Symbolism of the Soul

Black, White and Red Eyed Children, Adults & Elders


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I want to share my experiences (not knowledge) over the last 35 years for the general public, to help those interested in understanding the whole “black eyed and red eyed” reality going on in the world. The secrets of our soul and how it works have been totally corrupted, first by the mind cults and their philosophers when the Greeks started writing, and then all 4 major religions over the last 1,800 years and their powerful mark in the Middle Ages. Now with videos catching images of eyes shape-shifting, people time jumping, changing of eyes of entertainers and  those who fear the devils of religious judgments and insinuations and even the paranormal people who haven’t a clue…  its time for me to share now.

Yes shadows are shadows and light is light and they are all real, from their over glorified sci-fi twisting out of shape, to the fairy tale monsters, all across the fields are shadow or light 1% to 100% saturation. This energy is real and penetrating and for those born as seers who actually “see” and don’t use the mind or eyes to do so, you know what I am speaking of.  And the dream walking shamans who are rare and can see a thousand times deeper (without the distortions of alcohol, pot or shamanic plant-drugs) we have a responsibility to help others understand and lessen the fears.

Neptune, the planet who rules energy, dissolve, mysticism, self undoing and the military will all be revealed as it gets deeper into its own sign of Pisces in the next ten years. There is nothing new in the world over the last 10,000 years, everything has always been here, but most of the light got corrupted by religion and most of the shadow got elevated and glorified by power hungry seekers like vampires or reptilian people. But its just a matter of time, that all humanity as it wakes up will begin to see and without good solid spiritual disciplines for groundedness, do not expect fear to over rule you.

Everything now is being flexed and in states of flexibility in the world of our souls, our soul’s fragments that roam (light or dark) and its energy body, but ghost hunters or paranormal people still, after 40 years have no idea or clue that living humans have roaming soul fragments called demons and shadows and paranormal people have no idea that UFO’s are U.S, and Russian advanced military.  In other words, they are still totally asleep regardless of their popularity and mantras, and refuse to change their schtick for ratings on their video shows.

Heriberto CogolloAs the veils slowly drops, more and more are going to start seeing eyes shift to black, and its wise to keep things in perspective for the future. Not everyone will see of course, but those who do must remember that the greedy and selfish or empathic emotional soul body has a life of its own, and not always controlled by our mind-body.

Its said: “The Eyes are the windows to the Soul” and this is extremely correct in the relations between the life of our physical (body & mind) and our non-physical reality of our soul and emotional body’s (energetic reality) of shadow. These are all the multiple and subtle realities of a human and an animist. Animism is most popular in Transylvanian or French Vampires and especially the corruption of writers of the Middle Ages, those people lived in a time of great unconsciousness but when the veils were thin. Veils cycle from thin to thick and we are coming up to an age of thinness again but in the energy of consciousness. Makes all the difference in the world of the invisible realities made visible.

The illustrations and photos that I use here are solid black eyes, but in real life, our normal eye or eyes when they begin to shift into black (clair-vision) are not so solid, they can be dark to mid gray-black or black. The more black the eye is and less of the regular eye showing through, the more severe the shadow body issues of our astral body that the person has. In terms of our living soul which has both a human light (astral body) and all of us which have a karmic human shadow (astral body)… these are starting to bleed through the veil of self, which is an energetic wall that hides the shadow and the black eyes in nature or our normal mundane life.

Every single human being alive has this black eyed issue and I can see the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to such reality. Because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean its not present before some of us. Or those who have witnessed it, doesn’t mean your an exorcist who deals with it weekly… so listen and learn to keep your self from over-judgment and to keep yourself safe.

When we throw in our animism astral bodies that we possess, knowingly which is very rare (and our healing relationship to it) or unknowingly (non-experienced) and unknown about such things, there are going to be some rude awakenings in the future.  Even the most knowledgeable and experienced spiritual or faithful person most likely doesn’t have the “whole” understanding only pieces and bits and bits of experience.

I am sharing because I have thirty years of experiencing and its been my work to learn about it, learn how it works, to clear it and what is dangerous. It is good to know the fact because awakenings are hard enough, and soul awakenings are much harder because  not since the middle ages has there been the freedom of shadow and karmic awakenings happening on earth.

f75ca263b6f5df893856f28dbef38e99Over the last 8 years, the artists have been drawing, painting and animating red eyed humans, black eyed humans and white eyed humans. There is a reason for this, it is because the artists are picking up what we Dreamers (shamans) like myself have been seeing and living with in  the waking world, and the dreaming worlds for the last twenty years since the veils have been opening.

The waking world is much more frightening when experiencing first hand (more than a few times) but daily of watching peoples eyes turn black when you speak with them, be they stranger or family. It took me years to understand with hard dedicated work and real shamanic slayings of the non-physical and energetic realities that humans possess as part of their souls and to do it with compassion. First one must slay, then the human will listen and not in reverse.

The veils are getting thin now and I am writing this article so you can be prepared for your future, and try to learn something new about how it works. Remember “we all have this” all 8 billion of us on earth have real karma and the gates of this type of pain and torture has not opened. Many think their saturn return is this type of pain, no, that is just ordinary life progression from youth to adult (27-32 years of age). Many even think they are shamans because of the struggle of that “human” gate or the midlife transformation crisis gate (37-43 years old). Discernment must play an important role with real black eyes, red eyes and white eyed humans, be it the self, loved ones or strangers.

We have been veiled since the 12th century and the 3rd century before that, veiled from this type of activity in a larger collective sense. Now that the shift is heating up, more and more will begin to see the eyes of karma overlaying the physical layer in others and even the self. This is the energetic reality of our soul, of our non-ordinary reality (our waking dream and night dreaming reality of our energetic soul, emotional body and energetic mental body which I call our “astral bodies.”

imagesPart of my gift as an Empath is the more advanced Seer gifts. Even within the seer gifts there are layers of beginner, to more advanced to extreme seeing. I am in that last category and not a day goes by where I do not see a black eye or eyed person who is a good person, just walking to work or shopping or doing anything. With the combination of seeing and walking in between the veils and dreaming (as a shaman) this has led to doors opening in sight that has changed my life.

In the last fifteen years, I have seen in my normal waking life, those who have black eyes and on the rare occasion, those with red eyes. The most difficult part for me was when I first started seeing others black eyes, it was scary but since I already had a lot of extremely frightening experiences in my shamanic life, I knew I could just practice grounding myself and work with this.

One person would have a left eye black or a right eye would be black, and sometimes a person had both eyes black. I eventually grounded myself enough with strong boundaries to suspend judging a person, but that took practice, especially with strangers because its shadow I am dealing with on some level and the person is unconscious of this.  As a healer (shaman), slayer and a medicine person it was and still is my responsibility to work with it in a state of grounded compassion with razor sharp boundaries that can strike.

There is not much I don’t see about the soul of a human being coming through the flesh of the energetic reality superimposed over the physical layers. and when you can see black eyes of people or children or even elders, they absolutely don’t know their eyes are black, so I would just have to observe until I learned which eye meant what and whether it was external issues or internal (soul) issues or both causing the black eyes. Many young people can’t help see, especially the group of young adults with the Neptune/Uranus conjunctions. Just like late 40s to early 50s people who have the 1966-69 Pluto/Uranus conjunctions.

It took me about five years of hard work in my shamanic life, to know the hows, whats and whys and to be at peace with it and gain my own perception so I could judge exactly what was occurring with a person, my self, my family and basically everyone I met. I could see the superimposed layers of their energetic soul. With fifteen years of experience now as a demon slayer and huntress who trains apprentices, I know it like my own souls that were purified in my own painful journey.

