Living Disciplines

Current 2023 | 2024

  • Dreamwork: Dream Medicine
  • Practices: Symbolism, Synchronicity & Interpretations
  • Dreamwork: Dream Issues of Shadows and Night Mares
  • Lunar: Cycle Work & Seasonal Living Practices (see the basics with the mirror video at the bottom and a simple explanation.
  • Healing: Support for Emotional Body Healing and Growth
  • Ceremonies: Cord Cuttings for Relationship Burdens
  • Divination: Astrology, I Ching and Various Readings
  • Traditional Slavic Folk Dolls for Personal Healing

Dreaming and Symbolic languages are not easy to learn and at the first steps, we have to get the mental body under control, stilled, and silent so its other capabilities such as focused observation can begin to be aware of whats happening with living symbols. Because symbolism comes with more than just a visual symbols, it has an equal based experience with it, and weaving this language is difficult because the mental body and its languages gets in the way.

Dreaming and the dream language is a subtle reality that can be at night in our regular dreams, during the day in waking life (dreams), or inbetween both of these where seership exists, remote viewing and several other abilities are.  The soul’s reality has an actual archaic language and Phoenix’s steadfast work this lifetime, was to first train her mental body by mastering Zen. Then the decade long, alchemicalizing the symbols down into pure forms, without emotional sensitivies or connects, or the logical attatchments of the mind body’s clarifying experiences and putting them in the appropriate boxes.

Dreaming has two bodies, the majority dream in the first body, the mental astral body, and those who are here to heal karma, dream in the soul astral body which is constantly dark, forbodding and dangerous. Most people know that as nightmares. But the Night Mare is a much older culture than the patriarch or pagan cultures and  began in primeval times, as a way to communicate. This is what ancient shaman and pre-shaman dream cultures did, except they were not re-learning anything, they existed within its power until it was gone. It was pushed out by the rising war cults of the newly forming patriarch. Through our dreams, and the ability to quiet the mind completely to increase the powerful unity of observation.

To deepen Dream Languages
Phoenix teaching “Mirror” Work of Reflections
of the Soul through the practicacl cycles of the Moon…

  • Lunar or Moon Practices
  • Synchronicity, Sign, Mirror Work Practices
  • Intention Work with the New & Full Moon
  • Dreaming and its Mirrors

Phoenix is currently on a four-year part-time break and only working on a few things to attend to her physical healing after her shaman initiations completed (1987-2022), which were deep, dangerous, and fight or flight. She took a few vows this lifetime when she was young, so she would not be distracted from her devoted path and stayed away from social media. She made a vow of dedication and great devotion to self-healing; a vow of poverty; and a vow to see through to the end, of her deadly Karmic Purification journey.

She did not want to be guided off her path by anything that would be distracting this life. Most shamans live in isolation for good reasons (non-plant non-drug shamans) to survive the wrathful dismemberment that all true shamans must accomplish. In her 40th year of healing, it was finally completed in 2020, and now in the 2020s, she is working on repairing the damages to her physical body by such a journey. She has been on a four-year break for the first time since the early 1990s. 

The ancient River of Life is her sacred path, the medicine of the prehistoric spiral, the shamanic culture spiral, and the goddess culture spiral. She has devoted to this path and still working part-time with others through her Yearly Subscription. She started her website for the few apprentices and students since Covid when she only worked in person at her home, wherever that may have been over the years.

“I am dedicated to those who are dedicated to their self-healing path, their spiritual path beyond idealism, knowledge path, or trying halfway. I have had mystical experiences weekly, dreaming visions of the soul and mental astral bodies, out of bodies, death out of bodies, seership, and visions naturally since I was born and I know what it takes to ground such madness and chaos.

Choosing to self-healing requires extra strength and the disciplines that go with it. Self-healing is not easy, it usually stems from a crisis one is going through, and they decide to commit and figure out things on their own, or they are sensitive to medications and any kind of drugs, alcohol, etc. Or they just want to improve where they are suffering.

For the rare few who do continually self-heal their whole life of all four bodies like Phoenix, it’s generally fated and they don’t have a choice, its a do-or-die, fight-or-flight lifetime which is what it takes to purify all karma of all one’s karmic lifetimes. For most people, most times, it’s sickness, a death in the family, a bad betrayal, a continual health issue that gets worse, or a total loss of security and we choose to do something about our condition. This is how we human beings are set up in our journey of life.

Most people want these things without sacrifice or pain and that is not possible. Opening up such gifts does open up some chaos, and can be dangerous for an undisciplined person, a person who has not been working at sobriety and working with other healers, and a more dedicated practice in their choice of paths.”

