrendering our self and if you cannot be welcomed by this
friend, know that you are rebelling inwardly like a thread
that doesn’t want to go through the needle’s eye.

The awakening self is a lamp; protect it and after
you’ve left each storm, come to the fountain; you’ll find a
friend there who will always nourish  your soul. And with
your soul always nourished, you’ll grow into a tall tree,
flowering always with sweet fruit that falls upon the
shadow below to heal us, which grows only from our interior.

~ Rumi

My last suggestion as always is sobriety if you are on a spiritual path, so much frequency and energetic disruption in our bodies occur that keep us off balance are from pot, shamanic plants, drugs, alcohol, medications for various reasons. And seem maryjane is the cure all now when for 100 years it was the party drug of choice. Funny how human justify things, everything is medicine that is natural, just try to stay away from the perception altering ones (which includes pot). This moon cycle try to keep your physical body active.


Sample Lunar and Leo Intentions, chose the one you “want” to incorporate this month. Example: If you don’t feel healthy right now, chose I am Healthy or one that directs the intention. Then pay attention the next two weeks to become aware of where you are not. You might be surprised that the pain and the source are two different places…

I am healing my drama
I listen to my soul (small inner voice)
I trust in the process of detox/purification
I am healing and taking care of my body

I am aware of my inner peace

I am healthy (if you don’t feel healthy)
I am creative (etc)
I am passionate
I am healing my heart
I forgive

I am grounded in my emotions

I recognize my inner child
I protect my heart
I am emotionally honest
I am positive in my detachments

I replace drama with self-love

I practice my spiritual disciplines
I express my courage with compassion
I allow stability in my life

I am nurturing my inner child

I allow love to come from deep within me
I use my anger in a positive and healthy way
I accept more joy

I am mindful of my projections

I respect my talents
I judge only my own actions
I commit to healthy passion
I overcome my fear of _______

Astrology Chart for this Moon
new_moon July 23 2017 PDT

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Sources: Moon by; Samuel Palmer, ‘Moonlight’ c.1831

First New Moon of Summer


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings artists, dreamers and moon people, we are entering the first New Moon of Summer, Friday June 23, 2017, 7:30 pm (pdt) in the sign of Cancer (a “water” element) at 2° degrees. Summer Solstice week marks the next three moons of the summer season, the first moon of summer sets the new beginning, the second moon of summer is the fullness and the final moon is the wisdom cycle.

Water and Fire moons are about purification, water brings life and nurturing to our emotional life and it soothes all fires as well. This means a relief from the heat (stress) of our emotions as we apply action towards growth rather than fear or stagnant behaviors. Cycles of struggle (changes) are sometimes long and sometimes short, but we endure, because we have to in relationship to family and ancestral sensitivities.

This is a traditional Ancestral moon, that strong connection to belong. Most of the events of summer moons show us where we have come from, the connection to our ancestral reincarnations, the root of our family history and our religious or spiritual commitments. These have led to emotional sicknesses over the millenniums and if family is one of your bigger karmic issue it can be dis-heartening.

Also its the moon of the personal humanity of Cancer’s tribe, clans, villages, society on a personal level, rather than the impersonal humanity which is Aquarius, the positive detachment archetype. Cancer and Capricorn is the deepest foundation of family in connection with “survival” and “security” through family. Where Scorpio (the second water moon of the year), rules survival of the individual. So much of this first moon cycle of Summer is based on emotional behaviors that were or are handed down through emotional family relations, in other words: “Our Belief System.”

This is because we are either taught or not taught by example of how to handle stress, resolve conflict or heal our real life issues as they are occurring through the portal of emotional issues. To undo and relearn our own values is very difficult because of this root family power and the ancestral past connected to it.

Ukrainian artist Oleg Alexandrovich Ershov

Weltenstürme (world storms)

In the silence of that night
We thought of the oath
Flames blaze, sparks spray
In a heart-warming heart glow

Still unaffected by life
Surrounded by many passages
Let us pass the painful path
But trembles whisper a quieter advice…

“In the storms of this world
 Everyone is now on their own
 Everyone knows their power
 The fire that creates life.”

In the silence of that night
We have done the work
In sunshine and shadows
Let us surround the world.

If you go to as spiritual circle of any kind, its wise when you pray or call to spirit, to clarify it as your own enlightened ancestors, rather than someone else’s traditions (even if you are participating in other traditions). Calling our own completed (enlightened) shaman or medicine person from our own family ancestral ancient past, helps us reconnect to the power of our own lineage even deeper.

Cancer Moons represents the mother, our memories, our grandmother’s magic and the moisture to heal our emotional bodies that effects our physical body and its traumas. Its our identity reflective of our feelings of being loved, of being accepted, or the rejection of these qualities by the self or others. If you are having family issues in your cycle of growth, its a good time to open the doors to healing. Be honest and open even if  you feel rejected, because it will clear the air. 

bellarusian Kupala Купала

From our ancestors comes the birth of our emotional insecurities in relationship to our everyday struggles of life, our partners, lovers or children and sometimes even our close friends. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is very important to our daily routines of health and when we work with moon medicine, that is true about our emotional health and feeling comfortable with our soul.