Sometimes i would just be very direct if they were aggressive or arrogant and come right out and say it to them… they would shut down because when one is intimate with a stranger on that level, they generally run away. I did notice what also was happening, was when I had ordinary people were my clients (because I can see everyone’s black eyes), if they worked out their issues with me during their session or I did shamanic work with them or folk healing, energy work etc, their eyes would clear during the session.


Left eye rules right side symbolically and this is our “giving” side. If we are selfish and not giving regardless of what we think of our self this has effects on our overall  balance as a human beings. In terms of shadow, the left eye rules over the “External” and this is effected by our “behavior.”

There are a variety of external things in life that can effect our left eye, from anything to bloodshot eyes of no sleep, too much hard liquor, irritations, and many normal physical issues. But when speaking of shadow, the Illusion causing substances are the most common for the energetic layer of the black left eye. This can be caused from daily use or every other day of smoking pot, drinking alcohol, substances, pharmaceuticals, psyche meds, shamanic drugs etc in its more extreme levels. For the harder substances it could be once a month or once a week that turns the left eye black.

Remember only the rare of us can see this in-between the physical and energetic (mind/emotional body astral) world everyday, some get a glimpse once in awhile and some see it a few times a year. Its the ones who can see, that must understand how this works. Those who feel deeply whats been written here also may have awakening sight in the future so its recommended to remember the facts I post here.

Left black eye can be sometimes seen by a partner or the parent of a child who has a shadow issues or addictions, or the child can see an alcoholics eyes turn black and too frightened to mention or not understand.  In more severe cases, those who are abusive to a partner or child will definitely have a black left eye or both eyes black, especially if the brunt of their abuses and more severe projections, emotionally, physically or mentally abuse happens. Its not only the abuser in the intimate circle that can have a left black eye, but the fearful one also who is abused.

The clearing of the left black eye is therapy and healing therapies of the behavior and behavior modifications or ego modifications that can help. Its not wrong to call the police on a loved one whose behavior is abusive of course, but many do not in intimate circles. For those who are abused or their children by a partner or bully, its wise today to step up and protect the best that you can. Because even if you cannot see the black eyes, these are their behaviors and they can be modified with help.

Good advice from a sister or friend is not strong enough, but real professional help be it therapist or healer etc or even spiritual purity and disciplines help greatly. If the person refuses help for their issue or in great denial (and denial is extremely normal), then the black stays permanent until they get some kind of help like a cop arresting them, a behavior found out rather than secret, or an involuntarily bad car accident. Sometimes life takes over when humans cannot. I have been to nursing homes and generally in a room of 20 there will be about 5 elders who have black eyes, except they are old and cannot do any purification anymore nor hurt anyone anymore.


This is an “Internal” issue and generally is only from and about the person, or what has come into the person from the non-physical reality, such as dreams at night or in-between the worlds of physical and energetic. Its not really any external sources of physical reality, since its their soul, emotional or astral body or someone else who is effecting the right eye.

The mirrors of such shadows can appear though, as a mirrored reflection in the waking life such as shadows and shadow roamers (dark karmic astral bodies) of living human beings. That can be one of the external-internal realities happening to the person whose right eye keeps going black. Substances of any kind, also effects the weakness of boundaries of the (right) black eye person also but its not the source.

Many young people in psyche wards do need to be under some restraint just like adults in regard to their demonic past life fragmented demonic shadow (astral body), but as a shaman I also know that medicating them only makes it worse and lets their past life astral body come up from the underworld and possess them, which then requires more meds.

Shadow roamers effect black right eye issues – this is a lot more complex and has levels from light to severe. It can be the person and their own shadow that is near, roaming around them (they probably do not know), it can be coming from their dreams at night and what is happening over there that is effecting their astral emotional body and a few other things. There are levels of shadow (astral body fragments) that are also an issue. When I work with others, I work with the whole story of that person, this lifetime, their personal issues, their abuses from their childhood etc. The karmic layers are revealed to me in dreaming, hence why I am a dreamer (shaman) and generally I can take care of their demon and separate it from the living mundane part of the person.

Because our souls (emotional body and astral body and even the animism body) is like a watery sponge, we can also absorb negative, demonic and dark energy from others in our family, especially if they smoke pot everyday as a potaholic or alcoholic (drinking even one drink everyday). This can as well turn our eyes a lighter shade of black also. When I see anyone with black eyes, there are levels, it can be lighter dark to intense black like the movies where it covers the entire eye… and that is when its more serious.

I see them in everyone, I can tell the light issues all the way to those who have more demonic issues and its because the VEILS are getting thin on earth that eventually many and maybe even all will see. In the last four or five years, black eyes and red eyes has been showing up in art work by artists who are not seeing it as real, but perceiving what is to come, as all artists do. Eventually many will see the soul eyes and its shadow or its void.


When both eyes are black, its a more severe issue of both outer behaviors including drugs wine pot and inner soul issues of the dark astral shadow body that belongs to that person. Many people think they are able to hide their issues, but not to everyone, especially real shamans and we shamans call them out when we run across them out in the world. This pulls their demon back and gives the human more of a chance to become free from their shadow.

Both eyes black, combines both perpetrator and victim and abuses of substances as a lifestyle be that willing or unwilling. I have seen many young homeless people with both eyes black, at least the ones who have had sexual and physical abuses as children and smoke pot or drink at their current stage of life. The longer they don’t get help, the more the demonic possession happens gradually until balance must be restored by nature or natural ways.  Its wise not to judge if its strangers because one eye black or both, happens to everyone, it just can’t be seen by the majority. Be the person in prison or at the grocery store and a what you would term a good person, a normal person or even you.

This reality is only because the veils are getting thin and one would have to remain grounded before casting strong judgment against someone. If you do come across a family member or friend, I would highly suggest getting help from me, or another ‘real’ shaman who has experience. When both eyes are black, your dealing with a demonic astral shadow body that is near and close.

Void black eyes are the one exception and I only work with others in personal consultation so they are not confused and have more clarity with their particular issue of these types of matters. When dealing with spiritual and soul realms of illusion, its a huge world to deal with and much work must be done in order to find clarity of the correct path to both what things are and how to resolves them.

Now for the more extreme and cautionary
understandings of the Red Eyed
and the White Eyed:


Most people think colors in these arenas of life is dark is bad and white light is good. Not necessarily when it comes to White eyes. This area falls specifically under possession and possession of djinns (or mental bodied living humans or dead human (aliens). This astral body showing through the person who is possessed, strictly falls under the “metal body shadow (astral body)”. When a foreign “dark” mental body possesses another, it mixes with the person emotional astral body and their physical eyes, with the possessors mental astral body’s eyes.

Example: You see the BBC or CNBC media personality whose eyes shape shift from normal to a glazed over duller white super imposed… That is when an outside mental astral body that is evil or dark, takes over the mental body of a normal human being. White eyes are one of the most complex and it took me years of seeing and experiencing to finally understand the puzzle pieces of the two astral bodies.

A demonic mental body that does not belong to the person, which can be an incarnated human or an ancient human who can no longer reincarnate (because they lost their soul emotional body a long long time ago), can take over and mentally possesses a person. Normally its a person of power, so don’t judge so hard, those who have been possessed in this way. But also make sure you stay clear of them, but most celebrities or power hungry  corporate people are protected in their small circles in life and your never going to enter that anyway unless you sell your soul to be in their spaces. Many mathematics and science students, especially prodigies are selling their souls right and left today.