Lastly, those who are sensitive to medications and want to take the path of holistic healing (all four bodies), understand that shamanism is not a pop-culture book, nor one that involves medicine people, it is a shaman who must, if its pure shamanism, accept that it is very dangerous, just as advanced dreaming too is very dangerous. This requires extra devotion, purification, sacrifices of the self, and pure dedication to disciplines of many kinds.

The process of Soul Emergence is a new and raw experience for most people who experience it and this is not pleasant. Especially when our life no longer works up to the point of changes needed or initiation by life or fate begins and we have no control. These struggles are an ancient dance that opens the door for us to review our past to make sense of our struggles. What we find can be an accumulation of unconscious and unfulfilled desires, regret, anger, illusion, or parts of our lives that were never healthy in the first place. These may surface without warning and must be addressed and then healed.

Some have called what Phoenix has lived and does in her work, a Mystery School, but her path this lifetime is much older than this. She refers to it as Cave Dreaming, the Old Soul Shaman’s ability to transcend time (time travel) and pure Soul experiences of a co-creator with nature’s magic, not human magic. 

The basics
Working at Healing the Emotional body and emotional boundaries and self-exploration;

Values of learning self-nourishment through
creativity and discipline within the complexity of cycles;

Developing a positive working relationship with your
changes including greater focus, observation, and attitude;

Believe in the acceptance, hard work, and necessity of
vulnerability through detoxing in the real mystical journey
at the greater levels, and the mundane physical life;

Sobriety allows the natural development of
perception expansion (consciousness) and
proper discernment to self-emerge;

Cyclical Processes of the Moon Phases
as a framework for the development of emotional,
soul, synchronicity of self-awareness;

Mirror Work to synthesize, structure, and heal
negative projections, heal negative emotional experiences
and memories and study synchronicity and signs in a structured way.

Keywords for real growth…

building the inner warrior
creativity and good humor
compassion alongside
healthy flexibility 
grounding detoxes
respect, self-respect

Phoenix’s Student & Apprentice Work (1995-2021)
Having been a hands-on healer up until 8 years ago, I have strictly been a ceremonial grandmother assisting others with manifestations of health. The work was vast with 3-10 apprenticeships serving sacred artists, healers, creatives, folk healers, dreamers, shaman practitioners, sacred dancers, sound healers, metaphysicians, empaths, hsp’s, sensitives, philosophers, and those who were blessed with dreaming.

She guides others who are willing to learn and practice structural testing of personal issues in order to embrace changes (when difficult cycles in our lives pull us toward transitions, death, and rebirth medicines). She combined the more mundane spiritual practices with creativity, creative practices, artistic practices, dream practices, and cyclical lunar ancient practices for women.

Lunar, Dreaming and Self Mastery work-study is a deep and simple healing process from home. This work is focused on the creative self, self-awakening, ancient grandmother’s process of self-healing, self-awareness, and self-love focused on the emotional body, our soul and animism bodies, our sensitivities, our gifts, and expressed in practices and creativity practices – all aligning with the lunar cycles and the ancient Spiral Medicine within and with nature.

Basic guidelines to participate in Phoenix Group Work:

The most difficult thing about my work that I have noticed over the decades is a person’s dedication to spirituality in the ways of abstaining from all alcohol, pot, shamanic plants, drugs, medications, etc.  During the time you are with Elder Mountain Dreaming Work-Study, you are expected to remain 100%  sober of everything every day, to do the work with a clear mind, body, and emotional body to assist your own soul work.  Going totally sober is a year-to-seven-year process all in itself, depending upon the length of such things have been using anything light or hard. I never suggest cold turkey (quitting abruptly if one is on 3-8 meds, and smokes pot, or alcohol weekly).

That should be done step by step with a substance life coach first. Phoenix doesn’t do that work anymore because as an exorcist, it brings too many shadows into her group. One must be very light in their usage like a glass of wine once a month or every 3-6 months, no pot or drugs at all. Phoenix used to require 2-3 years of sobriety before she worked with someone with a pot, or alcohol issue (drinker on the weekends or smokes pot or vapes it a few times a week.  *If you are on specific medications for a particular health issue, let phoenix know.”

She asks you to put away and box up all your Crystals (either bury or put them in the garage) and go through your “old crystals” to see if they are completed. Because Phoenix works with the soul bodies and the emotional body, Crystals are not a part of this feminine side of our four bodies and are detrimental for our magnet body. For those not fully awake in their dreams at night, crystal residue energy on your soul astral body within or your mental astral body within, attracts energy that is very negative for the soul-body dreamers, they are tracking energy for the military dreamers. Crystal residue means you can be tracked very easily in dreaming, so in this circle, it’s discouraged because we are empaths, hsp, seers, and sensitives.

