The 13th Moon Podcast
“The circle of nature is our true nature, she has no beginning and no end and is the root of our unwavering simplicity much like the moon herself. This lunar light is a constant mirror seeking reflection into our personal life, and in this order, we seek and find the internal unity through the reincarnations of our Soul.” ~Phoenix the Elder

Join Phoenix and a panel of three women (two millennials, a genx-er and baby-boom) who have come together to share and discuss current happenings of this fast changing world of transformation. Through the cycles of learning we will discussing how to live by the foundations of the thirteen moons, how to work with dreaming, mysticism, astrological influences, our shaman’s perspectives, the millennial’s cultural insights, all of our healing insights and hindsight and exploring the waking and night realities of our dreaming and dreaming awake as a living process. We are all on a self healing and self enlightenment path.

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