Those are the main two, pure light or demonic dark of the mental body of humans dead or alive. It takes both a soul, emotional body and a mental astral body to reincarnate and those who can no longer incarnate, roam with only their mental body. These humans are what paranormal people call “ancient aliens”… yes they were once fully human, now have no soul, only a very powerful mental body. They are not from another planet, they are human and from earth, anything on earth is from earth. A whole cult reality has developed since the fifties, but that is when the CIA got involved in hiding facts that they are soulless humans and they have known back then and still known. Most heads of CIA and FBI are possessed and stay out of the view of cameras of mental astral body possessors. Sounds like sci-fi doesn’t it… yes it does and the artists in the 50s and early 60s were showing you exactly what was real and making it entertainment. 

We also have an issue with the shadow sides of science doing demonic things such as experimentation of peoples energy bodies, cross hybridizing animal and human genetics. Its gotten out of hand in some of these military-science cooperatives as they are by passing natural laws of incarnation with test tube babies etc. And what they do on the dream planes would really frighten you. Just scale it by the billions of dollars given to science and the military since the 1980s yet the war budgets do not match, a lot of this money goes into doing genetic manipulation experiments mixing human’s emotional energy soul body. And we the soul people have to deal with this when we can see.

White eyes do not belong to the Djinn because djinns are clear astral bodies through and through. I describe it as the “clear heat” on a desert road that you can see. A Djinn can be living humans or ancient humans (which uneducated and inexperienced people call Aliens). These are non-incarnating ancient humans who only have a mental body (clear astral body) left. They are extremely telepathic beyond what one can imagine, and can possess a persons mind. I have first hand experience in this and fought it by mastering Zen for five years every single day. That worked for me, but it was a matter of survival.

Unlike the Muslim superstitious versions of Djinn, as I stated the Djinn is just the clear astral body of the mental body of any human or a non-incarnated human who can possess others but only for a short amount of time if the person does not fight it. Some entertainers even say they sold their soul to the devil, well if its the soul its a red eyed demonic possession and if their eyes are white, they sold it to a Djinn.

Like the red eyed demons, these white eyed demons (djinns who possess the persons white astral body), are non living ancient humans who lost their soul a long time ago and are more collective human demonic forms and can not incarnate anymore. They lost their soul.

In the real terms I call them ancient Djinns who are not living nor can they incarnated. In the terms of more normal Djinns with shadow, these are living and incarnating humans but I have never seen yet an incarnated white eyed or red eyed human. They are either angelic white or demonic possession white (eyes).

The Djinn human’s mental body, has no color at all, its just clear energy and will not show up as dark in the persons eyes. The white eyes requires great discernment. As I stated, Illusion is the most difficult of all teachings at the highest levels of the mystery and karmic teachings and enters the death realms of such mystery. Discerning white eyes can be both shadowy evil or pure and good angelic types, depending which body its coming from.

Djinns mental astral bodies are where all ‘demonic’ voices are heard from and these are living human beings who are out of body roaming in their mental body or a persons own past life demonic djinn shadow body speaking to them. The energy is clear energy and will not show any color in the eyes at all.  This is why people do not understand and think only the emotional soul body is demonic… actually the mental body demonic body is more prevalent in modern times because of technology.

A human (djinn) mental body can also try to possesses another’s body or control their mind. This happens and confuses shamans and doctors who believe in the supernatural of human beings souls and mental bodies astral bodies. When those eyes turn pure white there are two reasons:

“Dark Side” of the Light
Living people who I call Djinn (mental bodied human who is living). Those who are dead (are the ancient aliens and roaming around) but there are not many of them. Shadows of Emotional Bodied Souled Living Humans (demons, vampires, reptilians, werewolf, skin-walkers etc). Example: A Christian preacher, judging prostitutes and then sleeps with them in secret. In other words, the judgmental happy hypocrites who have dirty little secrets. 

“Light Side” of the Dark
This is a pure dharma (no karma) Soul of a souled emotional body human (who is living). These are the demon slayers and vampire huntresses of the world etc. Those souled ones who are dead, you call them Angels but when they are Angels on the light side of the dark they are “warrior angels” which means they slay demons and vampires etc also. Those who are living incarnated humans are angelic, meaning no karma (dharma) and they too are demon slayers, vampire slayers etc. To know the difference is the most difficult part.

Red eyes fall into the “emotional soul body astral body of permanent karma) there is no healing that can occur. Eventually the red eyed soul will get weaker and weaker through their incarnations and eventually fall to the lower and lower levels of the underworld until they are absorbed by mother earth herself.

They are a whole other reality and league and are demonic shape shifters who i never let get 20 feet into my space. I never break that rule, ever and I am a long time huntress and slayer with decades of experience. There are only both eyes red, not one unless an innocent is in the process of being fully possessed by their own demonic past life astral body or by another person in their intimate circle.


The movies like New Moon and Anime have tried to convince you this is harmless or heal-able like black eyed souls, not so and not truth, those who produce these types of movies with the wrong information makes people have their guards down. Well don’t. With black eyed humans, one or two eyes, that is true, you can relax a bit more, but not red eyed demonic ones, the undead, and not only the undead but demonic undead. The series Supernatural is probably the closest thing to the truth, but there are many parts of it, that I could adjust and bring to a more correct level, but most of it is pretty good and on target, except: guns don’t kill demons, energy does and if your not carrying pure energy and dharma energy, then you are over powered easily.

A severe black eyed person can start to get hints of red but it doesn’t mean their soul is gone yet, its just in the process. Red Eyed humans are pure demonic, they are not living and they are the simplest to understand of them all. They are the pure demonic humans, and there is no healing nor negotiation with them. And its wise to walk away.

These pure demon humans from the underworld and they are “not living” human beings, they have “no right” to be here. A vampire human is simple and weak compared to a red eyed demon. They are rare because the balance of light will always be near them because they are pure evil.

If you encounter a stranger or a person in any situation, walk away. There is nothing you can do, they are the most demonic of all things on earth and I heavily advise if they have come into your personal circle to call a real demon slaying shaman like myself to do our work.

In Animism (shamanic reality), the same applies as the Red Eyed humans (dead or living), it means the demonic dead human has gotten into a persons soul who and has stolen their dormant animal or avian shape shifting ability. To shape shift (in real terms, not sorcery puff and smoke terms of projection reality), the red eyed humans can steal ones dormant animal or avian soul and turn into and animal or bird.

Mostly you will see this reality in the darkest demonic humans of the drug shamanism circles, and it will be hidden very well by one who serves up the shamanic drugs to innocent people all over the world. As I said, its rare, the red eyed demonic dead humans but they are real, and its rare in the drug shamanic circles as well, but its out there.

There was one case in Peru, where 28 demonic shamans died in the forest, they were eradicated by the more angelic humans and completely destroyed. No physical evidence was there in the investigation but the darkness they carried effected so many humans who went there for their ayahuasca trips. The red eyed demons can manifest into the physical form in human terms, but in animism terms, this is in dreams and dreaming (energetic reality). Consult me in a session if this is occurring or has happened because its very dangerous.

There is none, These people have been dark for many millenniums and never chose to heal and have to steal your soul energy to stay alive. Sound like a book? Yes it does. There are no levels of shadow to lighter shadow, they are the most evil of all humans walking on the planet. Stay away from them if you can “see” or develop seeing in your future.

HEALING OF EVERYONE ELSE (Black, Shades of Black and Gray)
All healers who have woke up from the late 80s are now seasoned healers now, and can deal with these issue, even if they cannot “see” the black eyes of people. Energy healers help the best and strongest in shifting the persons yuck (shadow energy). A yoga or massage person is not going to see in general because the body is their jurisdiction, they can see the effects though and they are very positive to lighten up your issues your struggling with. The seers and more advanced empaths will generally see on a wider scale and field, but no where near real shamans. The fastest healing to clear black eyes is energy healing (pranic, reiki or cranio-sacral or their renamed things like quantum energy healing etc).

