The Spiritual Realms of Water

Study of Slavic Mythology, Università Degli Studi Di Udine Dipartimento Di Lingue e letterature straniere, Udine, Italia & Znanstvenoraziskovalni Center Slovenske Akadue Znanosti in Umetnosti Inštitut za Slovensko Narodopisje, Ljubljana, Slovenia Ovenija. In Memoriam of Milko Matičetov… The area of Pomerania, the north-western part of modern Poland, is symbolically surrounded by three major rivers: the Vistula from the east, the Oder…

Slavic Spring & Summer Goddess Dziewanna and her Sister of Autumn & Winter Marzanna

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Dziewanna (Mullein) – The Slavic Spring and Summer Goddess – Mother Earth herself, in relations to the Slavic traditions of Marzanna and Dziewanna (pronounced gee-vanna), are also called Marowit & Dziewanna who (Devana) are very archaic goddesses.  Devana is the Slavic Goddess of Forests and Wildlife ,much like the Huntress Artemis….

Arethusa, Spirit of the Rivers and Springs of Surákousai

Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Each new and full moon, I receive my signs and synchronicity just like you, and those of us who take them much more seriously, guides a lot of our moon and dreaming path, in order to sharpen our focus and our intuitive nature as the years go by. The second half…

Slavic Folk Healing: Flower Washing & Moon-Water Charming

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  I work with a few different Water Healing and Traditional Slavic Water Ceremonies to support releases with not only myself but with my clients, students and apprentices. Water Charming rituals are very ancient and their drawing down the moon properties, combined with healing helps us with the continual  flow….

Water as a Healing Element

The Healing Waters and it’s uses for Self, Spaces, Cleansing and Intentions by Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  As artists, healers, dreamers, magicians, pagans, witches, druids and moon children, we deserve a spiritually clear and clean space. In our busy lives, many do mind-body practices like yoga or meditation to balance, but there is something…