For most of the group of dreamers, astral sex in your past doesn’t just go away in dreams, even if you stopped ten years ago, you are still connected in dreaming to the demon pit of astral sexers. I call it astral rape, even if you are innocent of what’s happening in the greater vision and collective of how many shadows of living people it attracts. It’s an actual pandemic on the middle planes where everyone dreams.

This is where our monthly homework is shared and we learn dream symbolism as a practice, support from the group, dreamwork, and mastery symbolism teachings. A new email is sent out by Phoenix a few days before each new moon. There is an outline of the moon cycle, homework for the month (which is up to you each month if you want to do), an astrological outline for the moon cycle, seasonal equinox, and solstice ceremonies for personal health, protection, and well-being.

Phoenix has taught apprentices for over thirty years, and they always got unique creative projects and spiritual disciplines to help support them to face any fears or to strengthen their own self-doubt when it comes to change. Change is not easy, the older we get, but it can be creatively structured and worked within a safe and grounded foundation. So each month you will get some kind of homework, sometimes its discipline, sometimes it’s creative to build a self-trust type of spiritual path. These also go with the Seasonal Traditional Slavic ceremonies on the Equinoxes and Solstice.

Write Phoenix at Eldermountaindreaming@gmail about what the process, practices, and intention work involves for your journey specifically and any questions you might have. She will be glad to answer them.

Below are the basics of what is included in the online Private group, except for “in-person shamanic journeys”… Not everyone wants to be on the facebook private group and you certainly don’t have to but will have to check in with her by email. Sometimes randomly, she will ask to do a zoom or facetime session with you to support your work. Phoenix has now retired from her in-home, in-person folk healing work, oral tradition Slavic work, and personal shaman’s healing and journeys with groups in person until covid is lifted if things return to normal.

Phoenix has been teaching beginners through advanced levels of ancient lunar disciplines and mastery cycles of the mystery most of her life, she has mastered the entire process which took her forty years on her spiritual and spiritual self-healing journeys. It is truly living with the moon in its pre-pagan eras and a very personal and special lunar practice. She encourages the sensitive types of soul people to invest in themselves, healing is the underlying and unconscious emotional issues, and begin a sober and disciplined lifestyle (as hard as that is).

This internal Lunar Path is reflected in the real workings of mirror work, synchronicity, veil crossings, dreaming in waking and at night, self-awareness, and the critical work of the moon that reflects the inner unconscious. We cannot heal nor learn until we open the gates of self-perception and this is a daunting task because perspective rules our reality.

Each month as a real practice, this work she has brought back as a shaman from her own “light” past lives increased in knowledge and wisdom the deeper who practice of self-healing of her own shadows of her past life dissolved. Her dreaming and lunar mirror work are under the Ancient Spiral Medicines (three levels) and the destiny of remembrance.

A year’s practice (and continual if the person wishes to continue), to do lunar practices and equinox and solstice rituals from home. Complete sobriety is required during the time you commit to this work during the subscription because this group has empaths, hsp, dreamers and soul people. She works with you by email for the first six months to guide you with questions (intentions on the new and full) and gives homework each month.

This was her life’s work to bring back this ancient grandmother’s work as a dreamer and it has many subtle levels and degrees of processes to help others become conscious of the emotional life and one’s soul-dreaming life. Her apprentices have practiced this for their duration and saw the power first hand how it allowed them to be accountable for their own difficulties, shadows, and detachment from their emotional life, their fears, and karma.

As a completed dreamer now (last level of a shaman) she has done and practiced this herself, this simple, yet incredibly deep path with her initiations this lifetime.  You do the practices once a month from home and the solstice/equinox from home as well. Any questions please write or click on articles to subscribe for the year. Everyone who subscribes to Elder Mountain’s yearly subscription through the website agrees to mandatory sobriety or sober spirituality (no drugs, no pot, wine, shamanic plants and if you are on meds, please let her know how many etc) during one’s duration. She sends the lunar work-study each moon, up to 3 days before the new moon.

Wise Elder Counsel
Phoenix counsels in sessions to guide others in their life path, their healing path, and their mystery path combining forty years of working with apprentices and her own journey as a healer with clients. Anything you wish to change, she works with transformational counsel helping others take the next step in their life to better health, well-being, overcoming fear(s), and more.