Spiritual disciplines such as yoga or meditation and especially sobriety (no pot, drugs, shamanic plants etc) are very transforming to clear our astral bodies out.0

Modern Christian, Muslim, Jewish Religions, Gnostic, Paganism, Druidism, Sorcery, Shamanic, Magician, Voodoo, Hoodoo, even some Native Indigenous traditions all have people with red, black eyes to some varying degree. Philosophy & even main stream Theology over the past 2000 years have distorted or corrupted the origin teachings before the patriarch.

If you need a session if something is out of hand i work with sliding scale clients as my full time work and write me to schedule a session:

Photo: Moon Witch by Psychara at DeviantArt; Heriberto Cogollo



Stone Alatyr – Russian Magical Legend

photo by mikko lagerstedt

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The Russian Alatyr Stone, sometimes called the World Mother (Алатырь каменьям – мире мати) is a search for purity and truth as a legend lost so long ago on earth. As a keeper of dreams, I have many secrets of the pre-pagan eras and share them when my work is completed and not in danger of having an interruptions from shadow forces. I do have a second love besides the appreciation for legends and real folklore, and that  is the love of stones… creek, river and ocean stones which have shown me how magical they are in their own unique ways.

The Stone Alatyr is a Russian myth of a Mystical Stone of folktale and epic proportions, as the Russians prefer to call their legends. It is a wisdom stone of earth and states that it is one which holds the great power of Russia. Alatyr sits upon the living waters, the eternal waters of purity that replenishes the earth. I wrote my other story here around the winter solstice, about the Kalada, a slavic symbol that was carried by the Slavic Christmas caroler traditions, which is also the symbol known as Alatyr (its shape). The Alatyr symbol in its Slavic pagan uses, is one of the most powerful and most common, it protects its owner from diseases and brings well-being (balance) to their personal space.

The symbolic and real legend of the Alatyr, says that a long time ago it was given to travelers for a long journey to bless their way. As a sacred amulet, its used to preserve the family hearth and the hearth fires (creation). Since Alatyr already bears all amulet characteristics, all the other charms are just small manifestations of Alatyr. This amulet can be worn under clothing, close to the chest, sewn onto clothing like most traditional Slavic, Nordic and Balkan folk clothing, or it can be combined with other pendants and necklaces for different uses.

Dreagon by Franciszek Walczowski, Polish Artist 1902-1983.

But the Alatyr I am speaking of today, even though they are all connected in the bigger collective of the ancient Slavic and Balkan symbolism, is the ancient Midnight Sun symbol in its Slavic and Russian form which says:

The search for the meaning of life (of our soul) and how both spiritual pagan men and women searched by connecting with the greater soul of the earth mother. Under this hidden Stone Alatyr it is said: “powerful forces which offers the treasures of wisdom and keeps the dreaming alive.”

Some stories say that the Stone is located near a portal (entrance) to the underworld, for the dark and light are of equal strength and always exist right next to one another. In folklore there are a few places that have been mentioned about its location: The most mysterious is somewhere out in the ocean, which in fact, I have dreamed where it is. Legends have also said it was on the banks of the river Currant and a third version sats its hidden in a sacred mountain in Rhipaean Mountains (The Urals).

Eastern and Southern Slavs say the stone is within Irie (the Slavic Paradise) where thunder and lightning rests in the winter. The legend says that Alatyr is the mother of all our stones because of its healing powers, containing great wisdom and all life-giving love. Seekers keep searching but it is never found and that we cannot enter such legends until we are pure (have no more karma).

“The Magical Stone of Alatyr” … magic stone 1

White combustible Stone Alatyr
The all stone in the world mother
from under the pebble from Alatyr
Beget pure winds. From under the
pebble from Alatyr, t
he waters
flow fast, 
around the world for
the whole world of healing.

According to another legend, there are nine Alatyr stones (one stone that was fragmented) and buried in the walls of nine cities. Others believe its a large piece of mystical amber, for this is the only stone that is cold, but can also be ignited (combustible) but it’s not a white. There is speculation that the island Buyan – Ruyan or Rügen in the Baltic Sea (Alatyrsky Sea), is where this stone may sit but those are the later versions and I highly doubt that one. Alatyr is often described as a mountain, while amber is found only in small formations near the ocean, but oceans also have ‘older’ mountains under water.

Some Russian epics say that the Alatyr Stone appears like a stone lying on the crossroads (meaning that it only exists in-between the veils, (energetic worlds) of earth and that it awaits for the right traveler. If he or she went on the given road, they would find it, this legend I agree with because at certain higher levels of earth, one cannot enter if they must not have karma, so a soldier is ruled out as some legends said the military can find it. So this way, mother earth protects her secrets from those who have not bowed to her sacredness by suffering off their past life karma which is the worst kind of suffering there is.


It is mystical stone for a good reason, so its safe and protected from those who would do harm unknowingly without the great insights of a shaman sage.

“On the Sea on Okiyane                                   “На море на Окияне есть
we have the white-combustible                    бел-горюч камень 
stone Alatyr, unknown                                     Алатырь, никем
by anyone.”                                                          неведомый.”

According to a number of German and Eastern (Arabic and Persian) sources and Slavic negotiators who called themselves “Rus” a report that the Persian geographer Abu al-Qasim ibn Khordadbeh, writer of the “Book of Ways and Countries” which was written between 846 – 847 ce and he had his clues. Russ is one of the tribes of the Slavs who say only a Slav will be able to go back into time far enough to communicate with mother earth and only she will know where it is.

In some sources they speak of “the Island of the Russ or Rus’ which clearly shows the peninsula Ruyan (Rügen), one of the most important sacred centers of the Slavs — the Temple City of Arkona. The word Buyan is clearly of Russian origin and the root, means to blow (wind or whispering) and as applied to a forest’s movement, signifying a vigorous spirit of the forest.  The connection is clearly “wind-swept.” In the early Russian ballads the invariable formula is Na ostrove na Buydne (on the island of Buyan) is highly probable that Buyan became a substantive only later, and at first was adjectival and meant “windy island.”

Legend says the healing waters flow from beneath the Alatyr Stone and on it stands the Dreaming Tree and that this stone is still guarded by two mythical celestials, a Gagana Bird and the Garefena Serpent.  Only the mysterious bird called Strafil (the firebird) the Mother of all birds can enter the Paradise Island and on whom the whole of the moist earth is founded; and that if the fish shall drown, all the moist earth will fall to pieces.


In the texts of the Golubinoy books, which was published by Kirshey Danilov, legends say that the Stone, the Firebird and Magpie are connected and when I was translating this from Russian – I liked the way this translation turned out syncronistically all on its own…

Nagai Island (Alaska) – all birds of prey
and she lives on the Ocean-Sea
near the national nest on Obama’s White,
the stone w
elled up Visitors korabelschiki
on the nest of
Nagai Island (Alaska) – birds

and on his detushek of small.

Nagai Island (Alaska) – bird vostrepenetsya,
Ocean-Sea vosklolybletsya, it replenishes
rivers razlivalisya, Alexander many quick ships,
Alexander many chervlenye ships.

For those of you who made it to the end of this article…

The Russian Alatyr Stone was never a stone,
is one of the Four Great Celestial Dragons

of Mother Earth and much larger than the other three.


The “windy island” was the ocean floor and the “white combustible stone” meant that the dragon had to free itself through some sort of combustion (breaking free).  Men fell asleep and their own legends were corrupted by the battles in their heart, and Christian Religion which killed the dreaming of the Dragons corrupted the legend even more. All Dragon’s retreated just as the Russian Dragon had done. Dragons of course, belong to Mother Earth and not to men. Only the Religious’ ego told false fairytales about overpowering them, which is nonsense. The Ideology of Saint George made it even worse over the last millennium, that they were dead. Same too with the Giants, the giants are alive and well, we know them as Archangels.