When things haven’t work out the way we had hoped they would in life, this is when we begin to allow our memories to guide us. Most use intuitive cards or astrology, psychic readings to find guidance, but this month, its more about our own personal memories of our past, so practice it this moon and let that guidance find you solutions within your personal fears or blindness.

I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows from A Midsummer Night
“I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows”  ~ A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Example Intentions for the First New Moon of Summer | Cancer New Moon: 

I structure my responsibilities
I allow myself more rest
I focus on the present moment
I nurture a past wound (which one?)
I am abundant
I respect my boundaries

cancer-moon-mosaicsmI have confidence

I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my intuition
I love my body
I am serious (when I need to be)

I am stable

I am secure
I have purpose
I honor myself
I accept change with groundedness
I accept change with gratefulness
I accept change with humbleness

I respect myself

I overcome my fear of _______.
I grieve my loss with support
I manage my addiction 
I honor my inner (mother/father)
I forgive myself
I ground my insecurity
I trust myself

Chose one intention, speak it out loud, light a candle or some sage, go outside or near a river or water this moon cycle if you can or in your personal circle to make your intention more sacred. When the full moon comes in two weeks, you will know what to release (one release) based on what arose from your intention.

Cancer New Moon First Moon of Summer CHart

Blessings to you this moon cycle ~Phoenix

To receive our once a month moon medicine work-study, please write us at and we will put you on our list. Sources: Noc Kupala by Ukrainian artist Oleg Alexandrovich Ershov; Oracle or bone mother inscriptions from the village of Xiaotun, Henan province, China; Shang dynasty


First New Moon of Spring

Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845

Monthly Lunar Workstudy with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring! I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. Fresh air returns and opens the windows of our soul – so let the rebirth begin. The First New Moon of Springs 3 Moons, starts Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7 degrees Aries.

As a practice, lunar work requires that we start looking for our personal signs and synchronicities about two or three days before the actual new moon. We pay attention and keep a mental note, or write what appears in our dream journal to loosen our psyche and our mental body’s strong hold who does not see nor understands what the soul sees and feels. This is the gestation womb period, a time where our soul is already paying attention to the sounds and feelings of the shifts of the moon, our body and mother earths changes.

The origin of our soul before our birth into this reincarnated life in our world, we are still in our mothers womb, senses things outside the womb, for those of us who remote view, once the child has developed pass the seventh or eight moon they can see, truly and they can feel everything the mother struggles with. These are the dreaming moments of the our pre-manifested life, in relationship to the energy of moon cycles, our mothers soul and dream cycles, and the in-between the waking worlds and the dreaming worlds.

Those who are dying, so back fully to this place during time of passage. That is why its important to pay attention during the days just before the new moon because its deep within you to do this as a soul, rather than let our mind dominate all of our life.

Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka

Try to keep your intention in the first three New & Full Moons of Spring a bit more simple, because when Summer arrives, the building of emotional energy though out intention, gets stronger as Summer begins to peak. In esoteric terms, tarot, astrology, totems, elemental magic or even moon medicine, the beginning of spring, the fool card, or the first house in astrology all mean the same things symbolically as the first moon of Spring.

These all represent our new beginning, our definition of who we are and the embodiment of our soul, whether our soul feels entrapped or free or a bit of both. Its the moon to be alive in the physical world and our physical body, even if we experience these as painful. So chose your new moon intention of your inner life with some consciousness. New moon intentions always bring the “opposition” to us in life, because the moon like our soul is reflective, not direct.

I have an extra note for Libra people or those with a lot of Libra planets, you will be drawn into other peoples issues this cycle, because there are a lot of Aries planets bunched up dominating the energy. Try not too involve yourself in too much chaos. This moon cycle is to “love and respect” our body and soul, asking our self if we can do that work just this moon, in real terms by settling our worry, eating healthier, reaching for positive ways to work with our emotional stress. For moon or soul work, that means sharing your feelings with a trusted friend, a healer or a trusted family member.

Waterfall Pool, Devon, EnglandThe first spring moon brings forth  ‘actions’ and this moons can be somewhat complicated because Aries rule the independent side of relationship, and Libra at the next full moon, rules the connective sides of relationship (its opposition). Aries rules supporting others, while Libra exposes inequality of support (or whats termed: open enemy, recognizing that someone regardless of what they say, do not support you with their actions).

Our intention this month can focus around these types of personal growths, but not all moons are about growth, some are about balance and in the later seasons of the year, they are about death (letting go of old issues even in the intention of a new moon, which is the new beginning).

The moon this month is ruled by the element of Fire and fire in regards to relationships, can either be dramatic (intense) or bring warmth (nurturing and compromising) or purification. If its a really tough month, it will bring all three for balanced. All 3 fire moons of the year, when we apply them to our emotional and soul work, is the art of learning to compromise with our self, within balance and still be our unique fiery self. Otherwise too much fire and not enough water, can lead to some very destructive accumulations. Emotions will then rise quickly, without being controlled a bit by us, for some of you this comes more natural (that control), for others it can knock things down, and put others into shock. Either way, we have to really work at it with fire moons.

There is no shame in an underdeveloped relationship to our soul, everyone has this remembrance disease (I call it). Eventually finding ourselves through this unseen and untouched reality, we learning work with the most difficult cycles of our year. Every decade we must change, and depending upon our personal fears, how much we invest holistically to heal the self emotionally from loss or fears when it pops up again. If we do the work, we keep it flowing and can face any fear.


