Present Work
Note: Phoenix is on her three year break (until 2024). Complete sobriety is required to do this spiritual work but her monthly Lunar Workstudy (Practices, Disciplines and Ceremonies from home is still available).

Phoenix has always taught and facilitated her work in the oral tradition, in person and in very small and personal circles. She always worked out of her home wherever she lived to support the healing process in the circle. Her forty year initiations have ended in 2020 and now she enters Elder and the wisdom teachings.

We ask Dreamers and patrons to consider becoming a member of Elder Mountain Dreaming with a yearly subscription membership and this requires not just knowledge but an active participation in the monthly moon work (Lunar Workstudy).

Wise Elder Counsel
Phoenix no long works as a seer, folk practitioner healer, hands on folk healing and transformer of sickness in her home anymore (as of 2020). She has entered the wisdom stage as Elder now and walks without karma. The mystery and heavenly influences will eventually reveal seasons progress her new role as master teacher. She will still retain her work of the moon, dreaming, shamanic journeys, both for healing in the Season of Night (autumn and winter); and the magical earth in the Season of Fire (spring and summer).

Dream Work, Three Levels of Mirror Work & Dreaming Advancement
Phoenix is a Master Dreamer and fully conscious in both the Mental Astral Body Dreamer, Soul Astral Body Dreamer, Animism Astral Body Dreamer and the purifications of these bodies her whole lifetime. She has only been teaching  apprentices her work the last thirty years and the last ten years have worked with clients who show a great interest in their dedication, discipline and sobriety of a much more profound spiritual path.

She works with personal, interpersonal and collective dreaming as a teaching in the root foundation order. If one does not master personal dreaming and understand the most simple and basic symbolism (which is preferred), then the second and third levels of dreaming won’t be applicable to any dream work. She is also a remote viewer in dreaming and waking, an astral traveler and time jumper since 1987 and then mastered out of bodies to the advanced levels of death out of bodies which requires both mastering Zen and the Bardo.

She work with spiritual women and the very rarer spiritual men who are dreamers, empaths, creatives, hsp, healers, ceremonialists, sacred artists and those who practice devout spiritual practices and spiritual healing. She works with intermediate to advanced dreamers, gifted dreamers, dreamers in trouble in dreaming at more opened level, and those who have to deal with the shadow sides of dreaming called in ancient Slavic wheels, the Night Goddess, the Season of Night and the Night Mare who mark the four invisibles of the dreaming gates.

Again, sobriety dreaming is required for those she works with and this is a dedication master path. she doesn’t work with those with addictions to plants or pot (more than once or twice monthly or those who drink beer or wine) etc. I have had apprentices in the past who lie and keep secrets about their addictions and their denial of addictions. Where I am at now as a shaman and exorcist, I can walk into anyone’s dreams who wishes to work with me, and see any secrets.

Spring/Summer (Season of Fire) Magical Journeys (non-hellucinigen) dreaming with Mother Earth and her Mystery. Autumn/Winter (Season of Night) Soul Journeys & Soul Retrievals for Healing
As a Dreamer (last level of a shaman), Phoenix dedicated to purity, and chose never to do any plants or enhancements. Rather, she healed so deeply in the spiral medicines, until her soul broke open into visions and out of bodies with grounded self mastery. Through these deep disciplines over decades and passing all the human healing aspects of self, she then withstood the tests of mother nature (who is the only one who can open the gates of the underworld for a shaman). 

She leads healing journeys and soul retrievals in the Season of Night (autumn equinox and winter solstice) and magical earth journeys in the Season of Fire (spring equinox and summer solstice), according to pre-pagan rites of shaman grandmothers, bone mothers, primordial mothers and the old mothers (ancestors of earth).

The 13th Moon
Phoenix has been teaching beginner through advanced levels of an ancient lunar mystery most of her life, it is a very personal lunar practice and continues her work for those who wish to know the internal Lunar Path reflected in the real workings of mirror work, synchronicity, self-awareness and the critical work of the moon that reflects the inner unconscious. We cannot heal nor learn until we open the gates of self perception and this is a daunting task because perspective rules our reality.

Each month as a real practice, this work she has brought back as a shaman from her own “light” past lives increased in knowledge and wisdom the deeper who practice of self healing of her own shadows of her past life dissolved. Her dreaming and lunar mirror work are under the Ancient Spiral Medicines (three levels) and the destiny of remembrance.

Astrological Counsel
Phoenix has been studying and a professional counsel of astrology, starting when she was in high school at 17 years old in 1975 and began her professional practice in 1998 and still continues today. She does astrological readings and chart analysis mostly for healing and karmic purposes. She also does solar returns for the year ahead, in-depth charts, relationships, evolutionary and karmic astrology, fate and destiny astrology.  She does not do children’s charts because that only adds extra stress to parents even if a child is sick. She will do one’s children’s chart if they are in high school and give permission to their parent(s). We are unique and our star chart translates into practical information to the functional patterns of your everyday life. 

Shadow Issues
Phoenix has been a folk shaman exorcist and takes on specific jobs such as clearing of houses and land issues to clear any shadows, paranormal, supernatural. For those with issues of spirits causing trouble, that is more in depth and complicated and a pre-session would need to be set up. She has since retired of this work now that her karma is completely paid off, but will give some information on the right procedures to take to protect one’s soul.

NOTE: Sobriety Issues
* To work with Phoenix, one must be totally sober of everything including pot. This is mandatory. If you partake in wine or beer a few times a year, that is fine, but still you must be sober completely for two years before working with her. If you smoke pot once a week, once a month or have been smoking pot ten years or more, you must be sober 100% for the minimum of 10 years and have gone through addiction circles for healing. Same applies for sex addictions, or anything of the emotional body, soul body karmic addictions.

As of today she no longer works with anyone who partakes or has partaken in the past, of shamanic plants of any kind, nor mushrooms, peyote or any perception altering plants or drugs of any kind and suggests beginning with an addiction counselor or circle and a therapist if your past has caught up with you and causing issues.