The Goddess was protected by the “old dream”  and the real Dragons where to help prevent the destruction of the Souls of the souled human beings. Men know nothing of woman and her story before history which began around 2100 bce and the Magical Stone itself was only “frozen” in time, not dead nor lost. Prophecy was never stated anywhere in any this legends – the Russian Dragon, this Stone of Alatyr.  The dragon is now free and free from Russia’s own past oppression.

Sources: Saint Juraj (George) and the Dragon, Zagreb, Croatia; Wiki Europe, Various Russian Pagan sites, Encyclopedia Mythica, Song of the Alatyr by Maestro Vladimir Sidorov’s  Youtube page.




Mirror Mirror in my Soul

This is an ancient Etruscan Mirror with a Goddess Figure and engraved scene, bronze, 3rd century BCE. When I teach Symbolism, Dream Symbolism and Mirror work with those who seek me, I teach that our prehistory soul and emotional body must be integrated with personal work in our everyday life. Because when the two our separated, the mind and the soul (emotional body and animism soul) never progresses. That is why today, the knowledge path, without the personal healing path carries no power.


The art of vibratory energy by working with the mind or emotional shadow self, the karmic relationships given in this life and the suffering of real detoxes, creates an emptiness that is not only necessary, but also purifying. The emotional body and soul work is the last frontier on earth for old souls. I encourage people to do various healing traditions and make sure they take their path slowly so one can process the releases. One can study knowledge as much as they want, for it only is detrimental when the soul calls us to come find her in her entrapment far, far away in the underworld of our past lives.

The Generous Invitation to the Marriage of the Spirit of the North’s Wisdom: “The Midnight Sun”

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain, Edited by Sarah Burnt Stone – The Languages of Symbolism is very deep, rich and very ancient. It is the root language of dreamers and has existed long before the creation of any rune, alphabet or written language or even paganism. This is the communications of our “subtle bodies” (our souls) which has its own language expressed through the language of image, dreams and art, symbolism, imagination (manifestation of image). It is our original language of the pre-ancients and the old ones before the new ‘gods’ came around 2000 bce and then again in the 11th-13th century, what I call a shadow invasion of those who should have remained in the underworld. But grandfather in every place set them free in both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, half from the needs of control and power, half from being totally unconscious.Kolyadki sun and mKolyadki Winter Midnight Sun with moon and Goddess
Most people today do not concern themselves with any pre-religious or pre-pagan traditions, and why should they, these are grandmother and women’s traditions and for 7,000 years its been a teaching to corrupt and fear them inter-weaved together. But now that the next two ages come for the next 7,000 year cycle (Age of Aquarius and Age of Capricorn), women are no longer by the shift of consciousness of mother earth are bound to such laws and rules anymore.

But dreamers need to understand our empathic and old soul natures of prehistory for their own future. This is a path of a full spiritual journey (not just mind-body) and the thirst this lifetime starts from birth and lasts our whole entire life. In the beginning ages of the last 7,000 years it was body & soul (sun & moon), in the last 2,500 years it was body & mind (sun). Now we enter Soul & Nature again (Earth & Moon) and it is self understanding and reclaiming, first our human and its karma and then our nature (animism, celestial and elemental). For most old souls it will just be a flexing of such reality, taking back what fairytales and legends stole from us. Believing but not really believing (experiences) and to understan prehistory rites and movements with nature of symbolism, dreaming symbolism (not dream symbolism and there is a huge difference). And the subtle ritualistic art of dreamtime as a real language. 

One of the symbols of my ancestors is the “Star” or what was in prehistory the “midnight sun” that has to do with the consciousness (mysticism) of nature herself, connected to the equinoxes, the winter solstice traditions before paganism was based on nature’s teachings, not human. The Night (season) is Autumn and Winter and Fire (season) is Spring and Summer and I not only live within that principle in my shaman’s life and healing work and dreams of both night and walking but also with each moon cycle and how it effects dreams, dreaming and dreamtime.

AuseklisOne of the symbols sacred to the Latvian Balkan, is the Auseklis – The Midnight Sun, Goddess of the Dawn (now called a Star). In Ukraine tradition, its the Mysteries of Kolyadky. The Aurora (Auseklis) is the Midnight Sun, Goddess of the Dawn is the oldest of all Slavic and Balkan countries symbols and its meaning, even older than all the pagan gods. It has magical meanings in Latvian folklore of the ancient understanding of the secrets of magical nature, the magical self in relationship to nature. If your bed sheets are covered with this symbols then bed sheet protect though the symbol the dreamer from any shadow or evil wandering souls in the vicinity. The symbol is also associated with ancient medicine, the straight or turned cross style. Auseklis is used commonly in folk and peasant usage of the Latvian culture. This is the most important ancient symbol to them, which is with the references of the night. In Latvia, its the Night Sun or Midnight Star as it is associated with Winter, the Winter Solstice and the protection from evil and shadows of the underworld.

From Dawn Maid and Sun Maid: Celestial Goddesses among the Proto Indo Europeans by Miriam Robbins Dexter Antioch University, she writes: “The Indo-European Dawn Goddess appears in Northern Indo-European, particularly in Baltic folk songs. Proto-Indo-European Aus-tero gave rise to several cognate dawn goddesses, including Lithuanian AuSra, Latvian Auseklis, Old Prussian Ausca, and Roman Aurora. Throughout these folklore and mythology, the Goddess of the Dawn is often perceived as a woman and the Latvian daiqas, or folk songs, excuses are made for the late arrival of the dawn goddess.

Latvian folk songs are very creative in their excuses for the goddess of the dawn: Where is the Auseklis of the Morning, Whom I did not see rising? Auseklis [is] in Germany; She is sewing velvet skirts. The Lithuanian dawn goddess AuSra is often called AuSrelt (dear dawn), employing the very common Lithuanian diminutive of endearment. She is also called AuSrint a form which utilizes the adjectival suffix; AuSrinis means ‘morning’ and AuSrint Zvaigzdt is the ‘morning star. The Latvian Goddess of Dawn in Baltic myth, was the Mother of Mēness The Moon God.

The moon was either married to Saule, the Sun Goddess, or her daughter, Saules Meita. In another folk song, Saule has given her daughter to Ausekis’ son. The Slavic Goddess of the Dawn, Zarya is not linguistically cognate with her Baltic sisters. The moon god, according to Gimbutas, was unstable; not only did he fall in love with the daughters of the sun, in Latvian myth, he also married Saule herself and fell in love with Ausrine as well.”

We find a similar motif of Aurora in the primitive Sardinia, Italian language that Aurora, which is equivalent to Greek Ἕως, the rosy-fingered goddess, is no coincidence the Romans made it the hypostasis of gold (aurum > Aurora) for the splendor with which it appears. But aurum > Aurora was only a paronomasia, as the Latins had lost its oldest meaning, which turns out even in the Sumerian language, from a’u ‘one who drags ships, boats’ + ru ‘structure ‘+ ra ‘sun, splendor of the sun’: A’u-ru-ra which means: ‘She who pulls the boat of the Sun’ or life giving sun of the waking human life. Ἕως has the same origin, by Sumerian e ‘take out’ + u ‘sleep’, meaning ‘(the one who) brings out of sleep (the Sun)’.

Aurora is the Sun Goddess, but when the patriarch began to change all mythology into their new mythology she became the wife or consort and the male ended up in a higher status as the all life giving Sun God and from him all the gods rose, like Helios, Apollo, Mars, etc. The Aurora or Auseklis – The Midnight Sun, Goddess of the Dawn has magical meaning in Latvian folklore and it means you understand the secrets of magical nature, the magical self in relationship to nature. If your bed sheets are covered with this symbols then bed sheet protect though the symbol the dreamer from any shadow or evil wandering souls in the vicinity. The symbol is also associated with ancient medicine, the straight or turned cross style.