Attempting to get everything to work out smoothly in our real lives is a fantasy and fairy tale, and a youthful maidens journey, not the adults, and because we all base or have based our ‘expectations’ as real, when its not fulfilled or crumbles we become sad, or depressed, apathetic, or over zealous to start again to soon. Our emotional body and soul body doesn’t work that way, so we practice letting go of expectations in order to live in the present moment which go hand in hand. This helps us ground our disappointments. Practicing acceptance is true magic if we wish our life to progress.

Spring’s Enchanted Dream

Lay awake inside your nightly dream 
and learn to fly above the moonlit stream.
Seek the ancient guardian of the sea

who is only the reflection of you and me.

Cast your wishes and lots upon the stone, as you
seek your
fortunes with a bird’s sharpened knife.
If you should stumble upon the land of trolls
those are the ones who have shaken and
stolen your souls.
But no need to fear, for your treasures are your fate,
find in them, heaven’s fiery gate – because dreams
are much more than what they appear and seem.
This Month’s New Moon Intention examples
(choose only one or make up one of your own):

For the newbies: Goals are our relationship to the outer world and Intentions are our relationship to our inner world. Moon work is intentional and inner emotional realities, so we chose one that supports the self. The world then becomes the mirror reflecting our intention. 

fall valentino 2015I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I feel healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I nurture myself
I respect myself
I assert my will to change
I accept me just as I am
I express personal anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express my competitive nature in positive ways

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested

It takes mother earth no effort to make herself beautiful in spring, she brings it all forth in what seems effortless and gentle, but we humans have a lot to learn to bring our beauty forth! Believe in you!

Happy New Moon Dreamers!


Sources: Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845; Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka; Paper art by Romanian artist and illustrator Andrea Dezsö; Waterfall Pool in Devon, England; Moon and Stars dress by Valentino, 2015.

New Moon Chart March 27 2017

The 13th Moon

Monthly Lunar Work-Study with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Welcome to the 13th Moon (the Void), we begin our 13th moon of the year, in the sign of Pisces, starting Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 6:58 am PST at 80 – along with the second pair, the Solar Eclipse who heralds in our seasonal shift.  Blessings to all the Spiritual Dreamers, the Moon People, Ancient Healers, Sacred Artists, Mystics, Witches, Shaman wanna be’s and Magical Folk! Over the decades I have learned and practiced so much within the healing and spiritual realms of the emotional body, the soul bodies, the dreaming bodies, and the projections, fears and irritations of our emotional reality. Seeing, feeling and responding to this very natural seasonal process of lunation cycles within all of that, these lead me to learn, then respect, then heal and lastly respond with great dedication of each new moon and its magical properties of rhythm, balance and our mystical nature and nature’s mysticism.

I generally ask all of you to begin to notice and pay attention to your signs and synchronicity 2 or 3 days before the new moon and your nights dreaming. These gives you an indication of the personal flavor and setting of the stage of your whole moon cycle you will walk …

“The years about to end and it is like a Snake
   creeping in a field. You have no sooner seen it,
than it has already half disappeared.
   It is gone and it’s troubles have gone with it.
   It could be worse if you catch it by its tail,
   so why bother to try, when it will do you no good.”

(Poem by Su Tung P’o – 1036 ce,
translated by Kenneth Rexroth)


I teach from experience, so here are my signs and synchronicity up to this New Moon today, so you can see them as an example. I work with dream symbolism the same way I work with lunar synchronicity & signs…

#1st sign: I was sitting and waiting for my ride at the LA airport and the speaker kept saying “Have an exceptional experience in California”; #2 A big poster with the image of David Bowie with his finger over his mouth “shhhhhh”; #3 A twenty something, young woman emailed me and shared something, but did not care for my response as a teacher: “Trying to control someone’s death processes only shows a huge ego and a lack of respect to the Spirit of Death itself.”  Her response back was “You are a fake and I knew it all along.” #4 – I rode my bike to the beach and on the way I found “Two Prada Dresses” with the tags still on them laying on the sidewalk. They must have been tossed out of a car after they were stolen.

I found it interesting that Prada is a Romanian word meaning to “plunder, pillage, rob, loot and ravage” the actions of a thief. So the breakdown of these signs/synchronicity messages for this moon cycle of my personal journey is…

“Exceptional experiences exist within the silence;
do not try to control the spirit of change, otherwise
it’s just the path of a well dressed thief.”

For me, this moon is my graduation night – finally after two and a half decades and eons of hard work and healing, the integration of the final aspects of the ancient lunar living practice has commenced. Its been difficult over the years to see where and how the “13th moon” would actually fit into the natural year of a 12 month solar calendar – that we have all been living by for a few thousand years. It didn’t…

So I had to wait almost a decade, which seemed like a long time for the process to occur naturally, as I built the understandings and practices of each moon cycle, decade after decade adding the disciplines, awareness, 3 levels of mirror work and its balance and motion of how it effects us personally, our souls and our emotional body. The 13th moon is nature’s last cycle and a new beginning at the same time (of woman’s prehistory reality which we used to live within along with our dreams). I feel blessed that I stuck with it all these years to see the end of my works completion this year.