Dream Work, Three Levels of Mirror Work & Dreaming Advancement
Phoenix is a Master Dreamer and fully conscious in both the Mental Astral Body Dreamer, Soul Astral Body Dreamer, Animism Astral Body Dreamer, and the purifications of these bodies her whole lifetime. She has been teaching apprentices since the late 90s and the last ten years has worked with clients as well, who show a great interest in their dedication, discipline, and sobriety of a much more profound spiritual path in an active and applicable sense rather than knowledge.

She works with personal, interpersonal, and collective dreaming as the teaching in the root foundation order. If one does not master personal dreaming and understand the most simple and basic symbolism (which is preferred), then the second and third levels of dreaming won’t be applicable to any dream work. She is also a remote viewer in dreaming and waking, an astral traveler and time jumper since 1987, and then mastered out of bodies to the advanced levels of death out of bodies.

She works with spiritual women and on occasion spiritual men who are dedicated to their emotional and soul life and path.  She works with intermediate to advanced dreamers, gifted dreamers, dreamers in trouble in dreaming at a more open level, and those who have to deal with the shadow sides of dreaming called in ancient Slavic wheels, the Night Goddess, the Season of Night, and the Night Mare who mark the four Invisibles of the dreaming gates. Again, sobriety is required for dreaming practices and work.

Group Journeys
As a shaman, she is dedicated to pure journeying, she neither promotes assistance from or the uses of plants to vision or journey. She leads healing journeys and soul retrievals in the Season of Night (autumn equinox and winter solstice) and magical earth journeys in the Season of Fire (spring equinox and summer solstice), according to pre-pagan rites of shaman grandmothers, bone mothers, primordial mothers, and the old mothers (ancestors of the earth).

Divination: Astrological Counsel
Seer Readings and I-Ching, Qi Jing

Phoenix has been studying and a professional counsel of astrology, divination, and the Tao’s I-Ching since she was 17 years old in 1975. She began her professional practice in 1998 and still continues today. She does astrological readings and charts analysis mostly for healing, and karmic purposes. She also does solar returns for the year ahead, in-depth charts, relationships, evolutionary and karmic astrology, and fate/destiny astrology.  She does not do children’s charts because that only adds extra stress to parents even if a child is sick. She will do one’s children’s chart if they are in high school and give permission to their parent(s). We are unique and our star chart translates into practical information to the functional patterns of your everyday life. If she returns to this work she will note it here. 

Phoenix is a death shaman, bone-mother, master animism attained, master folk-shaman, and dream exorcist. She also breaks curses of any kind, cutting chords that entrap those in a relationship and has taken on specific jobs such as clearing one’s bodies, clearing shadows in dreaming, clearing attackers, clearing one’s house, and land issues of any shadows, paranormal, supernatural. She stopped working with those who smoke pot, drink or do shamanic plants because when she does her demon clearing, it just comes back. So one would have to be sober for about 7 years to clear it on their own, with a lot of healing and support.  She can do all this work in dreaming now, so in the physical world, she has semi-retired and stepped into a wise elder teacher role, rather than an active hands-on folk healer.

Phoenix’s Moon Work (Intention work, awareness syncronicities, and signs as a practice) is the most difficult waking and dreaming practice of the pre-patriarch. This teaching shows you what you present to the Mirror of Life returns to you within one moon cycle in increments at a time.

This video below shows what Mirror work does, it brings the  ARROW (reflection of soul-mirror bringing back to you what you are unconscious of), the arrow example, is being life or the abyss at very calculated and small pieces of manifestation, over decades (as a practice). Those who are consciously or unconsciously having to pay some karma from past lives off and purify, it can be a very distorting and painful path. If you want to know more about this work, its slow and steady, and requires consistence dedication for the awakening conscousness of the emotional body and the soul (astral) body within.

We have many aspects of our soul, both demonic past lives, and higher selves and even the very small piece of it that we get in order to reincarnate. This has nothing to do with the mental body or the mental astral body, which is most of the problems on earth and the patrairch has built a very solid mind cult that is very hard to penetrate for soul people. But it is very possible.

This mirror work is not easy, this is because we have to slowly penetrate the mental body which wants “total control” over your reality. When we begin to do practices like meditation, to settle the mind down into more focus and eventually into observation instead, it can still be rebellious. Even when you master Zen, like I did, the mind still wants control because it associates death with loss of control. This is the basis of the patriarchal power over the last 3000 years. You would have to master zen first, then master observation, and then lastly master mirror practices. It is a lot of work, and generally only the real old souls of the planet can do it and it does take 20 to 30 years to master.