Latvian Auseklis at her root, is a Celestial Goddess, collective rather than personal goddess or woman self-hood, and she and her symbol has much power, but like any ancient symbol, you do not get its power, you must match its power within your life and that is a long and painful journey. No symbol is power given, it must be completely earned and most times its given power by peoples shadow (their need for attention, jester or magic tricks for attention, the ego, false strength of the warrior etc). These are all superficial and not in harmony with the feminine and goddess from which they were birthed. The symbol represents the complex eight-sided star, which must be drawn in one continuous line without lifting your hand to receive the benefit of his blessings.

Simplest form of star is simple cross which symbolizes as elements, the Fire and the Light which are basically the same thing, called Spirit. Pagan Latvians believes that magical rituals can be performed with this symbol and it often has a great meaning to those who use it in a sacred way

During late paganism eras (after the 8th-10th century), with the influences of Christian and Catholic Religions, the Midnight Star has been called Koliada in Ukraine and other Slavic and Balkan pagan winter traditions, which is most important as ancient winter ceremonies and celebrations and then later into Christmas and Christian Religions. The Midnight Sun (star) as a simple art image today, in the basic Christmas ritual.

Shaman Women, Ukraine, by Illustrator Vera Pavlova

Восьмикутна хірка, як головний атрибут різдвяно-колядницьких містерій
Здавна, саме язичницька восьмикутна зірка, звана предками як Алатир (від  al-atar “біл-горюч”), була головним символом різдвяно-колядницьких містерій в Україні. Зірка-Алатир являє собою український колорік у вигляді восьми головних циклів. Він же, восьмикутник, є характерним і для народної орнаментики, особливо гуцульської. Загалом, цей символ зустрічається у кожному напрямку народного мистецтва – в українських писанках, українській вишивці, народному різьбленні, витинанці тощо. Езотерично, Алатир являє собою октаграму: проекцію ромба (небесний світ) на квадрат (матеріальний світ), та їх взаємне пересікання. Він зв’язує усі сторони світу і позначає абсолютний баланс, гармонію і рівновагу, здійснюючи потужну цілющу дію.
The main attribute of Christmas and the Mysteries of Kolyadky is since ancient times, as it was pagan octagonal star, called by the ancestors as Sura (from al-atar “white or heat-combustible”) in Ukraine. Star-Sura is a Ukrainian eight pointed star which represents the eight major cycles of nature within the four seasons. Its characteristics are within folk ornamentation, especially the Hutsul. Overall, this symbol is found in every area of folk art in Ukrainian pysanky, Ukrainian embroidery, folk carving, etc. Esoteric, Sura is oktahramu: projection diamond (heavenly light) to the square (the material world) and their mutual peresikannya. It connects all corners of the world and marks the absolute balance, harmony and balance, making a powerful healing effect.

Сама зірка кріпилася на високій жердині непорушно, а промені крутилися довкола осі за допомогою блока та протягненого від нього шнурка. На одному боці зірки зображали людське обличчя або Сонце, на другому – колядницькі сцени. Усередину іноді вставляли свічку, утворюючи щось на зразок “чарівного ліхтаря”. На виготовлення такої звізди йшло від тижня часу, тому їх виробляли заздалегідь.

The very high star attached to a pole firmly and rays swirled around the axis using the power and extended in lace from him. On one side of the star depicting the human face or the sun, the second – kolyadky scene. Inside sometimes inserted a candle, creating a sort of “magic lantern”. In making this week the stars came from the time because their produce in advance.

Belarusian  Каляда, Kalada, Kalyada
Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene koledsa
Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian Коледа, Коледе
Kashubian kòlãda
Latvian an older ancient symbol Auseklis
Lithuanian Kalėdos, Kalėda
Polish Kolęda
Old Polish Kolenda
Old Church Slavonic Колѧда
Romanian Kolinda
Russian  Коляда, Kolyada
Ukraine  Коляда, Kolyadá

23To understand any spiritual teaching of earth at its root, one must walk backwards into the past and prehistory of self, not the present or knowledge and definitely not forward or the future. To understand ancient cultures rituals before 3,000 bce (grandfather’s patriarch), information can be found only in three ways: 1. Visions and Out of Bodies, 2. Peasant folktales, folk songs and 3. Ancient art and pieces of remaining Folk art. One question is: “Were the origins of the Winter Solstice Ceremonies Dances or Songs or both” ?Koleda is always celebrated with Carolers, but the root of the term “Carol” actually refers to “dancing” rather than its common connotation regarding song or singing. In Old French, “carole” is translated to “dance.” Similarly, in both Latin (choraula) and Greek (choraules) the root of the term means “to dance with the accompaniment of flute”. Thus caroling can actually be traced to more archaic traditions of solstice ritual dance much like kukeri, the bear dances or mummer’s purification dances (in some purer villages) in its shamanic roots.

In Pre-Christian eras, Northern Europeans and Eastern Europeans would travel in order to join together to sing and dance in honor of the sacredness of the Winter Solstice. Although after the 13th century most carols centered around religion or pagan celebrations. These dances were directly birthed from the sacred shamanic dances of women that occurred during the winter moons of the time of peace when the oceans became calm and they were joined in dreaming by all their shaman and sacred sisters around the earth, called dream incubation of the cave eras. Before wars descended upon the earth, men also had their essential roles and parts in the great rituals of the tribe and clans. Their rites (like most cultures) are historically viewed as war dances, but in actuality there was no war-based intentions in their origins, that was propaganda, a myth projected as real when they were just dances.Kolyadki Winter Midnight Sun Goddess Kievskaya Vasilisa Kolyadki akvarely cvetnye karandashiThe ancient tradition of creating art is also an important path, as both talisman (to be worn) and amulet (to be placed or hung) has also been carried on in Slavic traditions of Christmas. As the Christian stories of the “Son of God” gained cultural momentum, the symbols often found on these amulets and talismans lost their reference to the fertility of both the Fire Goddess (of the summer solstice) and her twin mirror the Night Goddess (of the winter solstice) and her heavenly fertility.

Although the original meaning of the Midnight Sun was displaced, the symbol remains present in Slavic celebrations due to tendency of Slavs and Balkans to bring their own traditions into Christianity rather than lose them. As religion became the leading influence of commerce for artisans, traditional craftsmen and women were given work to change these ancient symbols and adapt them to support both the new power of religion and male power in general. The work of these artisans combined with the domination of written pagan-god culture is what ultimately transformed the meaning of these shamanic symbols.

Północ Gwiazda (101)The verb ‘koliadovat’ means to go from door to door, singing ritual songs, asking for sweets and the pagan aspects of wearing animal masks. Koliada is the time between Korochun (the Winter Solstice) and the first week of January. Lighted fires and candles are to light the darkest time of the year which was to echo the ancient pagan custom of banging the sparks from the burning Budnik ritual log, that is lit up at Koliada, much like the English Yule log. Sviatky in Russia is equivalent to yuletide and is celebrated in January where all the young girls and women in the family would practice folk divination, which is mostly melted wax into a water bowl.


Koliada in its older traditions is the name of a cycle of winter rituals that aligns with the new moon stemming from the ancient Calendae. The modern term of children and caroler’s singing is called kolyadovannya in Ukrainian and is now applied to similar Old East Slavic celebrations. In Bulgarian and Macedonian traditions of koleduvane (коледуване) or koledarenje (коледарење) which are also around Christmas and the Kolyadka (songs) are sung as well.