Wisdom always comes hindsight for all of us, when we experience rather than just learn knowledge, no doubt that the wisdom will from here forth be more magical now that the decades of dedicated work is completed. Now, finally the 13th moon fits in the year perfectly this year all on its own, the last puzzle piece.

The New Moon

This particular 13th moon for all of us has a lot of Pisces energy in store for you, as Mercury moved into the sign of Pisces and is conjuncting the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and the Eclipse in a very tight conjunction. So, if you feel a little tired this moon cycle, sleepy or dreaming more, its all that pure energy ruled by Neptune and this is a lot of spiritual energy to contend with. The Neptunian experience has several archetypes… first is the feeling of ‘dissolve’ or ‘self undoing’, the realms of mysticism, addiction, inner peace, transcendence and solitude along with creative solitude.

To navigate and swim the ocean of this abundant amount of spiritual and mysterious energy, Mercury in this lineup will help us communicate more openly about where we find ourselves confused for the month or confused in our life at this point. Neptune adds dissolution, confusion, lethargic energy (along with dreamy energy) and Neptune’s pressure on the mental body is like no other influence. But it will also help our creative and artistic projects or just a lot of extra sleep. Many people get colds and flu during this time of the year, I call that the natural yearly detox.

Another aspect  of Neptune is escapism, and where we fall into it and how we must swim to the surface to breathe again. If we find our selves lost in a personal issue right now, there are ways to comfort our struggles by adding a little bit of Virgo structure, which is the opposite of Pisces immeasurable dissolve.

On the positive side, if you do any spiritual practices such as yoga or meditate, or healing work, this is a great month to use this energy because it will give you a much deeper experience, and some very good releases. So take advantage of that to help you navigate through any challenges your facing right now in your mind, body or soul.


Neptunian energy is the ruler of our illusions, small or large. An example of an illusion that my sister shared when I first started my work was: “She was my best friend, I put so much energy into our relationship over the years. Then I realized it was me who was the best friend and she didn’t give a crap about me, and when I stopped calling, I never heard from her again.” This is an illusion of a friendship level, its even more painful if its family or our investments in our purpose in life. When we wake up and realize that we thought something was one way, when it was really the opposite, the dread of illusion brings sorrow and our fairytale has been shattered. Its truly one of the most painful awakenings.

A magician is one who fools the eye, playing tricks that are sometimes impossible to figure out, and when it comes to personal Illusions, these are the feelings which we tend to beat ourselves up with or feel we have done something wrong when things go awry. Or worse, we are in shock when we become aware of an illusion we held so precious wasn’t that real, after it fell apart. Because its hard to define the ethereal parts of us with absolutes, this emotional energy, this love is blind energy of ours, we must practice being flexible with our soul reality.

The best medicine is to add more quiet time and meditation which helps us regain some inner peace if its done consistently. To get some support to accept finally that we are not perfect and we have issues to heal. For others its being in nature or sharing time with family, whatever brings you peace is the medicine but make sure its touching ’emotional’ aspects and releasing the toxicity of that.

Try something new with your invisibles, those things you cannot see in your life but you know its there. Try laying any guilt aside, and bring a little positive self nurturing to any confusion you are feeling once or twice a week. Illusions tend to fall into that place where we wish to escape from the pain or responsibilities in our life that have become too much of a burden for us to handle. There are healthy escapes also, which can be immersing the self into music, going to a water spa, reading a good book in your bed, doing some art or quality time spent in nature. In other words, this moon cycle requires that you find some  “retreat and quiet time” in order to regurgitate some old pains and welcome some rejuvenation.


The most popular negative escapism that people generally do is turn to around the world is the false happiness in a bottle, such as alcohol, drugs or pot or even false vision in a bottle (shamanic plant/drug). Neptune rules addiction, drugs, pot but on the other side of that coin it rules sobriety, spiritual practices, its one of the most powerful Neptune archetypes of them all.  Neptune rules escapism or relief and as emotional beings we must “feel” and sit and surrender to just “feeling” them all, which is the medicine.

You could have an emotional issue occur and use escapism for ten long years, but when your tired of that or your body says no more, we return right back to the same exact day and the same feeling of the original emotional issue and then must begin right there where we left off. Emotion sits dormant there waiting for us to respond and address them and the soul is silent, we cannot hear her real screams, but we can feel it. This is how it really works, emotional issues never goes away until we commit to healing them. If we don’t, for some, they even come back in the next lifetime to begin where they left off in the previous lifetime.

Our emotions are like waves, especially this moon cycle, they start slow, they climax, they crash (which is the most painful part), and then they release (smooth out like the wave on the shore). This coincides with the moon cycles, the menses cycles and the dreaming cycles, they can only be separated by karma and the mental body. Getting back into rhythm with our self and our three bodies takes a lot of time and a lot of work, that is why one moon at a time makes us feel like we are making some progress and helping the self with our issues. And that “feels” good… Sometimes we have to remind our selves that its ok to feel good, especially if we have been through a lot and have felt bad for a long time, this is how we heal emotional drama.


I had made mention of Bach Flowers on our Facebook page, as a remedy this month because the flower essence are so subtle and bring a sense of peace and they really do work. So try it out and read up if your not familiar with them and chose one that fits your issue this month if you need more grounding emotionally.

