Zwezda Dnierca, Zwezda Wieczorniaia, and Zwezda Polnoca

The Zorya are the three Slavic Mythological Guardian (warrior) Goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hounds (shadow people) who threatens to eat the constellations of the Great Bear and the Little Bear (Ursa Major & Minor). 

If the chain breaks loose, the earth’s time is said to end and completed and the dreaming time returns. The Auroras are the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Midnight Sun who are depicted as the goddesses Zwezda Dnierca, Zwezda Wieczorniaia, and Zwezda Polnoca.
 Zwezda Dnierca Zwezda Wieczorniaia and Zwezda Polnoca

Zwezda Dnieca – Maiden – Aurora of the Morning Star, a warrior maiden who opens the Gate of Heaven for the Sun every morning to emerge and bring the day light. She is the goddess of horses. A fully armed warrior Goddess, courageous in temperament in her youth.
 Slavs portrayed her each morning as the Sun rose just as the other pagan traditions of the world did with Venus. She is one who stands on the side and views death in battle, and her prayers were addressed as “Defend me, O Maiden, with your veil from the enemy, from the arquebus and arrow.

Zwezda Wieczoniaia – Mother – Aurora of the Evening Star, the great and powerful warrior Mother of the Zoryas. She closes the Gates of Heaven and Death each evening as the aged Sun God returns from across the skies. She is patron of protection and was, before the sun became too greedy, lineage to the shamanic cultures of her ancient people. The fullness of the night sky, its stars and star light, the falling and shooting stars of fate.

Zwezda Polnoca – Grandmother – The Midnight Sun, the Golden Baba (grandmother) of the Zoryas. She is the Zorya of death itself, keeper of the four seasons and one to whom the Sun God returns to die and who she gives life to again in the morning. She is death and rebirth, magic and wisdom, she the is the wise elder of the collective and the Night and the Sky Light and all its magic which belongs to nature. The warriors in battle fear her, for she judges not only their actions but also the wounds or bitterness in their heart. She opens the gates of the underworld to return them to sit and wait for their rebirth (reincarnation). She is closely related to Baba Jaga in prehistory (not pagan or religion’s views of her).

Evening Mountain

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Mother of Goddess – Matushka Zemlia

Katya Filippova

Matushka Zemlia
Poem by Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Blessings upon me from the Mother of the Moist Earth from whom my Soul and the Children of the Souls are all born. I take your hand as you are the binding that weaves the river into matter, into me. There is nothing false about any Mother Goddess and all she contains, she is the great Creator of Life, the Supreme Goddess of Humanity.

Great Mother of the dark fertile earth, who shines the light of the Sun, so we can honor all of your blessings and abundance. We call to you great Mother (earth), your names are Mati Syra Zemila, Mokosh and Matka, who guides your wisest ones to speak with the animals, the plants or even a single leaf. The greatest magic of the flower and the clouds, the spirit of the wind and the water, the snow, rain, fog and mist all come forth into your mystical children.

We breath in this magic, we honor your gift of prophesy and reincarnation, the house where our souls rest. Mother in our heart, may we, your children bring Joy to your gardens of love.

Image of the Goddess and Daughter by Katya Filippova

Spring Equinox, Nature’s New Year 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – The rebirth of our Soul along side Mother Nature’s rebirth is a living harmony with the natural seasons. Today we welcome Spring and I follow my Slavic ancestors and celebrate the official New Year at the Spring Equinox. In religious terms, the death of winter was not honored because it has become the season of “new life and birth” at the dead of winter, and this turned the world upside down and in reverse to the natural order of nature.

The natural rhythm of our emotions, dreaming and our soul were severely interrupted for over 1,000 years during the adjustments from the living by the moon, to moving over to the sun, it’s calendar, mathematics and written languages. As many try to reset the natural order again, winter becomes our season of quiet and silence, of retreat and moving away from holidays that work against the natural seasons way of being.



Humanity is rarely found with great joy of many social and happy celebrations of “Spring and the Spring Equinox” and not nearly the same glorious levels of the Winter Solstice, where the great joy traditions and celebrations of the return of first sight of beauty returns and the suffering is over for the year. The witches and pagans celebrate Autumn and have the Autumn Equinox covered pretty well in their traditions. But with Spring, there is no great joy and glory of human celebration of mother earth and her power of regeneration, new growth, new beginnings each year. Religion has filled spring with sorrow and death.

081bc2674cfc99d5bc98140eac3f59d9I chose decades ago to begin to practice being in rhythm with Mother Earth and her natural seasons, to celebrate death beginning in Autumn and the Winter Solstice. And celebrate the new year as my ancestors have always done at the Spring Equinox equality. I simplified the celebration of Winter and its world wide Ceremonies by avoiding 70% of the hoopla of the winter and death extravaganza and I rose the rising of the Spring’s Joy up 70%, of my rebirth equal to mother earths rebirth! Now after all these years, the rhythm of my soul is in harmony of both and I celebrate them equally in their right season of death and rebirth accordingly.

Do something special today…

Give some time today to do a ceremony, or go out to nature and make peace with mother earth, make it special in the joy of being alive and your rebirth today for your soul. Just for you – start a new tradition that is in an energetic alignment with the earth, as your rebirth with the new growth, emotional growth, the beauty of spring becomes part of you and your rebirth to return some joy for the year in this season before the summer solstice!

If you let it, each year it will grow stronger in honoring all seasons equally as a spiritual and dreaming path. Gardeners do this naturally by being at one with nature during springs replanting season, but for those who are not gardeners, we must find your own special way to equal the Joy of the Rebirth of our own Soul along with Nature, in order to keep balance for the entire year!
eggs 2

Happy Spring – Dreamers!

Blessings from Elder Mountain