Koleda is also celebrated across northern Greece by the Slavs of Macedonia in Florina to Thessaloniki which is called Koleda (Κόλιντα, Κόλιαντα) and Koleda Babo (Κόλιντα Μπάμπω) which means “Koleda Grandmother” in Slavic and this directly ties Koleda (Winter Solstice) to the Winter Goddess Marzana making it the most archaic Koleda. This is a ritual of gathering in the village square and lighting a bonfire, followed by local Macedonian dancing. There is also a dance from Dubrovnik called “The Dubrovnik Koleda.”

Północ Gwiazda (92)Wigilia is the traditional Polish Christmas eve celebrations and sometimes called “gwiazdory” which is reference to the “Star” carriers. Before the 11th century they were all pagan celebrations and rituals and the oral traditions which were passed down for millenniums for generation to generation were lost and all we have left is a very small narrow culture of religious songs that lack the mystery. Poland’s Koledy, like other Slavic countries still bright Star along with the singers and folk musician spreading seasonal good wishes.

Hieroglyphs, Petroglyphs, Cave Drawings, Ancient and Contemporary Art, Esoteric, Divination and even major business logo’s all draw from nature-based symbols (images of artists and dreamers) and contain a root language of our past and our souls journey. Traditional oral stories can be traced to these sources of images throughout history and prehistory and their original meanings can be understood when one recognizes symbolic language as their “first language.” Symbolism as a tool, has been birthed forth from sacred dreamers, shamans and artists since the dreamers societies and this continues today in a less elaborate and less powerful and less meaningful shamanic ceremony. But at least fragments still exist and can be built upon for the future.

villagers from zakalnoe, sing kolyadki of the winter-midnight-sun-goddess

The Sun Goddess (in both Balkan and Slavic cultures) has a far more ancient symbolic meaning, than what is used in today’s rituals of the recent pagan past. In the past several thousand years her symbol evolved to be regarded as a “star” and this is a relatively recent concept. Prior to the evolution of astronomy, astrology, science and religion, the eight pointed star (associated with the Sun Goddess and Goddesses like Ishtar, Tanit and some older archaic goddesses) it represented the Midnight Sun of the Winter Solstice here on earth, not in the sky and that is the most important of all.

bronze_slavic_early_medieval_female_jewel_pendant VESNA, Slavic pendant, Moravia Magna Empire, bronzeThis star can be seen in the symbolism of folk ritual, folk art, rich textiles, pysanky eggs and sacred art of both the Slavs and the Balkan people. One later example is the early Medieval Slavic Moravia Magna (Moravian Empire) and it’s 8 pointed Vesna symbol which looks like a “flower”. Vesna is the Goddess of life, beauty, love and the spring and asscociated with the Goddess Lada.

Because the earth was woman’s only focus prior to men’s teachings (paganism and religion) the symbols and images belonging to woman’s prehistory were actually quite different and in many ways an opposition of what we have today in the meanings of symbols. If we release the associations created through these dominant teachings of the Sun Cults (which began to around 2,200 bce) we can begin to see the symbols come alive and express a more healing and magical meaning, which came forth from women weaving connectedness to the immediate surroundings and to accepting the dark winters without rushing to bring any light forth ahead of spring. In these ways we were accepting of the dark night and the time of silence. We were accepting to go inward and enter the night forest of mother earth and to heal the deepest during this time.

postIf we look at the Rozhy as a sacred symbol, which emerged from ancient earth-focused artists (who were generally the healers and enactors of rituals and leadership)  we can see that the eight-pointed Ruzha (ружа) is not a “star” but a “flower”. The Rozhy (mallow flowers) are so often similar to the eight-pointed star motif that during the shift from feminine to masculine-dominated teachings to see everything linear, the flower took on the connotation of the solar god and began to be regarded as a representation of the sun itself. Today this symbol still represents the feminine, and woman’s sensitivities of the beauty of nurturing, and symbolizes love and caring for others. The Sun Goddess’s symbol, which retains both the meaning of the “Sun” and “Flower” allows us to trace its origin to the archaic symbol of the “Fire Flower.”

One of the most beautiful symbols of the Winter Solstice (which remains passed down from a direct lineages of the Matriarchal structures) is the 8 pointed Midnight Sun (or Fire Flower) that is carried atop a ritual staff by Ukrainian carolers at Christmas. Long ago shamanic ritual and Fire Dances would have accompanied these singers in their solstice celebration. The names of the Mallow flower (which is representative of the Fire Flower) in various Slavic and Balkan countries are:

Bulgarian: Горски слез (Gorski slez)
Czech: Sléz lesní
Croatian: Sljez crni, Sljez divlji
Estonian: Mets-kassinaeris
Georgian: ბალბა (Balba)
Macedonian: црн слез
Polish: Ślaz dziki
Romanian: Nalba de culturä, nalba de padure
Serbian: Crni slez
Slovak: Slez lesný
Slovene: Gozdni slezenovec
Ukrainian: Мальва лісова

christmas star

In China, the mallow flower is called the “power of magic” for its abilities to ward off shadows and shadow-natured humans who walk between the worlds. A similar reference is found in Polish mythology which mentions Fire Flowers in much of their folklore. The ritual of the Vesta is a distinct Fire Flower rite and is a shamanic ritual in origin. The rite of the Fire Flower wasn’t a game or a celebration, but a real shamanic initiation which could last five to twenty years.

In today’s pagan ritual its said that to find the Fire Flower the seeker must enter a forest before midnight on the Eve of Kupala of the Summer Solstice. Blooming precisely at midnight, the brightness of the flower is so brilliant that no person can look at it directly. The reference of both “Flower” and “Midnight” in these stories also connect to the observance of the solstices.

For this powerful flower to be harvested, a circle had to be drawn around it. The seeker would encounter demons who would try to distract or prevent him/her from completing this task. It was said that if you answered the voices, or faltered during the task the cost would be your life. Anyone who succeeded in possessing this flower gained the ability to repel all evils. Thus, within the folklore of this Fire Flower lies the symbolism of the spiritual tests of the Shamans from these regions.


Midnight Sun symbolism of the Winter Dark Goddess

The ancients like myself as a shaman recognize two seasons: Summer and Winter and when one tries to relearn alignment with the celebration of these two seasons of earth, rather than the four we have come to regard as wholeness, one begins to be in rhythm with the rhythms of their emotional body as the earth herself does. These two-halves of the (whole) year are divided into two :

FIRE (spring-summer / solstice) Light half of the year from Spring to Autumn

NIGHT (autumn-winter / solstice) Night half of the year from Autumn to Spring


These two halves of the year are marked by the solstices and correlate with the north and south axis of Earth. These axis are the gates where dreamers, dream walkers, and soul bodied astral traveling shamans and humans exited and entered the mystical veils of earth (not off earth, like the new 4,000 year teachings of star lore wishes you to believe). Once the pyramids were built on earth, these were to disrupt magnetic energy and  slowly eradicate your dreaming and this ability through the magnetics of your emotional body and soul.

The demarcation of two halves of the year is one of the main differences between prehistory dreaming rituals and tribes and the rituals that have taken their place in the the past 4,000 years. This resulted in the loss of our connection to our dreamer and night dreams as real and powerful  which our astral body crosses back and forth. Woman’s prehistory rites and rituals, link directly to the power of dreaming itself and these celebrations involving the Spring and Autumn Equinox seasons are actually intended for our ordinary and mundane life of the waking world and not for the in-between worlds of the shaman, dreamers or mystics.

Many pagans who observe Halloween and Samhain celebrations would find this odd because (due to the rising power of the men of both Paganism and the Religious Sun cults) much significance has been placed on observing the Equinox and Religions over-took the Solstices and changed them to the mundane world. Nonetheless, the Spring and Autumn Equinox celebrations are important and mark significant turning points in the year, but not the spiritual in-between the worlds’ year.