Fear of course in any moon cycle is our greatest challenge and fear expresses the unknown. Change is the death symbolism and when you combine the two, we have imbalance and a halt in our rhythm. Most holistic healing work is to regain that rhythm and flow of our emotional body again, otherwise a wide host of neurotic behaviors come springing forth from suppressing or fearing your own emotional complication, rather than recognizing you must go through this because their is power or your soul’s power to heal you past the thresholds of entering it.

But we feel weak instead of strong when facing our personal emotional fears because we fear anything as humans that we cannot control. Overcome the cycle of stress or unwind the complicated feelings within requires letting go. All of this is ok and very normal to be or feel lost and confused in our fears and feelings, its part of life at certain times because through it and for the more severe, its how karma releases or our karmic debt that came due. We either learn to surrender and let go of the struggle (fear) or we find the strength to have healthier boundaries and self love.

This moon cycle chose your one intention, try to also find some time to relax and retreat a little bit more than usual so you can regenerate and accept the dreamy or lack of control this month with so many Pisces planets influencing us. This particular moon cycle always challenges our boundaries and our inner peace.

There is a big T-Square this moon cycle (see chart below) and the three legs of the table always seeks stability in the forth leg. That forth leg is Cancer this moon cycle, so try to self nurture a little extra this month to find balance…

Example Intentions for the 13th Moon (choose only one):

I am beautiful
I am creative
I feel grounded
I feel healthy (especially if you don’t – fake it till you make it)
I express my feelings more openly in a positive way
I am expressing my feelings
I have healthy boundaries

I am practicing healthy behaviors
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I have self compassion
I use my creativity to heal
I meditate for inner peace
I am emotionally honest with myself

I trust myself
I trust my intuition
I still my mind and open my heart
I accept where I am
I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I focus on healthy imagination

I face my addiction one day at a time
I practice stillness
I free myself from my own imprisonment
I silence my busy thoughts
I value my perspective

I am unique (if you don’t feel that way)
I am honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability
I accept my anger
I am listening to my heart

I practice positive thoughts
I am confident
I heal myself with my creativity
I am patient
I am getting healthier one day at a time
I communicate my needs clearly
I am healing my stress

I am relaxed

Happy New Moon & Eclipse and see you at the Full Moon’s Release!



Second New Moon of Winter

Lunar Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, I hope the winter finds you warm and cozy! We begin our 2nd moon of winter starting December 28/29, 2016 with the New Moon sitting at 7º Capricorn. Mercury, Moon & Sun are all conjunct and they sit opposite the asteroid Wisdom. This means all you need to do is look across the table, look across the field or across your dream fields to find your messengers, who will be right there in front of you. They can be positive, negative or a mix of both. Its what you do with the message that counts.

This moon represents how we rely on family or our soul family and that life is simple and we remind ourselves that we are the ones who are complicated. Our drama, our grief, our fears all can be nurtured and sometimes this is natural and sometimes it is of our own doing or our past life karma bleeding through into this life. We all become involved with mirrors of complication because it helps us grow and its pain and inconvenience, although difficult to feel, its for a reason… change.


“A man draws an image on the surface of a lake to see his inner reflections, to see her, the soul brought with him this lifetime. He touches the water lightly, dragging his hand upon its surface – which forms the lines of a woman’s face. Each line disappearing the moment it is made and simultaneously creating ripples which collide and absorb each other as they move outward across the lake’s surface. Realizing it is too difficult to obtain the exact visual he desires, he kneels down, and bringing his lips close to the surface of the water and begins to blow softly upon the water. And here his breath flutters over the small waves, as a vague and gentle woman’s face begins to appear, creating from the depths of the dark waters.”

As we enter or continue our healing-spiritual journey with commitment and dedication, it helps to place focus and practices on the complicated parts of our lives. Many associations of the path of love & light can sometimes begin to enter a sense chaos, and it can mean that we are entering a purification process spiritually. The difficulties of a spiritual path always lead to a maturing or that your gate has opened to spiritual truth and hopefully you were preparing before that happened. It is then we must be willing to become fully accountable for our shadow to be honorable with our words, actions and our past without scapegoating into the realms of escape (illusions), confusion or blame (projection).


This is indeed a very honorable but a very difficult path and most people will not see it that way when they are not challenged in the tests of real spirituality. Most people fearing to touch depth will see only partial truth before them. For those who do not believe in emotional reality at all, its only seen as irresponsible, or that our experiences are not truth, or that it is carelessness, drama and  calamity. We enter clarity to offset such negative judgments and continue to  navigate such chaos paths of the emotional mystery anyway. The simple aspects of mysticism and mystery is a double edged sword, one side keeps us on our path but the other side is filled with illusion.

This month again, we can recommit to our emotional complexity of spiritual work to find groundedness. For those in cycles of great changes, you must do this work everyday in the month to feel grounded. For those who are not in crisis or great struggle right now, you get to relax a bit more and practice your practices of meditation or healing work or art, anything that keeps you connected. I am just the reminder to say our spiritual walk with intention, healing, self awareness and bowing to mother earth in however we walk that, extracts the natural self to slowly come forth and surface.

If you are willing to work with your shadow, you accept the path of balance and since our light is perfect anyway, who needs to focus on that as a practice? The work of emotional growth has keys hidden in the forests, the desert, in the ocean and the mountains and when we find a key, it opens one of our gates of self imprisonment which are just the challenges of change. I remember when I had little changes to make, greater changes to make and then crisis changes, the same healing work, worked for all of them. Those are what disciplines like yoga, meditation, massage, vision quests, spiritual martial arts, going to visit the forest, energy work, truthful circles, sobriety from pot and alcohol, these all help us uncover what is hidden in the season of the night.

