Cult of the Bird Women

By Phoenix the Elder – Moon Birds – Song of Slavic Bird Tribe Shaman Women, their Culture, Art and Soul – The cult of the bird women go back to the very beginning of the largest cycle of Soul people on earth, which I estimate at least in this largest cycle (era) to be about…

The Golden Flower

Master Lu-tsu said there are many kinds of confirmation experiences and one must not content oneself with small demands, but must rise to the acceptance that all living creatures have to be redeemed. One must not be trivial and irresponsible in the heart, but must try to strive to make deeds prove your own words….

Spring Equinox Goddess Dziewanna and her Sister Marzanna, Winter Solstice Goddess

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Dziewanna (Mullein) – The Slavic Spring and Summer Goddess – Mother Earth herself, in relations to the Slavic traditions of Marzanna and Dziewanna (pronounced gee-vanna), are also called Marowit & Dziewanna who (Devana) are very archaic goddesses. Devana is the Slavic Goddess of Forests and Wildlife ,much like the Huntress Artemis….

Empaths – A “Hug Free” Spiritual Diet

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Everyone one likes a hug, it comforts us when we are children and when we are adults. A hug is a sign of affection and shows us that we care for others and other care about us. But some hugs are unwelcomed inside a family, or outside our family…

Sobriety Spirituality is for Old Souls and Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Healing takes a long time, one issue we have can weave through a lifetime for twenty or thirty years. That issue has an equivalent symbols in your dreams (at certain periods of your life) until the issue is completely healed. Never feel rushed in your healing journey, its better…