Kolyadki Winter Midnight Sun Goddess 1903 Kolyadki Festive table in Podolsk villages

Another important facet of the Midnight Sun (or reverse sun sometimes called the second sun (core magma of the earth’s center) is its role as symbol of the feminine power of the internal fire and nature’s core of fire. Connected with the archaic Goddess figures of Marzanna and even how she rolled into the Black Madonna, this symbol can be traced back to the lineages of the shaman or cave grandmothers era’s of earth.

The Midnight Sun or Central Sun as some new age groups call it, it is the fire in the belly of the Mother Earth (which is fire). One of the ways to reconnect to the root of Woman’s prehistoric teachings (which have been both lost, destroyed and corrupted) is to reclaim a path of the Powerful Self which is our inner Fire. To do this requires both a healing journey, and a purification process involving working towards the unification of both perception (emotion / souls) and perspective (mind / beliefs) when living our mundane and creative life.

Kolyadki Winter Midnight Sun Goddess Різдво на Україні ukraine christmas sun

fire-%d0%bf%d0%be%d1%82%d0%b5%d1%80%d1%87%d0%b0%d1%82%d0%b0-1963Like most cultures, celebrations which contain vestiges of the original Solstice rituals have changed. Many of the Singing Carolers of Ukraine carry images and amulets of the Svarha (сварга) or Swastika during the Winter Solstice. But before pagan eras, this symbol denoted the movement of Ursa Major across the heavens and the four seasons in symbol form were the four spinning arms of transformation. As Pagan and then the Sun Cults (religions) came into power the symbol began to represent the Sun’s travel across the sky. In Slavic culture this symbol represented the Midnight Sun of the Dark Goddess (like Marzanna) of the winter and would then in later eras symbolized Dazhboh, a benevolent Sun God, in the Summer.

When i look at modern pagans today of both Slavic and Balkan countries, I see a lot of war loving viking imagery and associations and male dominance in the leadership, I see the same in men’s religions. If women are to heal themselves and work with their soul, they must begin to find a way to incorporate the more personal meanings of the moon, the sun, nature and personal ritual that weaves them together, both with intentions of health and letting go of what no longer serves their spiritual paths.

Kolyadki Winter Midnight Sun Goddess 32

Kolyadki Winter Midnight Sun Goddess Matonka

When the complex multi-spoke designs of the “Star” of Christmas became popularized, the rites of the women and grandmothers were eventually conferred to rituals enacted by children. By the 17th century the star lost most of its reference to its previous symbolic meaning and women were no longer allowed to participate in many of the solstice traditions.

The creation of amulets or star symbols, once used in the shamanic rites of women to protect their villages from shadows, were ultimately demoted to a child’s craft activity of Christmas folk art at local museums or schools. But this will change as more and more Slavic pagans return to their origins peacefully again.

So what is the Midnight Sun?

It is the path of the dreamers, when night is all the time and the Sun goes dormant and regenerates and all the planets go dormant (winter cycle). Or what spiritual people and science calls, the Pole Shift. Science still thinks a star dies in the universe… couldn’t be more far from the truth, for nature is perfect, not humans and everything has its life cycle and rebirth… the other thing science was wrong about is that energy can be destroyed… it can.

Sources: Fire Потерчата, 1963, Polish traditional stars, The coloring in Ukrainian by Puzyrna Galyna; Ukraine Illustrator Vera Pavlova; Illustration by Nadia Starovoitova; Verteps parade in Lviv, Ukraine;, . All photos and images belong to their rightful owners and shared for women’s dreaming educational purposes only. 




Soul Bearer

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain ~

SOUL – The Water Bearers… There are a few symbols in almost all traditions today, both ancient and archaic times, which represents our feminine sides, called the Soul.

sky rain goddess

Bird symbolism is the oldest on earth and it represents not only our beginner relationship to first soul, the emotional body, which is what I term the song birds but our “spiritual journey” of our lifetime; birds symbolize the more advanced animist souls and the visions contained here within our personal spiritual “healing” journey, represented by the Raptor Birds (boundaries/nourishment); and lastly, the “collective souls” who are the celestials, the birds of thunder, the firebird, phoenix, sun bird, which represent deaths and rebirths of our collective soul and the wisdom and karma present within them of all of our own personal reincarnations. One may have only 8 past lives and one may have 1000 past lives until they get the lessons. More is not better.

Serpent which are the second oldest symbolism of earth, represents symbolically the “healing” of our soul in many forms and ways;

Fire and Water are the two oldest aspects of the medicine wheel, representing the “purification” of our watery Soul(s)  and fiery Spirit.

Water is the emotional body karmic purification, where we misused our emotions and created wars, killed others, abused self or others, addictions etc. (all ten of them loose power if one does not change and heal each lifetime). But if on overcomes all fears on the spiritual journey and masters all of the human selves (3) and becomes a Buddha or Christ (enlightened) and completed, then we begin the second half of the animist soul purification.

Midway completed we then enter the Fire purification and it begins, but no one tells me they are a dragon and when i ask tell me the story when you met your demonic or djinn shadow lifetime and how did you burn that off, they cannot share with the real story of the human or animist karmic purification. Rare are the celestial being souls here on the planet, these aspects of them are dormant and sometimes eradicated. Only about 15% of the earth’s souls can even take this journey. These Spirit (or Fire realities) are only legend now on earth, but in prehistory and the future to come,  attainment will be mandatory for some but not for the majority of humanity. Most of humanity cannot master the human self and make great sacrifices unless its forced upon them to make small karmic changes.

In other words, the journey has no words.

Water symbolism has 3 levels, first is the Lake which represents our contained emotional life in our personal intimate relationships; the second level is the symbolism of the Creek, Stream and River representing the motions of one direction, a forward path in which emotions must open up the emotional pain with much work and preparation, then go through the emotional pain again to heal it, this lifetime or other lifetimes, in order to regain some balance; and lastly is the symbolism of the great Ocean which represents the emotional and animism lives of our past lives as a collective representation. Be kind to yourself emotionally, it all counts.

In symbolism wherever you see aggression and wings in ancient art, this is where the new clans of the War Kingdoms began to take over and the Soul was beginning to be raped. Baghdad in ancient Iraq was one and there are many more. Wings are the soul and aggression was the destruction of the old souls and power stolen.


Fire is the last, it is what true Spirit is – an element. It has nothing to do with anything human, but pure elements of nature in which humans of the grandmother cave cultures still retained, and represented symbolically unification or reunification with mother earth (nature itself in an elemental form), in human terms spirit would be considered the pure light which is golden illumination. It cannot be attained until both the complete unity of the karmic purified two mental bodies and its karma, the pure purity of the physical body and all past life physical karma like war etc, and the 8 souls that are dharma and animist dharma… in fact its almost impossible to attain in any temple, mosque or church or even spiritual temples or other people because its not human its pure nature. The second half of the second level of the healing journey of the 6 souls is to be alone. and it is death and mastering death.

One must remember all teaching on earth are from written languages and all are taught by grandfather, which is only our masculine side. The feminine side is extremely painful and dangerous in the healing journey because it has been repressed for four thousand years. The karmic cleansing is deadly. But never give up, keep going as long as you are pure, grounded and able to take the next step. Never skip one step if your fate demands of you suffering in your spiritual journey.

Images: First photo wasn’t listing an artist. Scythian golden pectoral from the royal grave at Tolstaja Mogila kurgan, 4th C BCE. It shows the three tiers of Scythian mythology of the Inner Earth, the Astral, and innermost the inhabited world which were taken over by war clans and the military (religious). Museum of Historic Treasures of Ukraine, Kiev.