These are all monthly tools to develop skills of believing in yourself emotionally, a skill of the warrior who learns healthy boundaries, and the speaker of truth. Standing Rock is an excellent example of this for the entire world. The Sun or Solar Traditions of the whole world just celebrated the return of the light at the Winter Solstice and for the Religious, its their yearly reinvestment in their belief systems. I fortunately, live by the Moon and the Midnight Sun, the Inner Fire which comes not only on each Full Moon and reflects down upon me, but also the Return of the Night (three moons of the winter season).

1601360_811045282303326_3166220228059671199_nTraditions such as paganism, spirituality, religious, science-spiritualism and even new age does not seem to know exactly ‘when the dark season is or when it ends’  but mysteriously knows for sure that the winter solstice ‘is the return of the light. When was it dark for the return of the light to reappear? Was that dark season the fullness and ripeness of Harvest? (moons of September, October and November); was that dark season the fullness of Summer? (moons of June, July and August); was it the fertility of Spring (moons of March, April and May)?  How can we as souls, regenerate our soul, when the light never leaves and we deny winter’s return of the dark season in order to go into the deep waters within us, and prepare along with mother earth?

Science-Spirituality is brand new, it was forged in the Middle Ages, creating yet another philosophical-physical layer of the Sun teachings through the Alchemists and Magicians. Our soul has been through a lot for three millenniums and when we have had enough, we begin to uncover, unwind and undo the many layers of self and shed many layers of these glorified mind teachings. In truth, all we really have to do is walk outside tonight at 5:00 pm and experience the dark of this season, and look around, its night. The key here is experience and building upon that. We have too much knowledge today, an over saturation and knowledge is fine as a platform, but to experience life you must live it.

Deep self nurturing is needed with transcendence work, and transcendence work is called acts of transformation of small changes (deaths and rebirths), just like the cycles of the moon each month. If you hold onto the full moon, then a week later when the dark moon comes and your not present with it, things can begin to back up. Imagine holding a full moon reality for ten years or twenty? Many feel that winter is the end of the yearly season or may find themselves depressed in it’s three moon process, but winter is both the beginning and the end at the same time. It is the stillness, the great void, the emptiness, the pre-manifestation, the night or dark of the primal dreamer manifested into nature. If we are not in rhythm with the seasons of our own life, I would imagine it would be very depressing for our body and soul.


Moon work and synchronicity work cannot be separated because to know real medicine for our life, is to know mysticism and this requires that you know everything about your life, all of your attachments and all of your emotional fears, your path and you. There would be no balance without the Season of the Night, and when we seek balance (healing) on our path, nature becomes more important, not less important.

Change shows us every year that we have emotional responsibilities to our self and others and that we suffer because of this. That is proof enough for the cultures of the moon who accept the work of the soul and of karma. We contemplate and dream for three moons in the season of the night and we nurture our inner fire because the seeds we planted on the Summer Solstice and that ceremony brings the warmth into this season.

New Moon Intention (examples) for a Capricorn Moon (chose one wisely):

I structure my responsibilities
I focus in the present
I nurture myself
I am healing my past
I am abundant
I am confident
I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my choices
I am taking care of my body
I am serious when I need to be
I practice stability with consistency
I listen deeply
I have purpose
I accept change with groundedness
I respect myself
I grieve loss with support
I heal my sexual woundedness
I am honest with myself
I silence my busy thoughts
I allow myself to feel my feelings
I value my perspective
I practice being honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability
I accept my anger
I am listening to my heart
I am beautiful
I accept positive thoughts
I am confident
I am patient
I listen deeply
I communicate my needs clearly
I work with my fear (which one)

Paintings: Artist Kinuko Craft Woman at the Watery Moon; Wet felted boots via



3rd New Moon of Autumn

claudialalaElder Mountain’s Moon Magic by Phoenix – The New Moon beings Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 7 degrees Scorpio, with Hygeia and Mercury, the Goddess of Health and the God of Communications as our guiding lights. Greetings everyone, how was your 2nd Moon of Autumn, that Libra relationship moon was very enlightening and very strong for many in mind, body and soul. We now enter our final lunar cycle of Autumn in its depth of Scorpio, which flows with the river of light and shadow.

This is the time when the veil is thinnest between the physical world and the energy world, what we call the Ancestral Moon or Leaves Falling Moon. At the end of Autumn, the night becomes  stronger than the day, and twilight and dawn rule the realms of the Night Goddess. This is the time of year which includes the deeper undercurrents of healing our spiritual lives.

Traditionally it is the Day of the Dead, the Old Souls Day, where our personal ancestral lineage can be honored. Be brave this moon cycle, take the bull by the Taurus horns and find your inner Scorpio strength. Remember that in Lunar or Moon work, our stuff either starts to rise on the New Moon or rises on the Full moon, so be ready to flex your unconscious.

There is saying that when your having issues and need to find discernment with your struggles, you must clearly see each issue in a context of what is yours and what is not yours by asking yourself: Is this my issue? Is it their issue? Or is it life’s issue? If you can answer those three questions each times something arises in a conflict or struggle, you will navigate any situation much better. For example, if someone is struggling with cancer or a tree fell on their house, that is a life issue. If your in conflict with someone and they just won’t let their anger go that is their issue (and you can still listen and be engaged) and three, if its you who is struggling in a personal relationship or a business issue, that is your issue. By finding clear boundaries in complicated inter-personal relationships, this can help.


Its important to remember not to let things crash into each other near the end of Autumn, but to remain grounded and focused the best you can. Do your rituals or yoga or meditations to keep focused on keeping “you” grounded. I go way back traditionally in my shamanic work, back to the cave grandmothers of prehistory in my ceremonies this season, because I fight fire with fire and water with water.  Its a pleasure for me to work with powerful energies, because Scorpio energy has always offered me transformational pain that always comes with a healing.

Now, with what seems like hundreds of transformations over the years with much hindsight, I can see just how beneficial they all were. I made time to have gratitude for “struggle” in order to heal my issues and find balance. In a Scorpio moon, much is hidden from us as we work our emotional life out, so seeing becomes important, a great benefit to see what is hidden, an illusion to be discovered, or that you are still unconscious of something presently in your situation.

dragan-bibin-banished-demons-serbian-mythologyOn a personal level at our own ground zero point, we are dealing with “communication” so think carefully and speak with integrity and try not to let the “little self” find its sneaky releases of projection that might cause more trouble than its worth. At the same time, practice being honest with your fears and speak up when you feel safe. Trouble is a word for change in its positive sense, because trouble is really just our own unconsciousness trying to push through our own fear.

Try to work out awareness of your personal issues that may arise this moon, and apologize quickly if you feel you overstepped boundaries with someone and swiftly return back into balance so the communication lines may stay open. Taking the high road by practicing listening will pay off by the end of the cycle and you can speak your truth with fire, as the Sag moon approaches in the first Moon of Winter. Timing is everything.

The Goddess Hygeia and her sacred Snake will help all things feminine this moon cycle if your open and honest with your communications. She represents the healing and nurturing of our emotions and Mercury encourages open communication, which can allow Hygeia’s serpent to heal in a positive way what had surfaced. She is also a necessary part of the traditional ancestral purification this moon, which will reflect our own personal health. I have always experienced the Serpentine energy appearing when you least expect it.

14717294_884487814985064_7468294090004894498_nEllias Lonsdale’s Sabian symbol for this moon cycle is: Scorpio 8th degree – A handicapped person with white hair, an angelic countenance. Split down the middle between advanced and retrogressive dynamics. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together, grafting onto an exceedingly inward nature a pointed and driving ambition to become somebody. Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurized by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own.

A battle waged behind the scenes between wisdom and folly, both of them bearing immense lessons to move through. The folly is a crucial ingredient to ensure that the attainment of wisdom will feature compassion and bone-deep endurance. A journey for the long-haul, contested at every split second. Requiring first as much courage, strength, and inner will as you find in there for this purpose, everything being right where it needs to be for the impossible to occur and all of the chains to be cut loose.

Two extra notes: In the collective, we have the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe standing up for what is right with protecting the water and many people of many colors are supporting the Natives to defend the rights of their land and the safekeeping of the Missouri River. Please add a few good thoughts and prayers. I have a very good feeling that they are going to get what they desire. Second, in my Libra moon last month, I just finished my video series called ‘The Intuitive & the Empath’it was a pleasure to put together for everyone. If you are interested or know someone please do share, or share with your circle and watch as a group. Its located on the main wall. Thanks.

The Scorpio New Moon Intention examples
(chose only one or make up one of your own):

I am honest with my feelings
I focus on my balance in relationship
I practice daily routine to feel grounded
I love myself in a nurturing way
I use my sexual energy in a healthy way
I am healing my addiction (______)
I express gratitude
I am patient with my communication
I trust myself when I feel alone
I nourish myself at the deepest level
I focus on right relationship
I trust my intuition (the first time)
I give myself permission to be angry
I ground myself when I am too emotional
I am practicing sincerity
I meditate for inner peace
I use creativity to assist my transformation
I accept struggle right now for my personal growth
I accept exactly where I am right now in my life
I hold myself accountable
I support my insecurity
I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I forgive myself
I have healthy emotional boundaries
I honor my past
I am healthy
I am beautiful

Happy New Moon and hang in there, Scorpio Moons are not the easiest!

Blessings, Elder Mountain
scorpionewmoon_ashlandSource and Art: Claudia Lala; Dragan Bibin ~ Banished Demons, Serbian Mythology;; Sylvia Ji; Balkan skeleton belonged to three tribal groups – the Illyrians, Thracians, and Dacians. Thraco-Illyrian, Bulgaria’s world oldest gold treasure.





2nd New Moon of Autumn 2016

libraBy Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello Dreamers, our second New Moon of Autumn begins Sept 30, 2016 as the leaves turn bright red and gold to pleasure our senses. The lunar cycle sits in the constellation of Libra at 8° degrees this month and sets the tone of right relationship. Libra is many things, she can be the power behind your beauty or a beautiful act or the creature of your gossip girl. She is involved in intimate  drama like her brother Leo, who is fiery in all his expressions, but Libra focuses her need for balance through her commitments to relationships, to marriage or legal partnerships and committed business relationships. She also rules over our artistic social communities, etiquette and the refinement of culture itself.

The Sabian Symbol this moon cycle is the 3 Masters who live in a creative environment. Our creative energy can be used anywhere in our life wherever we need the truth to come forth. Many do this through their art, but it can also come through our emotional issues and those disruptions. We experience our waning and letting go of the past and our fertile and sometimes fearful weaving of the new, all at the same time and this too, is a creative act. Balance is always the answer when we want to lighten up one of our heavier burdens or by adding something heavy to ground an important decision.

Practicing right relationship this moon cycle helps us recognizing our part in any relationship that we have, negative or positive. If we focus this cycle on where we need to change, or where we need peace, or to comfort and show ourselves some kindness, or where we need to forgive, we reap all these benefits. We start by being flexible. Have you ever seen a person get ready to run a race? They stand there and build up their energy while to ground their focus and there is this movement that seems like they are shaking off extra tension. Well, we learn to bend without being too flexible in our emotional relationships, so we don’t break.

When we do break, its generally a build up of a huge period of our life or lifetimes and that we can understand. When we practice patience with this flexibility, there is nothing stronger. But not too much patience draws a fine line and we all have to walk this line to emerge or to escape overwhelming things in our life and this breaks our heart. There is nothing wrong with a broken heart as long as we understand that it can heal in time. This line we walk, then becomes a little thicker and it doesn’t require so much extreme balance, because we give our issue a greater value that is meaningful to us personally.

As we get older too much stress or pain can make us lose energy, or lose sleep. Sometimes we have to spend time healing our inability to be flexible especially when there is a crisis. Maturity comes into our lives when it needs to, a word we don’t see used very often in the world, but this very saturn word is a key to a doorway that might just contain some blessing or resolve in some way.


Since Libra rules triangles, we can start by acknowledging the Three-fold Soul. 1. Our shadow’s soul (our struggles), our light’s soul (where we find peace) and the soul inside of us  which is our awareness. 2. Empowerment, Love and Wisdom is ours if we work through every inch of Karma, Struggle and Fear. And number 3. Intelligence expressing itself through our actions. When confusion, drama and separateness set in like the morning fog, our intuition is very sharp and knows how to both navigate a situation and ready to respond to anything. No one likes conflict, but it is a necessary soul learning if we have emotions.

We struggle so much as human beings just trying to be ‘sure’ rather than just being ‘intuitive’ and trust. Everyday we can seek to identify our essence in small ways. The basic definition of essence is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something which determines our character. Our character is our personality and we are so much more than just our personality.

Anu Raud, Textile Estonian artist.

In Autumn the process of death and release under the Libra moon begins, unlike Spring, where we live a more external process of rebirth. Like the 3 Masters in the art gallery, we sit and contemplate, watch all that moves around us and seek either shelter or conversation among ourselves. When we learn to have conversation with our self in a positive or truthful way, we grow and learn to share our struggles rather than fight within struggles. We allow our attention to stay focused, to not get too lost or confused or sink too low in our process

We are who we are right now, and that is it, that is as deep as we need to go sometimes when we practice living in the present moment. To want anything deeper requires more pain and one must be willing to accept that. We respond to changes in our life that make us grow and they are very painful and loss is a good example. But once we accept eventually, our struggles, the battles become easier. With practice being emotionally honest with integrity, the more the rough edges are eventually smoothed out because we learn to take care of our self, especially in relationships with others.

Artist Babeth Lafon

When our path eventually becomes about us, or we work to become our magic, our health, our responsibility, our being, we move from selfish or dramatic into being  conscious of the self and conscious of others at the same time. Many teachings share…

Define the ‘other’ which is a person, a teaching, a philosophy etc. and then include yourself in that process. An example is to define yoga and then go to a class and do the yoga process without everyone doing yoga. This works great for mind and body, but not so much for emotions and the soul.  In the soul, the intuitive, the shamanic, dreaming or intuitive and empath reality says you define you first and this comes from the reality within, and its an ever changing one. Then how the ‘other’ is going to be included into your reality and fit or not fit is the process. This is an important reality to acknowledge, in order to give something energy, where its not built from success or failure, only from need and desire.

We also start with the biggest picture of right relationship, we never forget who our mother is, Mother Earth and we are her children, born within her consciousness through our mothers and fathers.  We die and regenerate and go back to her in the end. And we do this over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. This is the most sacred relationship we have as artists, dreamers, magicians, spiritualists, pagans and most of us are all in agreement with this because it comes from the deepest part of our soul.

Try to come back home this new moon. Practice letting go of self judgment this moon cycle or at least acknowledge it when you catch yourself doing it. The unseen and unknowing parts of us does require patience and be patient with your enemies. Have boundaries yes, but patience brings an act of balance to our life, more than most things that we do.

Artist Nicky Moss at

Chose one Intention for the New Moon of Libra:

I am positive
I am doing the best I can
my desires are healthy
my needs are important
I have clear judgment
I listen with integrity
I AM RECEPTIVE (if your too giving)
I am giving (if your too receptive)
I accept my weakness with strength
I approve of myself
I accept where I am right now today (denial work)
I AM CLEAR MINDED (Libra is an air sign)
I am empowered

Astrology Chart for this months Moon Cycle…